The Goal Of The Gerson Therapy

Is To Restore All Essential Organs

Cancer is treated by the Gerson therapy as a holistic natural contemporary, biological treatment.  The Gerson therapy restores the body and can be either self-administered at home or under physician supervision.


This natural holistic treatment uses the body’s own healing mechanisms for the elimination of cancer and debilitating ailments.


We are now watching millions of people die each year from cancer or the side effects of cancer.  Why – Why??


Cure for cancer was introduced to Western industrialized nations more than sixty years ago by Max Gerson, M.D.


This revolutionary dietary program was so far advanced at the time of its development that no scientific rational was available to explain why it produced reversal of chronic and infectious diseases.  This dietary program became a holistic, natural treatment for cancer.


It is truly exciting to see how the Gerson program restored my organs and reversed my breast cancer naturally and holistically.


The Gerson protocol actually cured patients with advanced cancer, tuberculosis, diabetes, migraines, heart disease, arthritis, skin disorders, and numerous other life-threatening conditions, the Gerson Therapy has long since established itself as a major contributor to the medical field.


Following Gerson’s holistic natural treatment means that can be done in the confines of your home.


A question that you may be asking is why we haven’t heard about Gerson’s nutritional protocol that has saved literally thousands of lives.


On July 1-3, 1946, Dr. Gerson went before the US Senate to present his impressive testimony.  After two Washington, D.C. – based investigators, a physician and an attorney, reported back that Dr. Max Gerson did, indeed, have a successful treatment for cancer for the first time in history. 


Dr. Gerson came before the subcommittee of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations of the Seventy-ninth Congress.  Pepper Bill


However, massive numbers of lobbyists for the immensely wealthy Pharmaceutical Manufacturers’ Association (PMA), the American Medical Association (AMA), and the American Cancer Society (ACS) prevailed on reports to ignore the Gerson press conference and attend a cocktail party instead where free food would be served and libations would be flowing.


The only reporter who preferred to hear the Gerson presentation was ABC newscaster Raymond Gram Swing.  During WWII, Mr. Swing had been a famous war correspondent.  He chose to present some of the information shared by Dr. Gerson on a successful cancer cure on the ABC Network. 


Shortly after the end of the broadcast, the executive directors of pharmaceutical companies producing cytotoxic agents for cancer treatment – members of the PMS -- threatened to cancel all radio advertising contracts for their drugs sold over the counter, an annual loss in revenue for ABC amounting to tens of millions of dollars.


Within two weeks of that fateful radio broadcast which apprised people of a potential cure for cancer that was natural and holistic in nature.  And after thirty years at the same job Raymond Gram Swing was fired from his position as a newscaster for the ABC network.


You might also wish to know what happened to the Senate’s 227-page Pepper-Neely anticancer bill of 1946 – Document No. 89471.


By efforts of the lobbyists working with four senators who were also medical doctors, the bill was defeated. 


Today, document No. 89671 is stored in boxes and gathers dust in the archives of the U.S. Government Printing Office.


We are now watching millions of people die each year from cancer or the side effects of cancer.  Why – Why??


It is my purpose and desire to share with each of you my journey through the Gerson Therapy where I had my health and life return.


Cancer, a specific cluster of body cells undergoing uncontrolled cell division and multiplication, is the ultimate example of a degenerative disease in progress.


Laboratory researchers have started discovering dozens of new chemicals in common fruits and vegetables. 


In test tube and animal studies, these obscure compounds were exhibiting a remarkable ability to disrupt the formation of malignant and benign tumors. 


Today our knowledge of such phytochemicals (compounds of plant origin) is exploding.  And as scientists learn more about the chemistry of plants and other edibles, they are growing increasingly hopeful about sparing people from being struck by malignancies. 


The basis of these studies and experiments are the reason for many new vitamin/supplement companies.


Holistic and alternative doctors are claiming the new and best cure on the market. 


When all the while all we need to do is go back and eat organic (natural) foods from enriched soils without the chemicals, pesticides, additives added. 


Is it possible?  Yes.


It is a reality that improvements in diet, nutrition, and general lifestyle are the wave of the future for beating cancer and degenerative diseases of all types.


The Underlying Nutritional Concept of Dr. Max Gerson


The Gerson therapy is a holistic, natural contemporary, biological treatment, to restore the body. 


Dr. Gerson’s therapeutic program seeks to regenerate an ailing body and bring it back to health by flooding the sick person with nutrients and adopting other modalities.  The nutrients come from raw juices plus raw and cooked solid organic vegetarian foods generously consumed. 


Inasmuch as the underlying nutritional concept of Dr. Max Gerson – is that an oxygen deficiency in the blood contributes to degenerative diseases, his treatment invariably brings about a doubling of circulatory oxygenation.


The Gerson Therapy also stimulates

  • metabolism,

  • eliminates toxins,

  • and restores sluggish waste-removal functions of an individual’s liver and kidneys. 



Thus, by

  • using liberal amounts of high-quality nutrition,

  • increasing the person’s oxygen availability,

  • reinvigorating the entire organism with a well-functioning metabolism,

  • and improving

-   cellular detoxification,

-   one’s suppressed immune system,

-   imperfect physiology,

-   muddled mind, and

-   dysfunctional brain and

-   other essential organs are encouraged to regenerate

        toward homeostasis once again.


Dr. Gerson’s healing program is advantageous for overcoming cancer and nearly every illness.


For cancer malignancies especially, it is effective and far superior to cancer chemotherapy. 


Statistically, for instance, chemotherapy boasts an overall remission rate on average of 12%, but the Gerson Therapy offers total remission success on average for up to 42% of its participating, largely terminal cancer individuals.


Better than any other treatment method, the Gerson therapy nutrition program more significantly affects ill people and can bring about reversal cancer and other diseases.  Best of all it is natural and holistic in nature and restores the body organs.


It works permanently, in a surer manner than all other known therapies, including cytotoxicology (chemotherapy), immunology, pharmacology, roentgenology (radiation therapy), and other usual procedures provided by conventionally practiced allopathic medicine.


The goal of the Gerson Therapy is to restore all essential organs.


Synopsis of the Gerson Therapy Nutrition Program


Best represented by its dietary component, the Gerson therapy recommends a low-fat, salt-free program of food consumption to supply the body’s cells with easily assimilated nutrients for strengthening one’s natural immune defenses.


To prevent or correct most of the fifteen hundred known degenerative diseases, the Gerson Therapy offers an ideal way to eat.


Massive amounts of media propaganda and advertising have been forced processed packaged foods upon us, frequently containing

  • preservatives,

  • additives,

  • dyes, and

  • sometimes outright carcinogens.


The Gerson Therapy admittedly presents a difficult dining program to follow.  Yet if a sick person is serious about recovery, then adopting the Gerson therapeutic technique does assure the restoration of wellness.


At the core of the Gerson therapy is its diet, which includes dining on organically grown fresh fruits and vegetables and drinking thirteen glasses of freshly squeezed juices daily, taken at hourly intervals.


The emphasis on organic fresh fruits and vegetables means the individual receives elevated levels of minerals, enzymes, beta carotene, vitamins A and C, and other antioxidants that scavenge free radicals. 


These foods are recommended to contain no residual pesticides and fungicides.  Most of the diet’s followers consume huge amounts of naturally occurring phytochemicals that scientists have discovered are true preventers of cancer and chronic degenerative diseases. 


There is much that is in pure quality food, water, and air that is beneficial for the human body.


Even our most modern scientists and doctors have not yet found or understood the catalyst of one trace mineral on another.


Gerson Therapy individuals also use supplements such as thyroid extract, potassium iodine, liver extract, pancreatic enzymes, and niacin (nicotinic acid or vitamin B3).


No meat is allowed.  According to the Gerson therapeutic program, all animal protein is omitted for the person who has been diagnosed with cancer during the first six to twelve weeks of treatment, and it’s kept to a minimum thereafter.


The diet is largely fat-free but includes some nonfat and unflavored yogurt, nonfat and unsalted pot cheese, cottage cheese, and churned buttermilk when available (otherwise use nonfat yogurt), as well as flaxseed oil.


Research put forth by the seven-time Nobel prize candidate Johanna Budwig, PhD., of Freudenstadt-Dietersweiler, Germany, shows that the omega-3 fatty acids in flax kill human cancer cells in tissue cultures without destroying normal cells in the same culture.  (P.3-4, in Gerson Therapy Book).  (Also see Gerson Therapy.)


Before Dr. Budwig published her groundbreaking works, Dr Gerson, first in Germany, then in Austria, and finally in the United Sates, was applying nutritional knowledge he had gleaned about fats and oils for his patients’ illnesses.


Today, the Gerson therapy menu plan is being used by the American Cancer society (ACS). 


Yes, it duplicates the illness prevention diet advocated today by that same ACS which once had condemned Dr. Gerson and blacklisted his therapeutic diet. 


Moreover, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the American Heart Association (AHA) both encourage the use of a modified version of the Gerson eating program.


The diet works well against cancer and other chronic diseases of many types but especially for the production of remissions in various cancer malignancies.  Because of it’s natural and holistic basis, anyone is able to take responsibility for the care of their body and the restoration of cancer and other diseases.


Believing cancer to be a systemic, rather than a localized, disease is not a popular notion among health care professionals.


However as I was looking for health insurance I discovered that I could not be covered.


Cancer is considered systemic, as it has been determined that cancer can quickly overtake any and all organs of the body.


In the 1930s and 1940s, Dr. Gerson emphasized the rebalancing of a patient’s entire physiology. 


His writings indicated he intended that the therapy should “reverse any conditions sustaining the growth of malignant cancer cells and restore those cells dis-functioning from other forms of pathology”.


The Gerson Therapy does accomplish reversal for most types of degenerative diseases including cancer; in particular, it produces the most dramatic positive results in lymphoma and melanoma. 


The Detoxification Component


But the Gerson Therapy consists of more than an eating program.  It is actually divided into three primary components.


  1. As mentioned, it contains an intensive menu plan of nourishment to flood the body with healing nutrients naturally present in the best quality of organically grown vegetarian foods.


  1. It provides the means for the body’s complete detoxification of wastes and metabolic poisons (enzyme inhibitors) that interfere with healing and normal metabolism. 


  1. It requires supplementation of the diet with just a few specific nutrients.


For the body detoxification component, Dr. Gerson’s procedures employ coffee enemas, which patients self-administer several times daily.  (See Coffee enemas). 


The coffee enema makes a lot of sense physiologically because cancer individuals, and all others suffering from the life-threatening metabolic illnesses, die not of the disease process itself, but rather from the liver’s inability to eliminate toxic breakdown products of rapidly dissolving tumor masses generated by the effects of the Gerson therapy or from the healing reactions of formerly dysfunctional cells.  (See Liver).


Caffeine taken rectally stimulates the liver’s action, increases bile flow, and opens bile ducts so that one’s liver can excrete the toxic products of metabolic improvement more easily. 


Coffee enemas are excellent for preventive medicine as well as for treatment.  They also bring about remarkable pain relief.  (See Biological liver Basis for coffee enemas)


The Gerson therapy is a holistic, natural contemporary, biological treatment, to restore the body.  This aids in detoxification, and is part of the component involving food supplementation.


Dr. Gerson’s procedures require the use of a few food supplementations


The procedures require the use of a few orally self-administer dietary supplements every day or every other day. 


In some specific situations where individuals suffer from sever vomiting and disturbances in the upper digestive tract, these supplements may be administered rectally for easier absorption.


The best way to correct the cancer problem is through the application of dietary improvements, nutrients, whole body detoxification, and overall nutritional therapy. 


Some of these aspects of cancer and other degenerative disease treatment are what the Gerson Books listed below covers in considerable detail.


For all the protocol for curing breast cancer and many other degenerative diseases, please attain his books.


Cancer Therapy:  Results of Fifty Cases

Gerson Handbook

The Gerson Therapy by Charlotte Gerson

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