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What are some of the best home treatments, options, alternatives, and holistic products and services that fight not only cancer, but also many other debilitating diseases?


As we looked at our personal financial portfolio, I realized that we needed economical and effective home treatments. 


Of course we were going to invest monies, however we wanted our money to be invested in what would be used at home to heal, not running from one alternative, or holistic, or medical doctor to another trying the next promise and paying for all the consulting fees that seemed to have limited return.


Every family knows a family member, relative or friend that has died from cancer, or is living in pain and misery of cancer or the side affects of cancer treatments (i.e. Chemotherapy, radiation, and other drugs). There are home treatments that will reduce pain and suffering and may reverse cancer and other debilitating diseases.


Health and vitality is what we are all looking for.  Because of my race against cancer without surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation I spent time searching the web and other sources.  I was looking for the best alternatives. 


What was I to do?


How could I incorporate home treatments into our home and family life?


I had one chance; after all I was given 6 months to 2.5 years of life.  I had no time to waste and I had to make the right decisions.


I opted for the best, and the most natural, and organic treatment.  It has paid off; 7 years later I am healthier, with more vitality and energy, than I have had for twenty years.


The Drs. gave me anywhere from 6 months to 2.5 years.  I give God praise for helping me to make the right decisions as people shared the best products and services with me.   I desperately needed to get back to the basics, the root of good health.


Have you ever asked what am I do?  Where am I to turn?  Who do I trust?  Everybody wants my money.  They promise, and promise more.


Again and again I kept searching for the root, the origin of home treatments that have been successful and can be accomplished in the confines of our homes.  As we learn the different cancer treatments in our home, it is important to integrate the home treatments for our families.  It is easier to prevent cancer and other debilitating diseases than to reverse and cure them.


Furthermore home treatments for cancer is all about changing the water we drink, the air we breathe, the food we eat, and learning to detoxify our bodies as needed.  We all need to do this to prevent diseases. 


As a family we have not had colds, flues, viruses, or any other need for medication or hospitalization since we have incorporated these home treatments into our everyday lives. 


It is worth the effort.  Cancer was only one of many of our challenges in fighting diseases.


When we compare the cost of home treatments to the cost of medical treatments – there is no comparison.


We need to protect not only the individual with the cancer, but the family of every household.  We need to look and see what we are doing that causes cancer, and to try to stop the growth of cancer cells and tumors before they overtake the body.


Have we overlooked the most simple and holistic solutions to our health challenges?


Studies have been done again and again showing that 70-80% of all health issues are caused by feelings of fear, insecurity, loneliness, rejection, abandonment, anger, bitterness, or unforgiveness. 


How do you heal these emotions?  That is what I had to learn.  I am excited to share these answers with you.


This journey began to turn my health and life around.  Love, joy and peace now radiate from me instead of all that anger. 


I had to figure out how to move from the God of the church that is out there somewhere to a personal, living Jesus that really wanted to walk with me and talk we me. 


Who would give me abundant life?  Who would heal me from the inside out?  What an amazing journey.  I look forward to sharing it with you because I desire you to have love, joy, and peace in your life. 


Next, I looked at the total me, my environment, the food I was eating, and what I was doing to my body. 


Wow!  What am I doing to my body? 


I looked at the relationship between my behavior, the environment, and food habits. I reviewed studies, used common sense, and studied many documented reports.


It is my goal to save you many hours and energy.  Continue reading and reach down into your very being and you will know truth.  We do know the truth! 


We have been blinded by the many pleasures of fast food, junk food, and the sugar and fat of our delicacies. 


We enjoy our food and show love by serving up more sugar and unhealthy fat to our loved ones. 


We listen to the admonitions of doctors, and thus take more and more medications to solve our health challenges.  We have turned our backs on home treatments, alternatives, and holistic approaches to all diseases including cancer.


We try and try, but can’t stop our poor eating habits and the poor eating habits of the ones we love. 


McDonald’s is a quick treat time for the kids.  Starbucks is a great stress reducer for adults.  Learn more about what sugar is doing to our body.


WATER – 60% or our body mass.  Have you been reading the devastating health hazards of our water?


Are you aware that numerous products and medicines have been created that may improve our quality of life, but that these compounds and their breakdown products make their way into the environment?


Concern has been raised that toxicity and carcinogenicity has a disruption of our metabolic systems.


Our water and air is a necessity of our life.  What is happening?  How can we protect ourselves, our families, our loved ones?


Many people drink tap water that is chlorinated and treated for safety of bacteria and viruses.  What are the affects of all those chemicals that we are ingesting?  Click for more information and resources about water purification systems.


My body needs the organic minerals in the water.  How can I choose wisely as to the water purification system that will help my body fight the bacteria, etc.  See water system comparisons and more information.


AIR – We cannot live longer than 3-5 minutes without air.  Yet what are we breathing into our bodies.  Pollution is everywhere.  In the country and on our lawns we are continually spraying chemicals and other contaminants.


We have so well insulated our homes to conserve energy both in the winter and summer that there is more air pollution inside our homes than outside.


Indoor air pollution is more dangerous than outdoor air pollution.  What can we do?  How do we take responsibility for the air we breathe?  Click for more information and resources about our air.


Diet - The foods and juices consumed on the Gerson diet constitute its primary prescription for healing and can easily be done as home treatments.  This is compared to a drug in allopathic, or standard medical, treatments for cancer.


Significant deviation from the diet can be as serious for a Gerson individual as missing an insulin shot can be for a diabetic, or as missing a chemotherapy or radiation appointment can be for an individual with cancer undergoing an allopathic treatment.


An individual will not fail to heal simply because he misses one glass of juice a couple of times in a month.


An individual will not fail if she must make use of commercial produce occasionally, when organic produce is unavailable.


An individual, will however, reduce his chances of success if he cuts too many corners.


How many corners can he cut? There is no good answer to that question, because every person, every diagnosis, responds differently to home treatments.


Detoxification - Detoxification may reverse cancer.  There are many studies and research that attests to cancer being cured by detoxification. 


No doctor can cure you.  No medicine can cure you. 


But you can possibly cure you, with home treatments options.  These home treatments work whether you have cancer or any other disease.  


If you are serious about healing, then brace yourself for a crash course in curing whatever ails you. 


Do you desire to take responsibility for your health and get rid of life-sapping symptoms?


You are able to give your body the healing options that will put your body back where it was when you were healthier.


Home treatments, the options for treating cancer and other diseases, are at your fingertips.  These are alternatives and holistic.


Below are specific links to the information you are seeking for home treatments of cancer.  This information will improve your health and vitality for all diseases, illnesses, and viruses.


·        Grocery list for a week

·        Daily schedule for fighting and conquering cancer

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o       Detoxification

·        Hydrotherapy in your bathroom

·        Infra-red sauna

·        Kombucha

·        Irradiation of our foods

·        Juicing

·        Diet

·        Recipes

·        Dr. Budwig (Flaxseed and Cottage Cheese)

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