Water Dehydration

We love water.


Yet we are suffering from water dehydration, sick and dying for lack of pure quality water


Nearly seventy percent of the earth’s surface is covered with water.  And, whether it is by coincidence or divine, our human bodies are also nearly seventy percent water and the salinity of our extra cellular fluids is also approximately that of ocean water.



·        play in it

·        spend our leisure time around it

·        build our most luxurious homes next to it

·        enjoy some of our favorite sports on it

·        exercise in it

·        travel to exotic vacation spots to be near it

·        cleanse ourselves with it

·        visit spas to seek out it healing powers

·        cherish our fresh water lakes, streams, reservoirs, and our great oceans


The “health-care system” has thrived on treating dehydration, its manifestation, and adaptive processes with chemicals and procedures.  This is devastating our society and our people.  It has caused unnecessary human suffering, on top of burdening people with ever escalating “sick-care” costs.


It is a little known fact, but insufficient water consumption is actually a risk factor for getting colon, breast, and urinary tract cancers such as cancers of the kidneys, bladder prostate, and testicles.  When the body is well hydrated, blood circulation is expanded and immune system cells can reach the cancerous tissues in greater numbers. 


Statistical studies done by Dr. Susan M. Kleiner, indicate that cancer victims drink precious little of the wet stuff.   The theory is that water flushes toxins from the body before they can do their damage or be reabsorbed. 


Enlightened researchers and writers are now trying to intervene and inform the public about chronic dehydration being the primary cause of most of their health problems.


Steve Meyerowitz, Water – The Ultimate Cure, has eloquently engaged in bringing this good news to his readers.  Fortunately, we are now in a position to prevent, and even cure and eradicate, many of the health problems at no cost.


All we have to do is to inform people with health problems that they should try water and salt as natural medications since they may not be sick.  They may only be manifesting symptoms and signs of thirst and regional drought in the body. 


In his article, “Pain:  a Need for paradigm change,” published in the Journal of anticancer Research, Sept.-Oct. 1987 explains that unintentional dehydration is the primary cause of cancer formation in the body.


Significant numbers of Americans know little about dehydration.  Twenty percent are unaware that coffee and beer are dehydrating.  Caffeinate soft drinks are a major offender.  Carbonated soft drinks account for more that 27 percent of beverage consumption in the United States.  The average adult American drinks 54.5 gallons of soft drinks per year.


I knew very well that not only was I not drinking enough water daily.  Furthermore I was drink huge amounts of coffee and soda which dehydrates the body even further. 


I knew that for every 4 cups of coffee I drank I needed to drink an additional glass of water.  Yes, I said additional to the 8-12 glasses of water daily. 


Is it any surprise that I was diagnosed with cancer – two locations, two types on top of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetic, arthristis and a multitude of aches and pains? 


What is dehydration?  Most people think dehydration is something you get from heat exhaustion.  This is when your output of water exceeds your intake.  This and dry mouth are the extreme cases.


Hidden dehydration is when there is not an adequate amount of water reaching the cells.  This mild dehydration can lead to dizziness, lethargy, headache, muscle cramps, loss of appetite, depression and mental fuzziness. 


We lose water every day through urine, skin perspiration, feces, and lungs.  But we also increase our excretion of water by drinking alcohol, beer coffee, tea, caffeinated cola drinks, and taking some drugs.


Dehydration impacts four primary functions of the body that ultimately render it weaker and susceptible to diseases and cancers.  Dehydration renders the immune system ineffective and unresponsive. 


It causes the destruction of some primary amino acids as antioxidants when toxic waste builds up in the body.  Some of these amino acids are involved in the enzyme systems that recognizes and repair the genetic damage and incorrect DNA transcriptions.


The loss of essential amino acids and elements force the cells in a drought stricken area to lose sophistication of function and become primitive and selfish, with self-replicating properties.  Dehydration will also cause low-oxygen and high acidity environments that are more suited for cancer cell development than the original normal tissues.


Dehydration also impacts the molecular metabolism of the body.  To treat an already occurring disease, such as cancer, you also need to know what other elements should be added to your diet to reverse the disease process.


And here is something else to ponder:  The water we drink today is the same water that our ancient ancestors drank. It is the same water that Moses lifted to his lips; that was served to Cleopatra, and to George Washington. 


The way our ecosystem works, the water on the planet continuously recycles.  When sea water evaporates, it leaves the salts behind.  As the rising water cools, it condenses to form water droplets and clouds which, at the right temperature, drop back to earth (natural distillation).  The same molecules of water are merely exchanged between sea and sky and soil and have been doing so since the beginning of the earth.


Dr. F. Batmanghelidj, Your Body’s Many Cries for Water, affixes the blame for a host of modern ailments on the lack of proper hydration.  In his theory, water and salt follow oxygen as the most crucial ingredients for life.  Proper hydration can reverse and improve a wide range of health problems.


Doctors are well aware that dehydration, second only to oxygen deprivation, robs life fastest.  Minor dehydration – not enough to kill – is both the result and the hidden cause of many illnesses.  The inverse is also true. 


Good hydration is at the foundation of good health.  Drink up now, because the price for administering an intravenous saline water solution in the hospital is expensive


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