Cancer Recipes

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Treating cancer alternatively involves a diet of Creative Cancer Recipes containing a large variety of vegetarian foods to tantalize the taste buds.  Vegetarian foods will strengthen the immune system thereby fighting and killing the cancer cells. 


I needed help in re-thinking how to prepare and serve food that was healthy.  In treating cancer alternatively, it had to be a family involvement.  The food need to look good and taste good.


We understood the Gerson and Budwig principles of eating healthy.  We knew it was important to strengthen our immune systems and to treat cancer alternatively.   It is the immune system that is able to fight and destroy the cancer cells.


However, it seemed as though everything we had been eating and using in the preparation of foods was wrong.  We looked at the long list of spices and foods that we were not to eat.  It was a bit overwhelming. 


I felt like I was losing everything, and now I had to give up my favorite foods.


Could I do it?  Would it be worth the effort?  I cried.


Then I looked at my family – they needed me – I needed them.  Would I allow food to steal my health, my vitality, my energy and my life?


I knew I had to fight and do that which sometimes seemed impossible.  Seven years later, I can say that it was worth the life change in my diet.


·        I am healthy with lots of vitality and energy.


·        We learned to prepare the foods with natural flavors and they have become very enjoyable.


·        We do not miss all the prepared foods with high sodium, the wrong fats, and all the preservatives, chemicals, etc.


·        If we eat a high quanity of prepared process foods we feel legarthic and a sense of unrest in our bodies.


I did not like most of the foods that I now needed to incorporate into my diet. 


Juicing was acceptable, but so much to drink. 



We began to eat all organic foods focusing on the fruits and vegetables.  A good rule is to adhere as close to nature as possible in all your choices.  We had to stay away from the harmful fats and chemical preservatives in food.


Treating cancer alternatively included foods that may help even the seriously ill cancer individual to regain their health.


Unfortunately, however many individuals including me have a weak command of the culinary arts. 


I have my B.S. and Masters in Nutrition and Diet, yet I did not learn the preparation of everyday meals that are healthy and taste great.


Knowledge of spices is retained principally by trained culinary cooks and the companies creating the processed foods.


At best, we are familiar with salt, pepper, chives and parsley.  Cooking with these herbs and spices, we enhance the flavor of the food by adding “ready-make products” such as soups, sauces, seasoning packets, bouillon cubes or meat products.


The challenge with preparing foods with their natural flavors is that it takes time and creativity.  In our busy world of jobs, children, and other activities we have chosen to turn to quick easy to fix meals.


Now it is time to turn back to the kitchen and the preparation of healthier food choices.  As each we learn how to prepare the food with that personal touch, there will be a renewed pleasure in eating the natural foods. 


The following recipes are designed to help not only the sick, but also those wishing to assist the unwell in their recovery.  As all families turn more to cooking with the natural organic foods, we will see health return to our people.


For the individuals with cancer, the first few months of the diet seems very rigid.  As health returns, there are more freedoms in food choices.


Now 80% of my diet are the fruits and vegetables in juicing and food preparation of the necessary food items.  20% are foods that I chose


The Gerson Therapy offers a diet containing a large variety of vegetarian foods ingested in huge quantities.  Eating them in the recommended amounts will enable a person reverse their cancer.


Return to optimum health may be attained from these recipes, but when ingestion is done under certain conditions.


First, use only certified organically grown fresh fruits, dried fruits, vegetables, grains, and sweeteners.  We repeat:  Use strictly fresh fruits and vegetables and no canned fruits or vegetables.


Second, the produce should not be peeled or scraped unless indicated.


To clean the foods, use only lukewarm water and a brush.


Third, sweeten only with Gerson-approved light honey, maple syrup, or sugar. 


Dried organic cane sugar which has a molasses flavor may be added in recipes calling for brown sugar.  Some cooks may prefer other sweetening options.




Especially important to treating cancer alternatively are fresh fruits and vegetable juices.


Dr. Gerson discovered that fresh vegetable juices provide the proteins, carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and other food factors that are vital to your health and very effective in treating cancer alternatively.


When fresh fruit and vegetable juices become a substantial part of your daily diet you will experience the advantages of

  • increased energy,

  • strengthened immunity,

  • reduced risk of disease,

  • strong bones, and the

  • glowing complexion


This evidence of great health can all be yours.  


Flaxseed Oil


Flaxseed oil is one of the vital ingredients of killing Cancer Cells and healing other debilitating diseases.


Flaxseed oil has always been capable of performing miracles.  Fats regulate the entire metabolic system and the production of energy and of new cells, more than any other nutrient.


Oils that have been artificially altered, devitalized and stabilized against oxidation destroy the nutrients.  These oils in the body are the leading cause of most diseases we see today.


It is essential to use only unrefined, cold-pressed oils with high linoleic acid content, such as linseed or flaxseed. 


Such oil should be consumed together with foods containing the right proteins otherwise the oils will have the OPPOSITE EFFECT, causing more harm than good.


The Budwig Flax Oil combination of flaxseed oil and low fat, no salt cottage cheese, quark, or yogurt in the right combination in a powerful food combination for treating cancer alternatively.


We are always looking for new recipes using organic fruits and vegetables.  The recipes must use no or very little raw sugar.  Also consider the amount and types of spices used. 


Many individuals struggling to regain their health cannot tolerate various spices that inhibit healing.


To view and print specific recipes click below. 


We are creating a pdf (ebook) of recipes which will be coming out soon. 


If you have recipes to share, please use the Contact Us form at the moment, to forward your recipes to us until we have the blog set up.


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