Toxins are increased with Nutritional deficiencies and Stress

Cancer Cells often develop and multiply

Toxins are often increased with bad Nutrition and stress.  Toxins in the body are major causes of disease including cancer.  When something stresses us, our body turns from a natural state of alkaline pH to acidic.  When our body becomes acidic, cancer cells can grow.


It is important to know that “stress” is also one of the major forces that can cause illness, disease and cancer in the body. 


Stress suppresses our immune system and makes us weaker and more susceptible to infections, germs, bacteria and viruses. 


When our immune system is weak, we cannot naturally defend against these invaders.  We get sick and often develop cancer and other debilitating diseases. 


So the question is, what are the stressors and how can we eliminate them?  See Stress levels and evaluate your own stress.


Look at the many ways that toxins get into your body.


        Through your Skin

        Through your Nose

        Through your eyes

        Through your Ears


Look at the ways that toxins come out of our body.


Through your nose and mouth

Through your urinary tract

Through your colon

Through your skin

Through your Bowel Movements


Look at what you can control.



Your thoughts

What you say


How toxins get in your body through your skin

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The skin is the largest organ in the body.  Anything put on the skin is absorbed and gets into the body. 


Even science admits this to be true.  Drugs are administered topically on the skin. These drugs wind up in the bloodstream within minutes. 


Everything you put on your skin gets into your bloodstream.


FDA has determined that many chemicals are for external use only. They are poisonous and cannot be taken internally because they can kill you.


But remember, whatever you put on your skin winds up in your body.  Do you understand the problem here?


We put things on our skin such as lotions, moisturizers, sun screens, cosmetics, soap, shampoo etc. Virtually every one of these things contains ingredients that even the FDA says are so poisonous and so deadly that they cannot be taken internally.


Yet, they are allowed to be put on your skin.


Underarm deodorants and antiperspirants contain deadly chemicals that many people believe to be a major cause of breast cancer in women.


If you can’t eat it, do not put it on your skin!


We absorb many toxins through our nose

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These are primarily the poisons that are in the air.


Where you live and work determines the amount of pollutants in the air.  Most major cities contend that the air is filled with poisonous chemicals. See Air Pollution for more information.


We breathe every second; therefore we are absorbing toxins every second.


However, there are many toxins in the air that most people are not aware of. Air fresheners are one of the worst. How can they claim that theses products “freshen” the air? These products contain deadly, poisonous chemicals. 


Would you consider opening the can and drinking the air freshener?  Read the label, they even tell you how poisonous the ingredients are!


These products eliminate odors by having you spray a deadly poison in the air. This poison kills all of the receptors in the nose so that you cannot smell the offending odor any more.


They don’t eliminate odors; they eliminate your ability to smell them!


Other toxins include mold, dust, pollens, and the fumes emitted from carpeting, glue, paint, mattresses, the soaps used in the cleaning of sheets and clothing, and air conditioning units. 


Think about the term “air conditioning.”  How can putting chemicals in the air be called “conditioning” the air?  Air conditioning units cool the air, but often fill the air with contaminants. 


The most important nutrient to the body is oxygen.


A man can live for weeks without food, days without water, but only a few minutes without air. 


Any aroma that you smell means something is going into your body.


In today’s world, the fact is that we are inhaling toxins on a regular basis.  It is virtually impossible to eliminate them.


However, it is entirely possible to dramatically reduce the amount of toxins you are inhaling.  See breathing pure air.


It is also interesting to note that what you inhale has a very immediate and profound effect on such things as appetite, digestion, moods, depression, anxiety, irritability, and sleep. 


Reducing the toxins that you breathe can have a very dramatic impact upon your health.


The eyes

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Toxins get in through the eyes in a similar fashion to the skin.


The eyes also, in addition to the skin, are the entry point of solar energy from the sun.  The sun is not a toxin, as you are being led to believe.


The lack of sun causes deficiencies in the body, leading to imbalances and disease.


The major forms of toxins that come in through the eyes are images that cause bad emotions.


Today there are more violent images on television, in the movies, in newspapers and magazines, video games, and books than ever before.


Repeated exposure to negative, ugly, disturbing images causes the body to become acidic.


Today, people are being exposed to over one thousand times the amount of negative images than they were just twenty years ago; and over ten thousand times the amount of negative images compared to seventy five years ago.


Negative images causes stress on our bodies.  In turn the stress causes the natural state of alkaline pH of our bodies to become acidic.


The ears

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Toxins get into your body through the ears, obviously, by anything you put in your ears as well as the sounds you hear.


Sounds are vibrations and frequencies.


  • Certain vibrations and frequencies sustain and cause life to grow.

  • Certain vibrations and frequencies can cause degeneration and death.

  • Certain music has been known to cause plants to grow at a faster rate, to be healthier and stronger. 


Other music has been shown to make plants wither and die.


Think of all the sounds you are being exposed to that may have a negative effect on your physiology:


  • The low hum of an air conditioner

  • The computer running

  • The alarm clock

  • Certain kinds of “music”

  • The washing machine, dryer, dish washer

  • Your car engine

  • Honking horns.


If we stop for a moment and really listen to all the sounds that surround us, we find the majority are unnatural man-made frequencies.


These frequencies go in through the ear and cause every cell in the body to be affected.


If the frequency of the sound is not in tune with what nature intended, it can throw off the natural balance of the body.


The simplest proof of this theory is how certain music, certain sounds and certain frequencies cause a plant to either die or thrive.


Think of the opera singer who hits a high note and shatters a crystal glass. That is how powerful vibrations, sounds, and frequencies are.


Sounds can affect the body in such a powerful way that even the U.S. military uses sound as a weapon that induces serious physiological and psychological damage.


Toxins that comes out of the body

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Our bodies, in normal function, produce toxins.


This is fine, as long as our body’s ability to eliminate these toxins is operating normally. Even if you put no toxins into your body, your body would still create waste material and toxins. 


All toxins created by the body or put into the body must be eliminated in order for us to be healthy.


When toxins are allowed to accumulate they cause the immune system to be suppressed, and the body to become acidic. 


Accumulated toxins that have not been flushed out or eliminated allow the body to create an environment where illness and disease, especially cancer can flourish.  We basically eliminate toxins through:


  • The nose

  • The mouth

  • The urinary tract

  • The colon

  • The skin


The nose and mouth eliminate toxins primarily by use of the lungs.


Our urinary tract eliminates toxins primarily through the kidneys and liver.


The colon eliminates toxics primarily through the liver, the stomach and small intestine.


The skin eliminates toxins primarily through perspiration.

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Most people today have excess accumulations of toxins and waste material in their bodies.


The two main reasons for this are:

  1. they are putting huge amounts of toxins in their body on a regular basis through nutritional deficiencies and stress.


  1. Their elimination channels are clogged, slow, and sluggish.


When you put toxins in and your body creates toxins at a faster rate than you are eliminating these toxins, you have a build-up and accumulation of poisons and toxins in the body.


For example:


  • Are your nasal and sinus cavities clear and mucus free? 

  • Do you breathe fully and deeply from your diaphragm, allowing your lungs to do their job fully? 

  • Do you regularly breathe aerobically and aerobically?

  • Do you sweat on a regular basis?

  • Do you drink plenty of water, which allows all elimination channels to work more efficiently?

  • Do you have three bowel movements per day?


A few common things which slow the elimination process are:


Antibiotics.  If you have ever taken antibiotics you have dramatically slowed your elimination potential via the colon.


Antibiotics kill all the friendly bacteria in the intestine and colon.  This allows unfriendly yeast, most notably Candida, to grow abnormally and infest your digestive system.


This Candida yeast overgrowth slows digestion, increase gas, bloating and constipation, and itself creates an abnormal amount of toxins.


Lotions and cream.  Most people put lotions and creams all over their skin clogging the pores and suppressing the natural elimination process through the skin. This would include sunscreens, cosmetics, deodorants, and antiperspirants.


Lack of bowel movement.  Have you ever noticed when you take a dog for a walk, they poop?  When you move your body as nature intended, you increase the elimination process.


Since most people sit all day, their elimination cycles are suppressed.


You should have three bowel movements per day.


When you eat food, it goes through the digestion process and ends up in the colon ready for elimination.


The food in the colon begins to putrefy and become toxic.  The longer it stays in the colon, the more toxic it becomes. If left long enough, these toxins begin to enter the bloodstream.


This can turn into a serious medical condition resulting in death. Your body’s elimination system must be working at optimal levels if you want to live without illness and disease.



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Walking is probably the most important form of exercise you can do, and the healthiest compared to driving, which increases stress.


Now let’s think about this for a moment.  When you drive a car your stress levels go up dramatically, which means your body becomes acidic.


When you go for a walk, not only are you getting the benefits of the exercise of the slow rhythmic movement, your lymph system is getting toxins out of your body and energizing your cells.


You are also actually looking out and externalizing through your eyes at far away distance, which increases balance of nature and sun and make the body more alkaline and less susceptible to disease.


Exercise also has a profound effect on your state of mind and happiness factor.


The lack of walking causes the body’s elimination channels to become slow and sluggish.


Your thoughts

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Thoughts are things. Your body is in fact a very powerful transmitter and receiver of energy.  Every thought you have can have a powerful impact on the cells in your body.


Positive high vibrations thoughts can rid your body of disease.


Negative stressful low vibrations thoughts can give your body disease.


Science doe not believe that thoughts can have any profound effect on your health.


Medical science believes that thoughts could never alone cure or cause disease.


However, it is interesting to point out that medical science cannot dispute the “placebo” effect.  The placebo effect is when a person is given a “placebo,” which is in effect nothing, yet their disease is cured.  This occurs because the patient believes that what he is taking will cure the disease. 


The person’s thoughts basically cause the cure. 


This happens in as many as 40 percent of the cases. Image, up to 40 percent of the time a person with a dreaded disease cures himself with his own thoughts.


Thoughts can heal, but they can also cause sickness and disease.


Stress, which could be defined as negative thoughts, causes the body to become acidic, creating an environment for illness, disease, possibly cancer.


These negative thoughts can be conscious or unconscious in nature.


Many of these negative thoughts are trapped in stressful or traumatic incidences from our past. For more information on the power of stress levels in our lives.


Several prominent doctors have found that the vast majority of people with cancer have an incident in their past that caused tremendous grief.


Individuals who have heart attacks are found to have suppressed anger.  It is interesting to note the correlation between certain emotions and certain diseases.


The stress of living in today’s environment is higher than at any time in history.


Driving a car, for example, raises stress levels in the body up to 1,000 times normal levels.


When a person is driving a car combined with talking on a cell phone, stress levels can go as high as 5,000 times the norm.


Walking, conversely, actually reduces stress. Worrying about money, arguing with relatives, friends and co workers, watching scary gruesome movies and television shows, reading the news, all increase stress levels dramatically.  The good news is this can be reversed.


Doctor Coldwell of Germany has the highest cancer success rate in the country, treating over 35,000 mostly terminal cancer patients. He uses techniques to reduce stress, (in effect correcting a person’s thoughts), he has cured more people of cancer than any person in German history.


Dr. Mark Virkler in his book, Prayers that Heals the Heart, shows how God heals by changing a person’s thoughts. Jesus has promised to heal everyone who comes to Him and rest in Him.


Dr. Norman Cousins’, The Anatomy of an Illness documents how, by laughing, stress can be reduced. Cancer and many other debilitating diseases can be cured without drugs or surgery. Cancer has often been put in complete remission.


A merry heart doeth good like a medicine:  but a broken spirit driest the bones.  Proverbs 17:22


Earl Nightingale discovered what he called “The strangest secret”; You become what you think about.


Positive thoughts and low amounts of stress create an alkaline pH in the body, meaning you virtually cannot get sick.


Negative thoughts and emotions with high levels of stress cause the body to become acidic, leading to illness and disease.


What you say

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Words have power.  Most people speak words that increase body stress and turn the body’s pH from alkaline to acidic.


Words can change the way we think and feel.


Researchers have concluded that speaking the correct form of words and thinking the correct thoughts actually changes a person’s DNA.


Of all the things that I’ve talked about so far relating to the cause of illness and disease please do not overlook the power of how you think and what you say. 


These two factors contribute dramatically to stress levels.


Stress absolutely causes illness and disease.


Reducing stress absolutely is one of the most powerful natural cures for virtually every disease in the body.


Reducing stress is one of the cures that cannot be patented.  Simple stress reducing techniques that are effective and inexpensive absolutely have been proven to be one of the most powerful natural cures of all time.


If you look at people today around the world who have no disease and no illness, there are virtually no common denominators.


  • You can’t look to a person’s genetic disposition.

  • You can’t look to a person’s diet because they vary so greatly.

  • Some of these people smoke,

  • Some of them eat monkeys raw,

  • Some to them eat dairy products,

  • Some of them are vegetarians,

  • Some of them do not exercise,

  • Others simply walk. 


They generally all do sleep very well, but the most obvious common denominator is how they think and how they talk.


They are very positive, optimistic individuals.


They do not take life very seriously, and they don’t worry too much.


They are optimistic and they are light hearted.


They greet each day in a spirit of thankfulness.


Attitude really makes the difference.  Thoughts do affect the body, and thoughts can dramatically affect your health.


From a biological standpoint, what does this really mean? 


Think of it this way. The body has what is known as the immune system. The immune system fights off any imbalance or disease, virus, germs and bacteria.


If your body’s immune system is strong and you happen to catch any bacteria or virus, your body fights it off and you never even notice that you were exposed or had that particular virus or bacteria or germ.


When your immune system is very weak, you are susceptible to showing the symptoms of succumbing to that particular virus or bacteria.

People that are the healthiest are people with very low stress levels. (The Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Inventory)


The common denominator of the healthiest people on the planet is how they think and what they say. 


The mind can cause the immune system to be incredibly strong and actually change the genetic DNA structure in your body, preventing disease.


What you think and what you say can actually cure disease.


Conversely, what you think and what you say, may cause stress.


Daily Stress” can absolutely cause your immune system to be weakened and cause genetic weaknesses in the body to become active causing you to develop illness and disease. 


Stress, negative thoughts, and negative words coming out of your mouth, all are very powerful in turning your body pH either acidic or alkaline.  Remember, if your body’s pH is acidic you have an environment where illness and sickness can thrive.


If your body pH is alkaline you virtually can never get sick. 


By reducing stress, speaking powerful positive words, and thinking powerful positive thoughts you absolutely can turn your body pH to the state of alkaline and reverse – yes, that’s right, absolutely cure virtually every disease in the body, all with the power of your mind.


I had taken countless classes and sessions on reducing stress.  The techniques would work for awhile, however nothing seem to change the deep inner feelings, emotions, and thoughts.  My body was acidic. 


I read hundreds of self-help books and attempted to apply the techniques, I was still left with emptiness and loneliness in the depth of my spirit.


I needed answers.  I needed to find out if God heals.  That is when I turned to Prayers that Heals the Heart by Dr. Mark Virkler.


So the summary, very general, very simplistic terms is this:


The reason why you are sick is because you are putting more toxins and chemicals in your body.  Those toxins and chemicals are not coming out of your body because you are not eliminating them like you should.


Our immune systems are being suppressed and we are becoming more susceptible to illness.


The drugs that we are taking are making our immune system weaker, and are putting so many toxins in our bodies that they are in fact causing many additional illnesses.


The conclusion is that people get sick because:


  • We are putting too many toxins in our body and not flushing the toxins out fast enough.  Meaning our body is toxic.


  • We are not putting enough of the necessary nutrients into our body, and the nutrients that are going in are not being absorbed.  This means we are nutritionally deficient.


  • We have trapped mental and emotional stress.


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