Current Alternatives Special Offers

1. Organic Supplement Offer


A. Purchase $150 or more of certified organic supplements for yourself or your family, we will drop ship to you a free gift from us of a Variety Gift Album with approximately 40 gifts, valued at $30.00. 


You will be able to choose a free gift of your choice from the album, or, give the gift album to a loved one as a holiday gift.  All gifts have a 120 day warranty with no additional shipping costs.  Click to see the gifts you will be able to select from at


     B. Our offer of a free Variety Gift Album ends December 20, 2009.

         In the USA - Click qhealthzone to order.


If you live outside the USA, you may purchase these supplements through directly. There you will have to register as a customer first.


On the Nutrilite site you register as a customer. Please use the following referral information.


IBO: 1668110                             Key:  MIC

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