Hydrotherapy – Natural Radiation

may result in killing cancer cells without damaging healthy cells

Hydrotherapy is a natural radiation and plays an important role as a Gerson adjuvant, an alternative cancer treatment along with laetrile, for reversing cancer.


Hydrotherapy treatments increase;

  • heart rate and respiratory rate

  • increase metabolism important for healing, and

  • increased perspiration which assists in detoxification.


Because of deficiencies in one or more organs, cancer seems to attack these same body systems unpredictably.


It is important to also restore the body’s second line of defense against cancer by establishing an adequate level of nitrilosides.  While there are some 1,500 foods that contain nitrilosides, the researchers found that the most rapid way to build up the nitriloside level was by the use of Laetrile.  (See laetrile.)


They do not proclaim Laetrile as a “miracle cure” but merely described it as a concentrated form of nitrilosides, which was able to rapidly raise the nitriloside level and to re-establish the body’s second line of defense against cancer.


Hydrotherapy, in combination with laetrile, is a great assist to detoxification by improving the circulation of the blood and lymphatics.


Research has shown that following intravenous or rectal application of laetrile there may be a temperature increase in the tumor mass of 4-5 degrees F.  When this localized increase is added to total body hyperthermia many benefits have been noted, including tumor shrinkage and stimulation of detoxification.


Hydrotherapy (hot tub bath) is one of the best remedies for pain.  It dulls and calms the pain. 


Individuals with nervous system disease such as MS should not be subjected to high temperature.  Cool compresses are more beneficial for these individuals.


The Theory Behind Hydrotherapy


Hydrotherapy may be defined as the use of water in any of its three forms, solid, liquid, or vapor, internally or externally, in the treatment of cancer, disease or trauma.


Treatments stimulate an increase in leukocytes (white blood cells) and neutrophils, thus mobilizing the body’s defenses against disease.  The resultant increased blood flow brings about greatly improved oxygenation necessary for proper healing.


Oxygenation assists in the fight because cancer does not like an oxygenated environment.


  • Congestion of internal organs, such as the liver, gall bladder, kidneys etc., is relieved.


  • Poor circulation is improved.


  • Heat often assists in pain relief.


  • Increased circulation lowers toxin levels thereby reducing the nerve irritation which causes pain.


Hydrotherapy Treatments aid in repair of diseased tissues. 


Hydrotherapy affects not only the immediate skin areas, but also exerts reflex effects elsewhere in the body through the nervous system.


For instance, heat over the abdominal wall decreases spasms of the intestinal tract; while heat over kidneys and lower abdomen increases urine production.


The treatments are non-toxic and safe. 


Contraindications may be seen in individuals with multiple sclerosis (cold hydrotherapy is more beneficial), diabetes, high blood pressure, heart and vascular diseases.  These individuals will need prior medical review.


For the cancer individual there is an additional important benefit in hydrotherapy treatments.  Many types of cancer cells are much more sensitive to heat than are normal cells.  If temperatures can be raised high enough (104 degrees F or more), and long enough, death of cancer cells may result. 


Research has shown that when an individual has an intravenous or rectal application of laetrile there may be a temperature increase in the tumor mass of 4-5 degrees F.  When this localized increase is added to total body hyperthermia many benefits have been noted, including tumor shrinkage and stimulation of detoxification.


How it works


The recuperative and healing properties of hydrotherapy are based on its mechanical and/or thermal effects.


The nerves carry impulses felt at the skin deeper into the body, where they are instrumental in;

·        Stimulating the immune system,

·        Influencing the production of stress hormones,

·        Invigorating the circulation and digestion,

·        Encouraging blood flow, and

·        Lessening pain sensitivity.


Hydrotherapy has a massage-like feeling as the water gently kneads your body.


Water, in motion, stimulates touch receptors on the skin, boosting blood circulation and releasing tight muscles.


Do not use chlorinated water for these hydrotherapy treatments.  See water.


Preparing for and Undergoing Hydrotherapy


1.    Don’t eat 3-4 hours prior to treatment.  Liquids such as juices tea, etc can be continued.


2.    Coffee enema:  One hour before scheduled treatment a coffee enema is taken.


3.    Shower:  at this time a thorough cleansing shower is to be taken.


4.    Laetrile treatment:  those individuals taking laetrile will have it applied 15 minutes before the scheduled treatment.  (See laetrile.)


5.    Herb tea:  15 minutes before the treatment a cup of hot herb tea is given.


6.    Bathing suit:  Bathing suit may be used as you will need assistance from others during the hydrotherapy treatment. 


Your temperature, heart rate and pulse will need to be monitored. 


It is important that you are not alone during this time. 


You may experience overheating (during this time your muscles may become weak making it difficult to get out of the tub).


Tub:  From the hot shower the individual goes to the hot tub.  The tub is entered slowly, submerging until the shoulders are covered and a comfortable position found.


I am a tall, large woman.  It was difficult to become submerged in the tub water covering my shoulders.  As a result I could not raise my body temperature to the desired 103-104 degrees. 


My husband, being an industrial engineer, came up with a simple solution.  He attained a heavy clear plastic, taped it to the top of the bathtub on three sides.  He cut a slit in one end for my neck and head to stick out. 


On the other end of the tub, he un-taped the edge just enough to slowly pour in boiling water in order to raise the temperature of the water. 


This allowed my body temperature to be raised to the desired temperature or at least to the temperature I could tolerate. 


This was a very difficult therapy for me. However, I persevered. I knew the health benefits and that it was the natural radiation I needed to kill the cancer cells. 


When I felt that it was intolerable I thought of the medical radiation that is also very intolerable and often leaves one weak for days and weeks to say nothing of all the side affects.  For me the water hydrotherapy was uncomfortable for only the time I was in the hot tub.


7.    Tea:  A second up of herbal tea is taken upon entering the tub.


8.    Cover head with towel:  The head will be covered by a towel to limit heat loss.


9.    Monitor temperature and pulse:  Temperature and pulse will be monitored frequently as the body temperature increases.  This is done by your partner who continually monitors your progress and any reactions.


10.   Relax:  The individual is encouraged to relax, and maybe listen to calming music, or recordings of spiritual words on healing.  As the temperature increases breathing exercises are used, e.g.:  breathe in through the nose, pulling the air in with the “stomach muscles,” then out through the mouth.  Swab the face, and fan with a wash cloth.


11.   Time:  20 – 30 minutes.  It takes about 20 – 30 minutes for the average individual to reach 103 – 104 degrees F.  On the first treatment a lower temperature is attempted to begin acclimatization.  (102-103 degrees F.)  The final temperature is determined by what the individual feels he/she can tolerate.


I discovered that my tolerance was very low.  I needed a very kind, gentle, and encouraging yet insistent partner, that did not let me quit.  It paid off in big dividends.  How important is health?


12.   Heat the bed:  Preheat the individual’s bed using an electric blanket over the other blankets.  Help the individual into the warmed bed and disconnect the electric blanket.


I lost too much body temperature heat moving from the bathroom to the bedroom.  I also found it difficult to stay in the tub for the full 30 minutes. 


Therefore we prepared a makeshift bed on the floor of the bathroom.  We used a sponge mat and covered it with plastic, and sheets, and seven to eight blankets, covered with a heating blanket to warm the whole pile first.


I would move as quickly as I could from the hot water tub to the makeshift bed.  My partner would quickly cover me with the blankets to hold as much heat in my body as possible.  He turned off the heating blanket too, keeping the heat, but eliminating the electricity effects.


The longer I could hold the high body temperature, the more cancer cells would be killed.  Cancer cells cannot tolerate heat.  That is why radiation is effective.


After another 20 – 30 minutes, I would move to a warmed bed.


13.   Stay in warm bed:  the body temperature is maintained in the bed for another 15-20 minutes at which time the blankets are slowly removed one by one.  This cooling-off process continues, cooler fluids (never cooler than room temperature) can be given until, at the time of completion, several glasses of orange juice are recommended.


14.   Shower:  When the individual returns to his/her room, a lukewarm shower should be used to further assist in washing off the skin.  A restful afternoon is indicated.  Many individuals sleep for several hours following treatment.  Regular meals and juices need not be interrupted.





·        The room should be warm and free of drafts.

·        Protect bedding furniture, rugs, etc. with waterproof sheets

·        Assemble Supplies before starting procedures

·        Use care when adding hot or cold water.  Avoid chilling. 

·        Individuals should be dry and warm after treatment

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