Cancer has been traced to the excessive use of sugar

What’s harmful about sugar? What a question to ask! I thought EVERYBODY knew that sugar is a major contributor to cancer.


Cancer seems to be an ever-looming fear on the horizon for many people. I'm sure we all know some one who has suffered from this terrible disease. And many of us may worry that this life threatening illness just might take over our own bodies.


However, if you take a pro-active approach to your health and life, you can significantly reduce your chances of experiencing cancer which is often a life-style induced disease.  Treating cancer alternatively discusses many ways to be pro-active.


Nutritionists and scientists, treat all sugar the same.  Sugar is sugar.  We need to re-evaluate that belief.  Natural sugar in organic food has an enzymatic effect in nutritional well-being.  Chemically processed sugars cause nutritional deficiencies.


The natural sugar found in fresh organic foods is different than the chemically processed sugar used in food production.


The natural organic sugar found in fresh fruits, vegetables, as well as the sugar from raw sugar cane and sap from different trees can easily be digested by our immune system and is necessary. 


This raw, unprocessed sugar is created in direct relationship to all the other vitamins, minerals, and supplements of that particular organic food product.  The body uses this sugar entirely different than the chemically processed refined sugar used in packaged foods. 


When sugar is extracted from a food and tested separately it does not have the same enzymatic reactions as when it is consumed as a whole raw organic product.


Our bodies need a wide variety of raw, unprocessed sugar from organic fruits and vegetables and sugar sources such as organic raw honey, sugar cane and other forms of sugar. 


There is a major difference between organic raw sugar and chemically processed sugar used in manufacturing of packaged foods.  Processed sugar causes nutritional deficiencies in our immune system.


Treating cancer alternatively gives our bodies the natural organic raw foods that build our immune systems thereby destroying cancer cells and healing our bodies of many debilitating diseases.


Chemically processed sugar


Chemically processed sugar causes irritation and weakening of the immune system, mucous membranes of the body and robs teeth, bones and blood of a great percentage of their minerals.


Inflammatory diseases of the breathing and digestive organs result from the use of white and brown chemically processed sugar. Diseases of the throat, nose, chest, and of the skin are frequently due to the use of white and brown sugar.


When the human body is overloaded with such sugar and sugar mixtures, both in solid and in liquid form, nutritional deficiencies causes the vitality of the body cells to be afflicted and the may cause swellings and mucous discharges. 


Inflammatory diseases are intensified in direct proportion to the amount of sugar used.


Cancer and diabetes have been traced to the excessive use of sugar, as so has poliomyelitis, and inflammation of the grey matter of the spinal cord, which causes painful crippling of the body.


One of the biggest contributors to the cancer epidemic is the mass amounts of sugar being consumed regularly by the average individual.


For most people, this is in the form of white, refined sugar. The sugar industry might try to tell you that sugar is simply a harmless source of carbohydrates.  This is not true!


What they don't tell you is that refined sugar:


  • disrupts your blood sugar,

  • signals your body to store (and hold on to) fat,

  • depletes your body of important minerals,

  • induces dramatic mood swings,

  • makes you tired and irritable, and

  • is very "addicting."


When you eat a large quantity of sugar, your pancreas is forced to pump out a large amount of insulin to utilize the sugar as fuel.


However, while consuming a small amount of carbohydrates is normal, and healthy, the large amount that many of us consume generates a huge insulin response that ends up signaling the body to store all incoming carbohydrates as fat. Now, while this does not directly cause cancer, the state of being overweight with high blood sugar can definitely set the stage for this deadly illness.


Sugar turns your body into a nice, suitable breeding ground for cancer by devastating your immune system.


Your body uses vitamin C to fight off illness and to keep you healthy. However, when you consume vast amounts of sugar, the sugar molecules (which are similar to vitamin C in structure) "battle" for entry into your cells. So, essentially, if you are allowing huge amounts of sugar into your body, more glucose is going into your cells than necessary and less crucial vitamin C. As a result, your immune system will suffer.


To be metabolized by the body, sugar will also draw upon your body's vitamin and mineral stores to complete the job. This is because refined sugar has been nutritionally depleted in the refining process.


Therefore, it is really easy to see why excess sugar consumption can lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies. In addition, when your body is low in essential vitamins and minerals, the proper metabolization of fatty acids and cholesterol is also impaired leading to a build up of plague in the arteries, poor circulation, and an overall degradation in one's state of health.


So, essentially, it is really relatively simple to understand how a diet high in sugar can contribute to cancer.


Excess sugar leads to excess, unnecessary fat gain, significantly impairs your immune system, and depletes your body of the necessary vitamins and minerals it requires to function optimally.


And of course, cancer isn't the only illness spurred by large sugar intake. Obesity, heart disease, and less serious ailments like arthritis, fibromyalgia, acne, migraines, the common cold, and more are caused by the large amount of sugar intake.


So, keep your body healthy and happy by starting to reduce the sugar in your diet today.


Prevention is a wonderful, empowering way to give you peace of mind in a seemingly volatile and uncontrollable world.


History of Sugar


Excessive use of refined sugar in the United States has become a serious nutritional problem, especially in the last half century.


One hundred years ago less than one-tenth as much sugar per capita was consumed as food in this country, as compared with today.


During that same century, while the death rate from acute disease dropped considerably, statistics showed alarming increases in many of the degenerative diseases.


These diseases are thought by many scientific investigators to be at least in part the result of excessive use of refined sugar.


While Americans have shown a significant increase in these chronic diseases, other people of the world who have been eating no refined sugar, or white flour, have not.


Unrefined sugar, especially as it occurs in nature, eaten in SMALL amounts, seems less objectionable because it is associated with the necessary minerals and some vitamins.


Refined sugar, however, has a wide field of usefulness in industry.  It is one of the cheapest organic chemicals on the market. New industrial uses are being found constantly.


Through research work undertaken at many large universities in the United States and financed from funds contributed by the Sugar Research Foundation, Inc., such industrial uses are multiplied.


Part of its effort, however, is being expended upon trying to further the use of sugar as a food. The foundation claims that because on of the end product of sucrose is glucose, which is life’s necessity to the body, sucrose must be a good food. NOT SO.


                                My husband became septic with bacteria throughout his body.  He was in intensive care for 22 days. 


They gave him glucose and every few hours had to treat him with insulin to keep his body in balance. 


During recovery the medical team was convinced that he was diabetic.  He was treated with insulin throughout the day and night. 


                                It is amazing how much soda, ice cream, sweets that are served in the hospital.


His diet changed, to drinking fresh juice and eating fresh organic fruits and vegetables.  He stopped the intake of processed sugars, his body rebalanced and he no longer needed insulin.


Another problem is corn syrup which is considered a vegetable by the food industry, but a sugar by the body.


The definition of a food is, “That which sustains life and promotes growth.”


Sugar refined to the state of being a pure chemical or drug, has been fed to rats and found to shorten life and stop growth. Therefore sugar can’t be called a food.


Like alcohol, sugar furnishes calories to the body along with detrimental substance that use nutrients needed for body sustenance.


A drug is defined as “any substance used as a chemical ingredient in the arts.”  Pharmacists agree that sugar meets the requirements of this definition.


Scientific evidence supports the following concepts:


  • Sugar is not a food, but a drug.

  • How sugar as a refined chemical is now damaging the human body.


Throughout the world, wherever unrefined or natural sugars are found, an all-wise Creator has always accompanied them with vitamins and minerals which are of importance to the body in the digestion and metabolism of those sugars.  For thousands of years mankind lived without sugar and was in good health.


Modern man came along after thousands of years and managed to refine sugar and corn syrup to an almost pure state. The resulting chemical product, sucrose, now easily available in large quantities at low cost, is playing an important part in our present-day problems of civilization, especially in the cause of cancer and other degenerative diseases.


Like alcohol, tobacco, tea, coffee, and chocolate, sugar is habit-forming.


Sugar eaters crave candy and sweet drinks. Cola drinks are doubly habit-forming because they also contain caffeine, in addition to a large amount of sugar.


Sugar eating creates deficiencies of nutrients even in people taking “vitamin pills,” because most vitamin tablets or capsules now on the market contain several isolated synthetic vitamins. These chronic deficiencies show their effects in a long list of degenerative conditions and illnesses, many of which have been thought to be practically incurable.


Sugar drinks are replacing milk and water in many of our American diets.


This not only means less calcium for bone growth, but also means reduction of the calcium needed for heart action and the coagulation of the blood. Sugar itself further discourages calcium metabolism. Nervousness results and predisposes poor work habits, actual nervous breakdown, and even mental disease.


Effects Of Sugar In Middle And Old Age.


Sugar eating is a number one predisposing cause of cancer and other debilitating diseases such as arthritis, neuritis, and rheumatism (now know as Fibromyalgia), as well as many of the other chronic diseases, like insanity, and heart disease.


From childhood to old age the chronic complaint of gas in the stomach and bowel has been widespread. One of the causes of this condition is sugar. 


Sugar irritates the linings of the stomach and intestine, probably by virtue of it tendency to promote fungal growth and its hypertonic effect on the tender mucous membrane. This results in the failure of the normal digestive process and delayed emptying time of the stomach.


In the meantime, the sugar ferments (yeast fungus) and forms gas which creates pain, and other symptoms of indigestion.  This may result in a person’s being under or overweight.


Lowing of the hydrochloric acid content in the stomach is another result of refined sugar eating. Low acidity of the stomach is found to be fairly common, especially in people who have reached middle age.


Sugar and fats in the diet are now not only higher than ever before in the history of the race of man, but fats, sugar, and white flour – a bad combination—are now also used widely in pastries, cookies, main dishes and many other modern recipes.


The amount of sugar intake is thought to be a chief cause of low stomach acidity frequently confused with “sour” stomach and is often even by doctors themselves mistaken for too high acidity.


The result is that the individual is given alkaline or aluminum medications to neutralize acidity while the real trouble is insufficient acid in the stomach plus depleted bicarbonate reserves in the small intestine.


Low stomach acidity with low bicarbonate reserves, resulting at least in part from the use of refined sugar, leads to a long list of other degenerative diseases that are seen especially among the middle-aged and elderly people in America, where the people have been call the “sugar gluttons of the world”.


Processed sugar intake causes nutritional deficiencies in the body.


Because of low bicarbonate reserves and low stomach acidity caused by the processed sugar, iron is not easily absorbed from one’s food.  Thus it is difficult for the body to make up for its iron losses.  This is manifest in various forms of anemia.


Calcium also is not absorbed with individuals of low acidity of the stomach.  Low calcium causes another long list of chronic illnesses, among which are rickets, heart disease, muscular twitching, nervousness, tiredness, and numerous nervous and bone diseases including fractures.  Milk cannot be digested in a digest tract hampered by excess sugars.  So calcium cannot be utilized.


Another condition of processed sugar, due to this lowered acidity of the stomach and decreased bicarbonate reserve, is poor digestion of proteins.  The incompletely digested proteins absorbed into the blood are thought to be an important cause of certain types of allergy. 


Processed sugar encourages low stomach acidity which also causes unabsorbed calcium to combine with the fatty acids.  This in turn forms calcium soaps which are wastefully excreted in the stool.  This fatty stool carries out with it much of the body’s valuable fat soluble vitamins such as vitamin A, D, E, and K. 


Excess intake of chemically processed sugar causes nutritional deficiencies in our body. Nutritional deficiencies weaken the immune system.  The immune system is what destroys the cancer cells.


Obesity is another unpleasant condition justly earned by “sugar gluttons”.  Sugar and other refined carbohydrates lead to water-logging of the body tissues. 


People who are fat should actually be declared malnourished.  This could be seen if their excess toxin and water were removed from the body tissues.  


Thiamine (Vitamin B1) deficiencies are found in may sugar eaters.  This causes abnormally slow oxidation in body cells, leaving incompletely oxidized toxic products in the blood.


The growth of cancer is accelerated by sugar eating.  Cancer in America is also on the increase right now when sugar consumption is greatly increasing.  This further suggests to some of us a relationship of the two.


Colds, tonsillitis, sinus infections, and other catarrhal diseases are worse in eaters of sugar.  When an individual goes on a normal nutritious dietary regime, these infections are much more easily cured. 


Tuberculosis and other infections and bacteria strikes harder at the “sugar glutton” when (s)he is exposed to germs.  His/her resistance is lowered, and the bacillus grows more rapidly in his/her body.  It has long been known that a good nutritious diet goes far in helping the individual recover from this disease.


People can become allergic to sugar.  But usually it is the internal yeast growth and its’ toxic products, from eating excess sugars, that cause the allergy.  Through sugar eating the body biochemistry changes so that the adrenal glands are unable to cope satisfactorily with the toxic state.  Many allergic persons are greatly benefited when they make no other change except to eliminate sugar from their diets.


Among the conditions included under this heading of sugar allergy are:


·        asthmas,

·        hay fever,

·        eczema,

·        hives,

·        migraine or nervous headache, and

·        various food allergies, which contribute to


o       stomach and bowel disorders,

o       fatigue,

o       mental and

o       behavioral problems.


Sugar is a dangerous addictive food that we are serving up to our children and loved ones from birth to death. 


Sugar is used in a variety of forms in hospitals, dental offices, family celebrations, for rewards, gifts and in and all occasions. 


We are giving gifts of poison to our loved ones!


Heat disease, today’s number one killer, is another condition made worse by nutrient deficiencies.  Especially bad for the heart is deficiency of Vitamin B1 or thiamine which a person developed from excessive eating of sugar as explained earlier.


Hardening of the arteries and high blood pressure relate to the use of excess sugar in the diet.  It also leads to calcium deposits in the vessels.  When sugar is eaten, the blood serum phosphorous drops and continues to drop for several hours.  During this time calcium, apparently being absorbed by the bones, rises in the blood serum to a high level. 


Thus at a time about six hours after a few ounces of candy or ice cream have been eaten, the serum phosphorous is very low, and the serum calcium is undesirably high.  Recovery from this condition takes from hours to days.


This excess calcium in the blood serum of individuals, who frequently eat refined sugar, may be an important factor in the cause of:


  • the calcification of arteries, as well as other diseases associated with abnormal calcium deposits such as:


    • cataracts,

    • arthritis,

    • kidney stones,

    • dental calculus, and even

    • formations in the lungs and heart.



Because of sugar’s ability to lower physical efficiency, sugar and corn syrup should be avoided by athletes and all those engaged in important physical activities. 


Thus instead of furnishing candy to the servicemen and war workers, they should have been given good nourishing food and should have been discouraged from eating refined sugar foods.  What about the Olympics?


Some families are much greater consumers of sugar than others. 


While no direct comparison of such families can easily be made, a recently published report shows that something that influences people by families is operating to cause similar diseases to occur in husband and wife after they have lived together many years. 


To summarize:


1.      Refined sugar and corn syrup is not really needed by the body.


2.      Wholesome foods supply ample glucose to satisfy the body needs for the energy in our daily lives.  These foods include fresh organic fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat, fish, eggs, and whole grains, unprocessed.


3.      Refined sugar is a drug or chemical which appears to be responsible for many diseases of infancy, childhood, middle and old age.


4.      Refined sugar, like alcohol, is habit-forming, and is also in many other ways like alcohol.


5.      Even honey, molasses, raw sugar, and dried fruits should be eaten in small quantities and with “prudence.”


6.      Vitamin and mineral deficiencies result indirectly from the use of refined sugar.  These are not satisfactorily replaced by taking vitamin pills.


7.      Refined sugar eating often results in the decay of the teeth, diabetes, indigestion, gas, skin diseases, anemia, obesity, infections, colds, and sinusitis; and the use of refined sugar is aid to predispose to arthritis, tuberculosis, cancer, high blood pressure, allergy, lowered physical efficiency, chronic tiredness, and a long list of other ailments that lead to sickness, misery, and premature death.


8.      Refined sugar is difficult to avoid because it is found in a high percentage of todays packaged, canned, and other modern processed foods.




If one can avoid eating sugar, one can expect more vibrant health, and a longer life with greater freedom from some of the acute and chronic diseases and complaints which many modern doctors are unable to diagnose or to treat successfully.

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