Product Choices

for our friends

May we at this time direct you to view any of the product choices below; the home environment and cancer fighting products we used in our battle with disease.


This is the company from which we bought these products.  You may call Henry Fedie, Cherry Valley, Illinois at (815) 332-5264 and tell them you would like to sign up as a customer under them.  Refer them my name Barry Mickelson, and they will make sure you are set up properly to order any of these fine products.

Water – for Hydration

The finest triple-carbon block filter system and ultraviolet light to eliminate the viruses too

Water Purification Systems

The best, most perfect water you can buy

Perfect Water

Air - for Oxigenation

Atmosphere Air Purifier filter technology ensures a more comfortable and better quality living environment for you and your family.


Nutrition - to Supplement our Foods

The best Nutritional Supplements available:


XX – Double X, the worlds leading Multi-Vitamin, and Multi-Mineral Supplement.

Double X

Antioxidant - This potent combination of antioxidants and nutrients helps protect healthy cells from free radical damage, especially cells in the heart and immune system.


CoQ10 - Our bodies use an enzyme – CoQ10 – to make energy for our heart cells to do their work. As we age, enzyme levels drop. Supplements can help.


Excess Energy - for a Pick-Me-Up

Energy Products to boost your energy without the sugars and caffeins


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