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Can it cause cancer(s)?

Does it contain pollutants, pesticides, or drugs?

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Pure water, allows the blood circulation to cleanse the immune system.  Treating cancer alternatively reveals the pollutants and pesticides in water and its effects on cancer.


When the body is well hydrated with pure drinking water, blood circulation is expanded and immune system can reach and cleanse our mutated cancer cells.


Most people would agree it is wise to provide our bodies with the pure water, pure air and pure food.  I believe our immune system will operate best in this environment.  As we strengthen our immune system, our bodies can fight cancer and other diseases.


The more air, food, and water we consume which is contaminated with pollutants, the more our immune system must struggle to cleanse our body of mutated cancer cells which become damaged by these pollutants. 


As I began to consider options in treating cancer alternatively, I realized one of the first major steps was to ensure that I was drinking pure water, cleaning and cooking with pure water and bathing in pure water.  My immune system needed to fight the cancer, not all of the pollutants, chemicals and other “stuff” found in water.


When we take in a heavy load of toxins through food, water, and air we put an excessive cleansing responsibility on our bodies’ immune system.


According to the USA Today, September 27, 1993, “Over 900,000 people get sick each year in the U.S. – and as many as 900 die – from water borne bacterial disease.”  That number has increased over the past decade.


Our weakened immune system makes it difficult for our bodies to fight the cancer cells.  By ensuring that we are drinking pure water can take a huge burden off of our immune system.  Treating cancer alternatively encourages drinking pure water thereby eliminating the pollutants and toxins.


The immune system is responsible to keep our insides free of damaged and mutated cells before they begin multiplying.  The immune system can become overwhelmed, allowing cancer or other degenerative diseases to develop. 


Or, our immune system can break down, and environmental sickness can be the result.  Therefore, anything we can do to reduce the load of toxins we take in will ultimately improve our health. 


Treating cancer alternatively is looking at all the opportunities that each of us can take on a daily basis to help our immune system to fight cancer and other diseases. 


It is a little known fact, but insufficient water consumption is actually a risk factor for getting colon, breast, and urinary tract cancer such as cancer of the kidneys, bladder, prostate, and testicles.


When the body is well hydrated, blood circulation is expanded and immune system cells can reach the cancer tissues in greater numbers. 


Statistical studies indicate that individuals with cancer drink precious little water, especially pure water.  It has become a well know theory that water flushes toxins from the body before they can do their damage or be reabsorbed.


It is pretty well accepted in America that the toxic chemicals in cigarette smoke pollute our bodies with chemical poisons and cause them to break down with cancer.  It is for the same reason that we also avoid many other toxic chemicals by drinking filtered and pure water.


As we each begin our journey of treating cancer alternatively and looking at all of the different options, air and water are two major areas of concern and studies have shown again and again are major causes of cancer.


Let’s consider the quality of water that we drink. 


We should have known we were in trouble when a decade ago the cover article of USA Today showed that the average city water contains over 500 different chemicals. 


Considering that it takes decades for this type of information to trickle down to the lay person, this should have been a big clue that we had been missing the boat in protecting ourselves.  


It is not that the agencies are not aware of the quality of the drinking water.  The chemicals that are being added protect the population from immediate death.  It is also known the long term effects of these chemicals on our immune system.  The challenge is the high cost and difficulty in providing pure water without the use of the chemicals.


Treating cancer alternatively allows each of us to begin making choices in protecting ourselves and our loved ones from the devastating effects of the water we are presently drinking.


Real uncontaminated, clean pure water does not contain 500 plus different chemicals, nor does it have an objectionable odor or taste. 


And in contrast to the average city water, pure water does not require the addition of multiple chemicals to make it safer, more palatable, less acidic, and more healthful or change any of its other characteristics.


Our water is poisoned chiefly by industrial pollution via smokestacks and waste water, plus artificial fertilizer and pesticide runoff from agriculture. 


But not being content with that, man has figured out many more ways to increase the toxicity of drinking water.


The biggest concern that is being faced today is that numerous products and medicines have been created that improve our quality of life.  These compounds and their breakdown products make their way into the environment especially into our water. 


Concern has been raised that some compounds may at low levels affect public health or environment.  It is known that different forms of toxicity or carcinogenicity may disrupt the body’s metabolic systems.  


The immune system often takes the hard hit form the chemicals and pollutants in the water.  Is it possible that this is one of the reasons cancer and other diseases has increased?  


The library of one pharmaceutical company listed 1.5 million chemical formulations.  You may wonder as to what has prompted the concern?


I worked during the past 10 years for an environmental engineering company and environmental engineers have observed the feminization of fish downstream from some wastewater treatment plant discharges. 


It seems that there is an antibiotic resistant bacterium in the water that is affecting the health of plant and water life.


An article posted by OnEarth on Friday, October 6, 2006 is entitled “Drugging the Waters” by Elizabeth Royte.  She speaks to how an aging population and our growing addiction to pharmaceuticals may be poisoning our rivers.   


“These studies established the presence of drugs in our waterways.


But no one in this country has looked at the temporal and spatial distribution or the environmental degradation created by the pharmaceuticals in surface water.” 


Among the factors that influence the compounds’ fate are sunlight, temperature, and flow rate, microorganisms in the sediment, miners, and other chemicals in the water.


According to the Environmental Protection Agency, which is putting together a database of literature on so-called emerging contaminants, those metabolites are virtually everywhere. 


They can be found in the dirty Chicago River or in the pure headwaters of Boulder Creek in Colorado.  They are in the intakes and outflows of water facilities in both urban and rural areas.  They are in groundwater, mountain streams, surface water, and domestic wells. 


And while levels of pharmaceuticals are sometimes infinitesimally low, their supplies are continually replenished. 


As a result, organisms that constantly bathe in a chemical broth are beginning to reveal some alarming abnormalities.


Do we know how serious this new development of pharmaceuticals in the waters along with all the other chemicals, pesticides, etc. really is on our bodies?  The answer is no.


As I looked at the options of treating cancer alternatively, I knew that I needed to eliminate as many toxins and other chemicals from my body. 


I began to look for a water purifier that would remove virtually everything leaving the necessary minerals that my body desperately needed.  If interested, check out the water filtration system we chose and why we chose that system.


Researchers are confronted with long latency periods for some human diseases, making it difficult to connect an illness or disorder with long-ago exposures.  According to the above stated article, “Some of the drugs in our waterways act upon more than one hormonal pathway; some may end up in humans through multiple exposures.


For example, antibiotics may come from both the food we eat and the water we drink.  Exposure to mixtures of contaminants may lead to an adverse effect using one particular recipe, but produce a different effect when the ratio of these same ingredients is changed.    “For many of these drugs, the mechanism of action for humans is unknown.”


Those interested in treating cancer alternatively must take action to ensure we are drinking pure water.  One of our first investments was a pure water filtration system  using triple carbon and ultra violet light.


The trip carbon and removed chemicals and pollutants leaving necessary minerals.  The ultra violet light destroyed the viruses and bacteria in water.


Marc Taylor, USGS Fact Sheet, says, “As a doctor, I’m concerned about pharmaceuticals in the river because I know these drugs are bioactive.”  “However I’ll keep prescribing the medications that my patients need.”  In a philosophical mode, he continues, “The public will have to get used to the reality that the drugs and chemicals we use all go somewhere and have potential effects.  The environmental fate of all consequential drugs and chemicals should be known.”


A copy of the USGS document depicting the “Pharmaceuticals, hormones, and other organic wastewater contaminants that was measured in 139 streams during 1999 and 2000” is yours for the asking at the Request Information tab.


A copy of more documentation on Drugging the Waters by Elizabeth Royte, is yours for the asking at the Request Information tab.


Who are we to blame?  No-one.  Everyone.  Someone.  The fact is that I was sick and dying of cancer.  I and/or my loved ones can rise up and become politically involved.  However I was still dying. 


We are all part of the problem – we have enjoyed and relished the technological advancements of our country.  We have been in favor of all the pharmaceutical drugs that have extended our lives and the lives of our loved ones.   We have benefited from the high-tech in many ways. 


Yet I am now diagnosed with cancer with a limited life expectancy.  There must be a better way!


What can I do?  I can take charge of the water I and my family is drinking, cooking, washing, and bathing in.  I am responsible for the water I take into my body.


Those interested in treating caner alternatively must take action to ensure we are drinking pure water.


One of our first investments in treating cancer alternatively was a pure water filtration system using triple carbon and ultra violet light.  The triple carbon removed chemicals and pollutants leaving the necessary minerals.  The ultra violet light destroyed the viruses and bacteria in the water.


Our body is estimated to be about 60 to 70 percent water. Blood is mostly water, and muscles, lungs, and brain all contain a lot of water. Our body needs water to regulate body temperature and to provide the means for nutrients to travel to all the organs. Pure water also transports oxygen to our cells, removes waste, and protects our joints and organs.


Pure water is the best frontline treatment for every physical disorder of any living organism.  With drinking water threatened by droughts, environmental pollution, and contaminants, it is important to consider the water you are drinking.


A drop in the body’s water content is reflected as a decline in blood volume.  The lowering of the water content in the blood triggers the hypothalamus, the brain’s thirst center, to send out the demand for water.  This causes a slight rise in the concentration of sodium in the blood, which quickly triggers a sensation of thirst.  People often consume only enough liquid to quench a dry or parched throat but not enough to cover normal water loss.


Adults can become dehydrated quickly, as the percentage of water the body reserves drops with age.  As we age, our sense of thirst dulls.


A mere 2% drop in body water can trigger fuzzy short-term memory, confusion in doing basic math calculations, and cause difficulty when trying to focus on the computer screen or on a printed page.


It is beneficial to always drink more pure water than the body craves or needs.  You should try to make it a habit to drink pure water even when you are not feeling thirsty.  It is, in fact, vital to health to drink 8 or more glasses of pure water each and every day.


Drinking enough pure water could probably eliminate many bowel and bladder problems and even the common headache. 


Toxins build up in the system, which can cause headaches if not enough water is consumed to flush them out.  The bladder also functions better with plenty of water.  Drinking a full glass of pure water has been known to relieve

  • anxiety attacks,

  • food intolerance reactions,

  • heartburn,

  • acid stomach,

  • muscle pain,

  • colitis pain,

  • hot flashes,

  • and many other disorders. 


Flushing the system can relieve such symptoms more quickly than can using any herb, drug, or food. 


Pure water maintains, rejuvenates, heals, and rehabilitates the body.  In treating cancer alternatively we must choose to drink pure water that contains the essential natural minerals.


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