Health Problems

Successfully Treated by the Gerson Therapy

Cancer, health problems, or health challenges are being faced by nearly everyone.  Unquestionably, the Gerson Therapy works toward correcting cancer and almost any degenerating illness.


Thus, Dr. Gerson recognized that he was no longer treating cancer as a disease.


  • He was helping the body to heal itself of cancer and nearly all dysfunctions.


  • He was no longer treating symptoms but the individual’s underlying problem.


  • He was taking a completely different direction from the usual approach of orthodox medicine which is the suppression of symptoms.


The reason for the successes in cancer and so many degenerative diseases is the diet and care of the body by detoxing. 


Cancer as well as many if not all degenerative diseases are the results of missing vitamins, supplements, minerals and the combination or synergistic effects of certain combinations.  It is important to eat a balanced diet and detoxify every day. 


See below for the health problems successfully treated by the Gerson Therapy. 


1.      Acne

2.      Addictions

3.      AIDS

4.      Allergies

5.      Anemias

6.      Ankylosing Spondylitis

7.      Arthritis

8.      Asthma

9.      Cancers and leukemias

10.     Candidacies

11.     Chemical sensitivities

12.     Chronic fatigue syndrome

13.     Constipation

14.     Crohn’s disease

15.     Cushing’s syndrome

16.     Depression/panic attacks

17.     Diabetes

18.     Emphysema

19.     Endometriosis

20.     Epilepsy

21.     Fibroids

22.     Fibromyalgia

23.     Genital herpes

24.     Gout

25.     Heart and artery diseases

26.     Hemorrhoids

27.     Hepatitis

28.     High Blood pressure

29.     Hyperactivity

30.     Hypoglycemia/hyperglycemia

31.     Immune deficiency

32.     Infertility

33.     Intestinal parasites

34.     Kidneys disease

35.     Liver cirrhosis

36.     Lyme disease

37.     Lupus erythematosus

38.     Macular degeneration

39.     Migraine

40.     Mononucleosis

41.     Multiple sclerosis

42.     Obesity

43.     Ocular histoplasmosis

44.     Osteomyelitis

45.     Osteoporosis

46.     Phlebitis

47.     Premenstrual syndrome

48.     Psoriasis

49.     Shingles

50.     Stoke

51.     Tuberculosis

52.     Ulcerative colitis

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