Weekly Grocery list

for Gerson Home Therapy

I looked at the following grocery list I needed for one week and felt overwhelmed.  I felt like I was eating more fruits and vegetables in one week than I had in one year.  No wonder I was sick and dying.


The following grocery list certainly helped me to get a handle on shopping and my potential needs.  Most of the following food is used in the juicing process. 


By purchasing the following, I was prepared and it reduced considerable stress in our home.  I was ready to begin to change my diet.  After a few weeks I was able to adjust my grocery list to meet my needs and the needs of my family. 


It was at this time that I realized that I wanted my family to be healthy.  A great time to start them on a modified program of eating healthy was at the same time I was changing my health habits.


We learned as a family how to eat healthy and attain more vitality and energy.


Grocery list for a week


  • Carrots, 50 Lbs

  • Tomatoes, 10 – 15 lbs

  • Potatoes, 25 lbs

  • Onions, 25 # sack

  • Leeks, 2 bunches

  • Beets, 5 branch tops for juice and bottoms for eating

  • Green Peppers, 8 weekly

  • Celery, 2-3 bunches

  • Celery Root, 2 roots (if available)

  • Romaine, 20 good size

  • Chard, 4 bunches

  • Endive, 3 heads

  • Lettuce, 15 heads (red leaf, Greenleaf, oakleaf, butter leaf, etc.)

  • Watercress, 2 bunches

  • Escarole, 2-3 heads

  • Parsley, 1 bunch

  • Parsley root, 2 bunches (if available)

  • Various vegetables, in season

  • Apples, 40 lbs. (pippins or granny smith apples)

  • Oranges, 10-15 lbs

  • Garlic, 1 bulb

  • Coffee, 3-5 lbs.

  • Purified water, 15 gallons


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