How Nutrition Heals Cancer

Gerson Therapy

Dr. Gerson’s program of nutrition heals is an alternative approach to treating cancer where all the body systems are restored to full function, killing the cancer cells and bringing restoration to the liver and body.


The following nutritional diet for treating cancer has been developed by Max Gerson, M.D.  This nutritional diet has become an alternative option for fighting cancer. 


Proper nutrition is a primary reason for the Gerson Therapy’s effectiveness against cancer and other chronic illnesses.  Along with nutrition, one must also do coffee enemas to rid the body of toxins.  See coffee enemas.


The Gerson therapeutic program of treating cancer is often considered a natural, holistic, or alternative option. 



The therapeutic goal of metabolic therapies such as Dr. Gerson’s alternative approach to treating cancer is to rebuild and revitalize all of the body’s life-sustaining functions, thereby helping to stop and reverse cancer or to prevent a recurrence.


The Gerson nutrition program has been proven for reversing acute and chronic degenerative diseases such as

·         cancer,

·         diabetes,

·         stroke,

·         arthritis, and

·         other life-threatening illnesses. 


It is quite well known and highly respected in the industrialized countries of Europe and Asia. 


Three-quarters of the nutritional foods which should be consumed to bring restoration to the body include the following:


·         All kinds of fruits, mostly fresh and some prepared in different ways

o        Freshly prepared fruit juices

o        Fruit salads

o        Cold fruit soups

o        Mashed bananas

o        Raw grated apples, applesauce


·         All vegetables freshly prepared,

o        Some stewed in their own juices

o        Others either raw or finely grated, such as carrots, cauliflower or celery

o        Vegetable salads

o        Soups


Some dried fruits and vegetables are permitted but no frozen ones.


Potatoes are best when baked; the contents may be mashed with nonfat yogurt or salt-free soup.  They should never be fried and preferably boiled in their jackets.


Salads of green leaf or mixed with tomatoes, fruits, vegetables, etc.


Bread should contain whole rye or some (up to 20%) whole wheat flour, or these may be mixed; it should be refined as little as possible.


Oatmeal should be used freely.  Buckwheat cakes and potato pancakes are optional, as are brown sugar, honey, maple sugar and maple candy.


No baking powder or baking soda may be used, even in cooking.


Milk and milk products, such as pot cheese and other kinds of cheese which are not salted or spiced, buttermilk, nonfat yogurt and butter may be used but very limited when you reach the maintenance level of treating cancer. 


Cream and ice cream should be reduced to a minimum or restricted to holidays.  Ice cream is “poison” for children.


The remaining one-fourth of the dietary regimen during maintenance of treating cancer, which allows for personal choice, may consist of

·         Meat,

·         Fish

·         Eggs

·         Nuts

·         Candies

·         Cakes

·         Or whatever one likes best.


Nicotine should be avoided.  Liquors, wine and beer should be reduced to a minimum in favor of fresh fruit juices.  Coffee and tea should be cut to a minimum with the exception of the following herb teas:  peppermint, chamomile, linden flower, orange flower, and a few others.


Salt, bicarbonate of soda, smoked fish and sausage should be avoided as much as possible, as should sharp condiments such as pepper and ginger. 


Fresh garden herbs should be used -- onions, parsley leaves, chives, celery and even some horseradish.


As for vegetables and fruits, they should, I repeat, be stewed in their own juices to avoid the loss of minerals easily dissolved in water during cooking.  It seems that these valuable minerals are not so well absorbed when they are out of their colloidal state.


All vegetables except mushrooms and cucumbers may be used.


Especially recommended for their mineral content are carrots, peas, tomatoes, swiss chard, spinach, string beans, brussel spouts, artichokes, beets cooked with apples, cauliflower with tomatoes, red cabbage with apples, raisins, etc.


The best way to prepare vegetables is to cook them slowly for one and one-half to two hours, without water using stainless steel waterless cookware.  You may also use some stock of “Hippocrates” soup (see recipes) or else onions or sliced tomatoes may be added to the vegetables.  This also will improve the taste.


Spinach water is too bitter for use.  It generally is not liked and should be drained off.  Onions, leeks and tomatoes have enough liquid of their own to keep them moist while cooking.  Beets should be cooked like potatoes, in their jackets and with water. 


Wash and scrub vegetables thoroughly, but do not peep or scrape them.


Stainless steel waterless cookware must be tightly covered to prevent steam from escaping.  Covers must be heavy or close fitting.  Do not use pressure cookers. 


Cooked vegetables may be kept in the refrigerator overnight.  Warming the cooked vegetables, you may heat slowly with a little soup or fresh tomato juice.


I chose to alternatively treat cancer through nutrition and coffee enemas.  According to the Gerson protocol I had to change almost everything about my nutrition and how I was preparing food. 


However at the same time I knew that what Dr. Gerson recommended is very much like our parents and grandparents prepared food. 


I also knew that cancer was not as prevalent as it is now.  Could there be a correlation between nutrition and the preparation of food and cancer?


Sodium/Potassium Balance as a Metabolic Healing Procedure


“Enzymes”, by Dixon and Webb gave evidence of the problems caused by sodium penetration.  The book confirmed Dr. Gerson’s initial findings.  These two authors studied how the body builds enzymes, and they reported that, in most cases, potassium behaves like a catalyst (an activating substance) in the formation of enzymes. 


Sodium, on the other hand, usually acts as an inhibitor, or blocking substance.  With the penetration of sodium into the cell, and therefore into tissues, often the enzyme function is inhibited and the normal tissue activity becomes disturbed or at worst, blocked.


While a minimum of sodium is needed by the body for normal function, this inorganic substance is also considered to be an extra-cellular mineral, since it must remain outside of body cells in their fluids.


Potassium is the intracellular miners, since it is needed for metabolism within body cells.  When the extra-cellular/intracellular balance is disturbed, health problems start from the damage to the cells. 


In normal vegetarian nutrition, plant material of all kinds contains quite adequate amounts of sodium to satisfy our needs. 


The problem is that, in the course of canning, bottling, preserving, freezing, and all other forms of food processing, as well as during the usual procedure of cooking, potassium is depleted and salt (sodium chloride) is invariably added to foods. 


The addition of sodium constitutes an excess.  The body is normally able to excrete excess sodium through the kidneys and feces.  


When the body becomes overwhelmed daily, year after year, with huge amounts of excess sodium, there comes a point when the body’s ability to excrete this excess is reduced or lost. 


When there is to much sodium in the body a person’s

·         many enzyme systems,

·         immune system, and

·         eventually the liver, are damaged.


The result is symptoms of illness and the creation of disease dysfunction.


The first thing Dr. Gerson did in treating cancer was to eliminate all added salt (sodium) from his own and his patients’ diet.  He then added salt-free vegetarian diet a freshly pressed glass of organic vegetable juice taken hourly, thirteen times a day.


Restoring the body’s sodium/potassium tissue balance became one of Dr. Gerson’s key metabolic healing procedures.


As I diligently followed this alternative nutritional regime, my body began to be restored and energy and vitality followed shortly thereafter. 


I learned to enjoy the natural flavor of food.  It has become a treat to experiment with the natural flavors without the salt and other seasonings.


Nutritional Supplements to Treat Cancer and other Multiple Health Problems


Dr. Gerson helped his patients’ damaged body functions by adding certain digestive enzymes, plus thyroid and iodine, to activate the immune system.


Furthermore, because many individuals were so seriously depleted, he added potassium to an already high potassium diet.  He also supported the individuals’ livers with liver powder capsules and liver injections and helped produce adequate red blood cells with extra vitamin B12See blood section.


It is important to note that with the full application of the Gerson Therapy, all the body systems are restored to full function. 


Dr. Gerson’s healing program for treating cancer is a total metabolic approach, not a single treatment for a specific symptom of a disease.  His alternative protocol includes nutrition and detoxification of the liver.


Around every cancer tumor or arthritic joint, in most chronic viral conditions such as genital herpes, and in other long-standing pathologies, it has been discovered that there is lost potassium. 


The individuals’ tissues which have lost potassium do gain sodium and swell with too much water. 


Give the sick cell potassium, and it gets well.  Then restrict animal protein, and it becomes even healthier.


By restricting sodium and substituting elevated amounts of potassium by eating fresh fruit and vegetable diet, Dr. Gerson was able to bring about absorption of cellular edema.  The swellings disappeared by eliminating the tissue damage syndrome that surrounds not only tubercular tissue but also tumor tissue. 


As I began to think clearly about the rationale of what Dr. Gerson was saying about nutrition and the detoxification of the liver it made sense.


I could begin to understand how my body would heal itself.  It is an alternative approach to treating cancer that made sense.  The Gerson therapy allowed me to incorporate good nutrition into our daily life style.  My health as well as the health of my family improved. 


I can now attest to the wonderful health changes not only for myself but also for my family.


The Gerson therapy of treating cancer creates a physiological situation in which distressed cells slowly return to normal.  What brings this about is the un-spiced low-sodium, high-potassium diet required by the Gerson therapy.


Gerson nutritional diet works therapeutically – nothing else known in

·         drug-oriented allopathic,

·         traditions Indian Ayurvedic,

·         Central American shaman,

·         traditional Chinese,

·         chiropractic, and

·         naturopathic, homeopathic, or other form of medicine achieves these same beneficial effects in damaged cells.


We repeat, this nutritional diet developed by Max Gerson, M.D., is a primary reason for the Gerson Therapy’s effectiveness against cancer and other chronic illnesses. 


It is an alternative choice that cleanses the liver through nutrition and detoxification.


For more details and information, please acquire Dr. Max Gerson’s books.


·         The Gerson Therapy, Charlotte Gerson and Morton Walker

·         Gerson Therapy:  Fifty Cases, Max Gerson

·         Gerson Handbook



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