Hope and Despair

Sounds great - but seems impossible

to do the juicing and coffee enemas

Hope and despair is an ever present vicious thought pattern.  Juicing and coffee enemas, etc. will work, but will it work for me?  Treating cancer alternatively is a lot of work and I hate the diet and the coffee enemas. 


How do I know it will work for me?  I am different.  I have pain.  I will need to change my lifestyle?  Is it worth it?  What should I expect?


The decision is yours.  The decision was mine.  That is the best and worse position to be in.


It is best because I am in control of my decisions and the outcome of my decision. 


It is the worst because I can’t blame anyone else for how I feel and what I need to do.  I am responsible.


Often it seemed that it would be easier if someone told me what I had to do and they became responsible for the decisions that they were making in my behalf.


However in the end I knew that I had the responsibility for my own decisions and the results of those decisions.


A number of people have remarked, within the first two weeks of the Gerson treatment of juicing and detoxing, that they cannot “stand” the diet and wish to discontinue it. 


They based their opinion on the following occurrences:


  • Nausea

  • Headaches

  • In some cases vomiting

  • Spasms in the intestines

  • More gas accumulation than usual

  • No appetite

  • Inability to drink the juices

  • Difficulties with coffee enemas.


All of the above are symptoms of what Dr. Gerson call “the reaction period”. 


These reactions appear with the present treatment after from three to six days, and in more difficult cases after eight to ten days. 


It is at this point I found my hope and beliefs dwindles and fall into a heap of despair. There has to be an easier way. 


How do I know if this protocol will work for me? Everything feels and taste awful.  Is this worth the fight?  If this is what I am facing – I quit. 


This is where my family or supporters come in and make or break the fight in many families. 


Thankfully my husband and other supporters kept encouraging me to move forward and keep fighting.  They understood the importance of stimulating and strengthening my immune system while at the same time detoxifying my body.


It is at this point that my family and friends saved my life.  They came alongside of me and encouraged me to continue.  They pushed, prodded, encourage, loved, and prayed.


I know of many families where this is the point that it is easy for family members to allow and encourage the loved one to quit and go another route that seems easier. 


These “flare ups” recur almost every ten to fourteen days, and later once a month.


Dr. Gerson found that there was no connection with menstruation in women.  However, in some cases, there is a return of the menstruation which had already ceased for years.   The return occurred after three to four months of the treatment, with intense spastic pain on both sides of the lower abdomen.


The tendency is to run to the doctor to discover the cause.  The doctor’s tendency is to blame it on the juicing and the coffee enemas.  They want to get you started on hormonal medications.


What a shock when I was suddenly faced with menstruation at the age of 55-60 years of age.  However, I can easily say that all “hot flashes” and other symptoms of menopause ceased. 


My body was becoming healthy and able to function properly. 


Eventually I again stopped menstruating with my hormones working correctly giving me more energy as well as physical and emotional health.


As far as the regular “reaction periods” are concerned, Gerson observed that some individuals may vomit some bile with an offensive odor. 


Dr. Gerson found this common in his patients.  This bile, flowing out of the common duct, causes some spasms in the duodenum or the upper small intestines, and flows over into the stomach, producing


  • Nausea

  • Bad breath

  • Coated tongue

  • Reluctance to food

  • Reluctance to juices.


At such times individuals need large quantities of peppermint tea, served with some brown sugar and a bit of lemon.


They may drink one to two quarts of this peppermint tea a day.  Some individuals consume as much as four quarts in 24 hours. 


These masses of peppermint tea wash out the accumulation of bile from their stomach and duodenum.  The peppermint tea assists in relieving the individual of stomach spasms and permits them to resume the intake of juices and administration of coffee enemas.


The juices may be mixed with gruel (thin oatmeal).  Individuals often refused to eat cooked food, but will eat raw grated apples, mashed bananas, applesauce, etc.  Such a “flare up” may last from one to three days.


After a “flare up,” individuals often feel greatly relieved,


  • normal circulation resumes,

  • the yellowish color with an occasional tinge of jaundice, which sometimes is noticed on the sclera of the eyes at these periods, disappears, and

  • individuals are able to eat and drink again.


With the present treatment, and with more frequent enemas, the “flare up” period for the most part is reduced to 24 hours, and in rare cases, to two days.


The first “flare up” is the most violent one and is usually accompanied by


  • severe headaches

  • weakness of the entire body

  • bad mood, and

  • feeling of depression


The individual often wants to remain in bed. 


This is when many want to quit and throw in the towel feeling like it isn’t working, they are sicker and weaker. 


The family often agrees and it takes great self-discipline and belief to get past this time period.


As one decides it is time to return to the traditional medicine or another alternative method it is often suggested to back off or quit the Gerson protocol. 


Indeed this is often the time of serious decision making for many people.


Dr. Gerson found that subsequent “flare ups” became less violent and had a shorter duration.  “Flare ups” can be made more bearable by more coffee enemas. 


Some individuals increase the number of their coffee enemas by themselves, some taking as many as eight to ten or twelve in 24 hours.


There is a feeling of great relief after each coffee enema.  Dr. Gerson discovered that some of the individuals


  • suffer outbreaks of perspiration and

  • had offensive odor during these periods.


These symptoms persist a little longer than other symptoms.  The aromatic acids eliminated during theses reactions are so intense they may form chemical compounds with the paint of the walls and ceilings of the bathroom and bedroom.  These compounds cannot be removed by soap and water or other cleaning methods.  The room often has to be repainted.


At the beginning of the treatment individuals assume that these are allergic reactions and refer to them as such in their reports to physicians. 


Some claim that they never could stand orange juice; others say they could never take even a small piece o apple, and still others claim they could never stand tomatoes or peaches, prior to the treatment.


Dr. Gerson discovered that laboratory analysis shows a trace of albumin and a greater amount of sodium in the urine during the reaction periods. He found that the blood count showed;


  • a relatively higher number of leukocytes, (up to 12,000 – 18,000) and an increase in lymphocytes if the lymphocyte count was abnormally low before, or

  • a light decrease in the lymphocytes if the lymphocyte count was abnormally high before.


The detoxification during the reaction periods gives the individuals a great psychological relief. Generally after a few days the person will loose their fears and depressions, and demand to get out of bed. 


Their feelings of well being is supported by conversation with other individuals who report similar favorable effects after these “flare ups.”


I was doing the Gerson protocol in my home.  It was during this time that I relied on the reading of the Gerson books and other similar books to understand that these “flare ups” are normal and expected. 


I also subscribed to a newsletter of individuals that were following the Gerson Protocol.


I listened to How God heals tapes, healing music and positive thinking.


Dr. Gerson found that clinically, these “flare ups” are favorable reactions and should be regarded as part of the healing process.


I had to choose who I was going to believe and trust.


I chose to trust God and his creation of my body.  I understood the ability of my body to restore itself if I gave it plenty of juices and helped my body rid itself of toxins.