Cancer Treatment Options Overview

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The urgency a given treatment option and recommendation is often confusing, but more important aspect of treating cancer alternatively is the mental and emotional stress level of the individual.


There are many cancer treatment options, like those of Dr. Budwig, Dr. Gerson, Dr. Stand, and programs like the Gerson therapy for juicing and many other techniques that assist in treating cancer alternatively.


In treating cancer alternatively, it is our goal to present a “buffet table” of treatment options, and allow you and your body to heal and be restored to health.


The treatment option selected often treats different aspects on the body – mentally, emotionally, and physically.  As a result a different treatment option can affect and bring healing to the different parts of the body. 


Stress  is one of the primary issues of cancer and with the knowledge of cancer and the medical options – stress is increased.  With the increase of stress, there are more challenges for our body to overcome.


The treatment recommended by the oncologist or other practitioner treating cancer is often regarded as the primary means of destroying or removing the disease.


Many individuals are led to believe that immediate action is required to "fight cancer"—this despite the fact that it is widely accepted that many cancers are not even detected for years after the first cell became wayward.


The urgency of the recommendations and treatment option are often confusing, but more important than the mental and emotional state of the individual is the fact that control over the future seems to be slipping away from the individual to the medical profession.


That is what happened to me.  I was feeling fatigued, not quite right, it was harder to focus and be alert.  I decided to make arrangements for my annual check-up. 


A routine mammogram was ordered.  On Friday afternoon, following the mammogram the medical field requested to do a routine biopsy.  I considered it was my age and did not allow any red flags to go up in my mind.


Saturday morning, about 10:00 a.m. the phone rings.  It is a Dr. He is explaining to me that I had aggressive cancer in my breast.  Both carcinoma and the invasive ductal carcinoma and very aggressive. He requested that I prepare for surgery by Monday morning.  That was only 2 days away. 


I felt that I was on a roller coaster, out of control and was about to crash.  This is my life that is passing before my eyes.


What has and is being ignored in the treatment of cancer are the life style factors that are possibly contributing to the development of cancer.  


Addressing these issues will tend to restore some sense of control in a situation that otherwise feels like your life is spiraling out of control.


For instance, countless studies suggest that there might be a correlation between certain dietary factors, stress and cancer.


Are we aware that stress management is crucial to a successful outcome in all health situations?


The stress levels checklist is not a complete list for people facing cancer. It is a starter and it may prompt some individuals to take more initiative in finding additional information that may promote a more successful outcome.


In the very early stages of treatment, there are measures people can take to improve their responses to treatment.  The treatment option selected will begin to affect your health and well-being.  Other treatment options may be added and will act as a catalyst in your healing.


I chose the Gerson therapy treatment option as the basis of my program. 


However, I added the infrared, chi vibrator, additional supplements, and other treatment options to augment the Gerson therapy treatment option.


Though I try to stay current with a lot of factors affecting health, I am just one person so consider the checklist a diving board: once you jump off, you have to swim, and this is basically something only you can do. I can nudge, but that is about it. You may have more than one diving instructor and more than one person to teach you how to swim.


It has always felt a bit unfair that assessments of the merits of particular medical protocols are so narrow in scope that that the differences in diet, supplements, life style, stress, creativity and inspiration are never factored into the conclusions.


Consequently, except for a rare study here or there, most people are led to believe that the main medical modality accounts for most of the success or failure of a protocol.


While I believe that the choice of modalities or treatment options are important, I also believe that if it is true that individuals who are happy have a longer life expectancy than those who are not, then we have to ask what makes which people happy.


I do not think that any individual who fails to make meaningful life style changes can be truly serious about getting well.


Moreover, that individual may have impossible expectations about what the doctor can accomplish without the individual being more proactive.


All the measures people can undertake on their own restores power to the individual.


Keep in mind that as experienced as your doctor is, he or she is a specialist in a field that did not include diet and nutrition, herbal medicine, or prayer and meditation in the curriculum used to train doctors.


Though this is unfortunate, the good news is that this leaves many treatment options for you to explore on your own!  I did explore, and quickly too, as my life span seemed considerably short. 


It is an exciting journey of healing spiritually, emotionally, mentally, socially, and physically. 


It is my passion to giving you a “jumping off board” to start your journey. 


You have a “wake-up” call – your body is screaming at you to start taking care of it.  The decision is yours.


Your body will take care of you if you will take care of your body.


It is not a time to start blaming or passing responsibility to the environment, the medical field, or any other person(s) or institutions.


This is a time of opening our eyes and beginning to see what is happening all around us.


In treating cancer alternatively, we will review globally the reasons and causes of pollution, chemicals, preservatives, dyes, additives, and other foreign things absorbed and ingested by each one of us. 


We will look at the resources that are available to us to minimize the chemicals and toxins that are going into our body.  


We will consider the treatment option to assist our body in releasing the unwanted “stuff” from our bodies.  These will be things that you may do yourself.

We were short on the “cash” side of life.  We also wanted to be in control of our lives. 


In many ways it is difficult for me to see the difference between the medical protocols and the alternative protocols when either way I am trusting other individual(s) and subjecting my life, body, and money to others.


Treating cancer alternatively is a website about learning to “invest in yourself”.   Freedom in doing and being and building a lifestyle that brings optimal health to our bodies.


I knew spiritually, that if I take care of my body, my body will take care of me.


I was far off the path as I reviewed my life.  I give thanks for every individual who guided me along the path of optimal health within my home. 


I was willing to invest in that change, for it required different equipment, appliances, foods, and ways of doing things.  I was in control of any given treatment option within my own home, with my time and energy.  Wow! 


That is what we all want and desire.  I passionately desire the same for you and your family.


So, regardless of whether you choose to go the surgery and chemotherapy route or some completely holistic route, the lifestyle changes that are promoted in this web-site will give you an opportunity to walk the journey of life, health, and energy.


Nearly every informed person would agree that stress reduction will promote wellness.  There are many ways to resolve stress reduction.  Counseling, mediation, yoga, and others are available to you. 


With a Master’s in counseling I was still struggling.  I found that I seemed to harbor bitterness, unforgiviness, and anger, among other emotions. 


All the counseling, meditating, visualization, resolving activities, communication and other methods softened the emotions.  Yet at given moments, those emotions came raging back.  I needed more.  Maybe you do also. 


Regardless of the choices or treatment option you select to be in control of the optimal health of your body, you will most likely have to take personal responsibility for this part of your healing.


If you explain it to your doctor, he might shrug his shoulders or support you by telling you that what you are doing might be helpful.


Since we agreed that no one person can possibly know all we need to know about the individual variations in pathology and cancer, responses to treatment and diet, and destiny, we had to agree to “exploration”.  


I personally believe that exploration of things that I can choose to do for myself will bring healing to my body.  Positive expectations and beliefs are healing. 


Falling into a spiral of being out of control, sick, miserable and thinking about your plight brings negative expectations of pain and agony.  I had to begin to take control of my thinking and thought processes.  


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