Conquering that Enemy

Called Cancer - Alternatively

I am living proof of conquering sickness, and I climbed my mountain with strength, energy, vitality and abundant life.


Cancer is an enemy that strikes with fear, pain, and death. We face confusion, chaos, and devastation. Our emotions run out of control with anger, bitterness, and resentment. Both the individual and loved ones are facing individually the “enemy called cancer” with no answers.


Is it possible to conquer the “enemy”?  If so how?   It is time for you and your loved ones to conquer “your mountain”.


No Surgery, No Chemo, No Radiation, No Drugs


Together we will share “Gems” of truth and

discover how our bodies heal. 

Here I am 7 years later.  I am here to share with you the “Gems” of truth I discovered along the way.


That phone call, appointment, or announcement of cancer changes you and your family’s life!


I know.  I was struggling with fatigue, weakness, and a general unrest.  I decided to go for a check-up.  It was a Friday.


I went for a routine mammogram.  They requested to do a simple biopsy.

I thought it was based on my age.  How naïve I was?


The following day, Saturday, we received the phone call from the surgeon saying I had cancer, two locations, two types.  They wanted me in for mastectomy on Monday. 


When asked the prognosis? They suggested 6 months or so if I did not respond, maybe 2.5 – 5 years as I followed the medical regimen.


I did not like either answer. 


We turned to God Almighty, asking what we should do.  We had learned to hear His Voice.  We each listened individually and then shared our response.  God, through Jesus Christ, spoke the same things to each of us. 


He would Heal.  He, Jesus Christ, would teach us to live and care for our bodies. 


I was led to many therapy individuals and websites.  I chose to turn my back on surgery, chemo, radiation, and other medical treatments and drugs.  I would follow natural options that could be done in the confines of our home.


Whether you have chosen the medical route or another route of healing  – you will begin a journey of discovering “Gems” of truth and regain a life of strength, energy and vitality.


Although I will share about cancer – theses “Gems” of truth really apply to every illness, debilitation, or affliction.


My passion is to teach and give hope. I desire to be a part in giving abundant life, health, and energy back to you and your family.


Together, we will share solutions to every aspect of our lives, spiritually, emotional, mentally, and physically.  You may not agree with everything, however please think of our sharing as a “buffet” table.  Take what you need and leave the rest.


I will share again and again how I conquered the enemy called cancer in my life and the preventive measures for my family.  It is my desire that you and your family are and will find the same healing.


ABOUT ME – May Life


I went to college and trained in nutrition and counseling.  I attained both my B.S. degree and Master’s degree.  I taught school (7th – adult) for 17 years and then worked in the corporate world. 


I changed my eating habits and purchased food from the market place.  I enjoyed the convenience of

·        fast food,

·        cooked food,

·        microwaves,

·        processed food, and

·        prepared frozen dinners and

·        all the other conveniences of moving into the 21st century.


30 years later I faced herniated discs, arthritis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, aches and pains, edge of diabetics, overweight, and finally cancer with a death sentence of 2 – 5 years at best. 


Would my body heal itself?  How do I begin to turn back to the basics? 


I made my choice to chose to conquer cancer alternatively.


7 years later, my body has and is continually renewing itself.  All the diseases and afflictions have ceased.  My last area of healing is in reduced weight.  As my liver continues to heal, the metabolism will change and the weight will come off naturally.  The body will shed, and continually work, to create the optimal health and weight.


Early Experiences from farm life that influenced me


I grew up on a Wisconsin farm.  My parents chose to raise our crops and animals without using chemicals, fertilizers, and hormones.  I saw and experienced the difference.


I worked closely with my Dad on the farm.  He was always careful to give back to the earth plenty of nutrients.  That was the foundation of our next year’s crop. 


If an animal was sick, it was cleaned up and separated from the rest of the animals.  The animal was given extra tender love and care and special food to strengthen it’s immune system.  Most of the time, the animal recovered.


It has always amazed me that we become sick we are separated from the family and in the hospital we are given sodas, puddings, jello, and other foods that does not seem to build the immune system.


A few years ago when monies were more abundant, we had our lawn commercial cared for.  The lawn became very lush and green.


I was diagnosed with cancer and chose to go alternatively.  Our monies were redirected toward investments in my health.


It has been interesting to see how quickly the dandelions, thistles and quack grass took over our lawn.  The thistles and weeds are more abundant than before we worked with the commercial lawn care. 


As I considered what had happened, I realized that the commercial lawn care did not feed nutrients to our lawn, thereby killing the thistles and weeds.  They only masked the problem with chemicals and fertilizers that killed the weeds and thistles initially.  Every season the chemicals and fertilizers had to be repeated.


Now, each time I mow the lawn, I am reminded that the same thing is happening inside my body. 


I can choose to go medically and through surgery, chemotherapy, radiation the cancer cells can be killed.  It seems as though all is well.  However the immune system has not been strengthened.


As a result the cancer often returns more vigorous than before. 


Each time I mow and work on my lawn I am reminded of my Dad when he said “The way you kill weeds is by giving the earth more nutrients.  The weeds and thistles will choke themselves.  The crops will grow and produce.”  


I believe that is similar to fighting cancer.  As I strengthen my immune system and detoxify my body of all the chemicals, pesticides, hormones, additives and preservatives, my body will regenerate and kill the cancer. 


Seven years later I live to speak truth to the need to feed my body.  I am reminded of the scripture verse: Galations 6:7 “What you sow you will reap”  


I choose to sow health options and to reap health and vitality.

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