Vegetable juicing and detoxification

for treating cancer alternatively

The Gerson vegetable juicing diet has to

enable both necessary detoxification

and maximal nutritional input from live

foods in treating cancer alternatively.


Dr. Gerson’s discovered the importance of

vegetable juicing and detoxification in the

early 1900’s.  Now we find that vegetable

juicing is making a comeback.


However, the wrong diet of juicing can

be a slow recovery, and even make it

impossible to reverse cancer.  The choice

of vegetables for juicing is important in the

effectiveness of detoxification of the body.


The quality of your life begins with the quality of the foods that sustain it. 


The surest path to a healthier, more energetic, and disease-free lifestyle begins with a diet rich in nutrition and natural foods like whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables. 


Especially important to treating cancer alternatively are fresh fruits and vegetables.  Juicing becomes a necessity in getting the quantity of enzymes and other supplements needed to strengthen the immune system.   The amount of juicing determines how fast the body eliminates the toxins through detoxification of the body.


Dr. Gerson discovered that fresh vegetable juices provide the proteins, carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and other food factors that are vital to your health and very effective in treating cancer alternatively.


When fresh fruit and vegetable juicing become a substantial part of your daily diet you will experience the advantages of


  • increased energy,

  • strengthened immunity,

  • reduced risk of disease,

  • strong bones, and the

  • glowing complexion of your skin


This evidence of great health can all be yours.  


It is a well-known fact that the Surgeon General, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the National Cancer Institute, and many other experts are all saying the same thing:  “Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables!”


Vegetable juicing provides nutritional advantages of plant foods in a concentrated form that is easily absorbed by the body.


In treating cancer alternatively, Dr. Gerson has demonstrated that the most fun and efficient way to increase your consumption of these life-giving foods is through juicing.


The Role of the Nutrition in Treating Cancer Alternatively


An extensive body of research has clearly established the link between the SAD (Standard American Diet) of high fat, high sugar, and low fiber and the development of the primary “diseases of civilization” such as cancer and other debilitating diseases.


These diseases include heart disease, several types of cancer, strokes, high blood pressure, diabetes, gallstones, arthritis, and more.


The data confirming the nutritional diet’s role in chronic degenerative diseases are substantial.  There are two basic facts that support this link.


1.    A nutritional diet rich in plant foods (whole grains, legumes, fruits, and vegetables) protects against cancer and other chronic degenerative diseases that are extremely common in so-called Western society.


2.    A nutritional diet providing a low intake of plant foods is a causative factor in the development of these diseases and creates conditions under which other causative factors are more active.


Much of the link between nutritional diet and chronic disease is based on the landmark work of Dr. Gerson, Denis Burkett, M.D., and Hugh Trowell, M.D.


Treating cancer alternatively closely follows the work and success potential of the Dr. Gerson protocol.  Gerson understood the need of juicing and detoxification balance in reversing the damaging effects of mutated cancer cells.


Along with the Gerson Therapy Book, Dietary Fibre, Fibre-depleted Foods and Disease, Dr. Burkett formulated the following sequence of events, based on extensive studies examining the rate of diseases in various populations and his own observations of primitive cultures.


        First Stage: 

·        The primal diet of plant eaters contains large amounts of unprocessed starch staples.


·        There are few examples of chronic disease like osteoarthritis, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.


Second Stage:

·        Commencing Westernization of the diet,


·        Obesity and diabetes commonly appear in privileged groups


Third Stage:

·        With moderate Westernization of the diet,


·        Constipation, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, and appendicitis become common complaints


Fourth Stage:

·        Finally, with full Westernization of the diet,


·        Chronic degenerative diseases like diabetes, arthritis, gout, heart disease, and cancer are extremely common.


Based on the recommendation of many medical organizations and experts is that the human nutritional diet focus primarily on plant-based foods:


·        vegetables,

·        fruits,

·        grains,

·        legumes,

·        nuts, and seeds.


A diet rich in these foods will be high in dietary fiber and complex carbohydrates, low in fat, and low in refined sugars.  This diet rich diet of nutrition needed by the body will help the detoxification of chemicals and other toxins that have built up in the body.


Such a diet has been shown to offer significant protection against the development of chronic degenerative diseases like heart disease, cancer, arthritis, and osteoporosis.


When does vegetable juicing and detoxification figure into these recommendations? 


Quite simply, without juicing it is extremely difficult to get the amount of nutrition we need to reduce our risk of many cancers, but also heart disease and strokes.


According to Dr. Gerson in treating cancer alternatively we need to do vegetable juicing and detoxification protocol in balance.


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