Hearing God – is it Possible?

Will He give me answers

in my healing journey of reversing cancer?

Hearing God speak is possible, but how?  Treating cancer alternatively teaches us to hear God’s voice and God heals through healing prayers that reverses cancer and heals our inner selves of devastating emotions and feelings.


Is it possible to experience two-way prayer with God through Jesus Christ?  Can He possibly tell me what I need to do to be healed?  Does He really care about me?  Hearing God seemed impossible.  Yet I needed healing prayers to reverse and heal my cancer.


Dr. Mark Virkler spent the first 12 years struggling unsuccessfully to clearly distinguish God’s voice from his own thoughts. 


Finally, after a year of careful study, research and experimentation, God revealed to him the principles that helped him to discern God’s Voice clearly and begin encountering God in two-way dialogue in his prayer life.


This incredible new experience transformed every area of his life and ministry.


He sought how to hear God, but he received far more.  He found God. 


Now Dr. Mark Virkler shares with you the gift God shared with him, which is intimacy with God through two-way prayer and healing prayers that will reduce stress levels and reverse cancer and all other diseases and illness.


I have chosen to include this section in treating cancer alternatively as this became the “key” to working through my emotions and stress causes.


As I worked through Mark Virkler’s materials on Hearing God it indeed;


·        revolutionized my life

·        healed the brokenness,

·        healed the loneliness,

·        healed the rejection,

·        removed the suicidal tendencies and so much more.


We had our marriage relationship back filled with love and trust.


I had my health back, being restored from the death sentence of cancer.


I have riches untold in love, joy, peace, and life abundant.


Hearing God and knowing in my spirit that God heals became an awesome experience for me.


Learning how to hear God’s voice and understanding His healing prayers changed me life.  It is my passion that you will find the same experiences.


Dr. Mark Virkler, Christian Leadership University, was raised a conservative Baptist, educated free Methodist, influenced and trained by renowned Catholic, Episcopal and Charismatic teachers.


His theology reflects a unique blending of the truths found in each of these traditions. For more information on How to Hear God’s Voice, check out www.cwgministries.org.


Mark Virkler has dedicated his life to teaching and writing to help people around the world know how to walk into the presence of God Almighty through Jesus Christ.


He teaches how hearing God is possible.  He also teaches how we can test and know God’s Voice.  The healing prayers teaching us to hear God’s Voice will restore and heal many diseases including cancer.


Does God desire to talk to His Children?


Mark Virkler in his teaching material teaches 4 basic keys to hearing God’s Voice.


          Key 1:  Achieving Inner Stillness

Key 2:  Hearing God’s Voice – The Rhema Word

God’s thoughts, interjected into your heart, will be       characterized by the following.

Key 3:  Seeing God’s Vision – With the eyes of your heart

Key 4:  Journaling – Means of Discerning God’s Voice



“I was in the spirit on the Lord’s day           Inner Stillness


And I heard behind me a loud voice,

Like the sound of a trumpet…                      Hearing God and His Word


Saying write in a book….                            Journaling (writing so that

                                                                You can test the Word


What you see…”                                         Vision (look and see)

        Revelation 1:10, 11


The scriptures listed below clearly demonstrate, from Genesis to Revelation, that God’s unchanging desire has been to have communion with His children.


I have heard and experienced what I knew was God’s voice.


I was diagnosed as a deaf-mute and God healed me at the age of 21.  I had been rejected from college due to my inability to communicate.  I went back and was readmitted and graduated in the top 13 students from the University.


I have seen God work miraculously in many different events throughout my life. 


However, I did not know how to connect in hearing God speak everyday – all the time.


“And they heard the sound of the Lord God…”  (Genesis 3:8)


“Now the Lord said to Abraham…”  (Genesis 12:1)


“And God said to Moses…”  (Exodus 4:13)


“Now it shall be, if you will diligently listen to the voice of the Lord your God… (Deuteronomy 28)


“…The Lord spoke to Joshua…”  (Joshua 1:1)


Then the Lord said to Isaiah…”  (Isaiah 8:1)


“The word that came to Jeremiah from the Lord saying…” (Jeremiah 1)


“the word of the Lord came… to Ezekiel.”  (Ezekiel 1:3)


“I (Jesus) can do nothing on my own initiative.  As I hear I judge.”  (John 5:30)


“and the Spirit told me (Peter) to… (Acts 11:12)

“(Paul)” having been forbidden by the Holy Spirit to…”  (Acts 16:6)


“I (John) was in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day, and I heard behind me a loud voice like the sound of a trumpet saying ‘Write in a book what you see…”  (Revelation 1:10, 11)


“but (we) have come to Mount Zion and to the city of the living God.. and to Jesus, the mediator of a new covenant…See to it that you do not refuse Him who is speaking.  (Hebrews 12:22, 24, 25)


I now know how to come into the Presence of God continually and hear God’s Voice.   Hearing God, I know what He is directing me to do. 


It is easier to obey when I know what God is asking me to do. God is showing me how to accomplish the task of treating cancer alternatively.  God is the one who gives me the power and authority to accomplish the task.


Hearing God allowed Him to direct me step by step what to do to allow my body to heal from the devastating effects of cancer. God heals, however I needed to take steps to hear God’s Voice in treating cancer alternatively.


Key 1:  Achieving Inner Stillness


Be Still and Know (Psalm 46:10)


Hearing God entailed removing outer noise


        Get away from phones, children, etc. (Mark 9:2)


        Remove physical tension by sitting comfortably

(1 Chronicles 17:16)


        Tap into the quietness of the early morning.




Thoughts of things to do.  Write them down so you don’t forget them.


Thoughts of sin-consciousness.  Confess your sin and clothe yourself with the robe of righteousness.


Mind flitting about.  Focus on a vision of Jesus with you.  This was extremely important in times of pain and fear of dying.


Need to get in touch with your heart.  Begin singing and listening to the spontaneous song bubbling up from your heart.


Need for additional time to commune when your mind is poised and still.  Realize that times when you are doing automatic activities (such as driving, bathing, exercising, etc.) are ideal times for hearing God.


What is Centering Down?


It is described as “being still,” “ceasing striving,” “letting go,” and “relaxing.”


It is not doing, but being in touch with


It is living in the present tense


It is experiencing Him in this moment (I AM)


It is sharing this moment in love


It cannot be forced or hurried.  It must be allowed to happen.


It is called “Being in Spirit (Rev. 1:10)”


In Your Stillness God takes over and you sense His active flow within.  You are hearing God’s Voice.


Key 2:  Hearing God’s Voice – The Rhema Word


“And your ears will hear a word behind you, “This is the way, walk in it,’ whenever you turn to the right or to the left?  (Isaiah 30:2)


God’s Voice is sensed as a spontaneous thought, idea, word, feeling or vision.


Thoughts from your mind are analytical and interconnected. 


Thoughts from your heart are spontaneous.  They light upon you.


The Hebrew word for intercession is paga, which literally means “to strike or light upon by chance, or an accidental intersection.” 


Putting this literal definition of paga together with the idea of intercession, we come to a beautiful biblical example of Spirit-to-spirit communication which is familiar to almost every Christian.


Can you remember a time when you suddenly had the impression that you should pray for someone? You had not been thinking about this person.  The thought just came out of nowhere.


That was paga – hearing God.


You were experiencing rhema, God’s Voice as a “chance idea” intersection your mind, not flowing from the normal meditative process, but simply appearing in your ear. 


A chance idea.  An idea from God lighting upon your heart and being registered in your mind as a spontaneous idea.


God’s thoughts, interjected into your heart, will be characterized by the following.


  1. They are like your own thoughts and musings, except that you sense them as coming from the heart, not the brain, in that they are spontaneous, not meditated or premeditated.


  1. They can easily come as God speaking in the first person.


  1. They are often light, gentle, and easily cut off by an exertion of self (own thoughts, will, etc.)


  1. They will have an unusual content to them, better and often somewhat different than your own thoughts.


  1. They will cause a special reaction within your being (i.e., sense of excitement, conviction, faith, life awe, peace).


  1. When embraced, they carry with them a fullness of strength to carry them out, as well as a joy in doing so.


Your spiritual senses are trained as time goes on, and you will more easily and more frequently experience God speaking in this way.


Remember God is speaking to you, and you are receiving His injected thoughts. Until you begin distinguishing them from your own, you are simply grouping them all together and assuming they are yours.


In treating cancer alternatively I needed to distinguish God’s Voice from all the other voices racing through my heart and mind.


Cancer was racing through my body.  I was juicing  and detoxing.  I needed to get in control of my stress and fear.  I need to know that God Heals.


Healing prayers were important.  To hear and speak healing prayers was needed.  Yet how to allow those healing prayers into my spirit to heal my body was an unknown. 


In learning to distinguish God’s Voice, you are learning how to separate the spontaneous thoughts that are coming from Him from the meditated thoughts that are coming form your own mind.


Key 3:  Seeing God’s Vision – With the eyes of your heart


The most fantastic focusing tool God has given to man is vision.  The key that unlocks the door to the inner world is dream, vision and imagination.


Vision is simply watching the movement of God with the eyes of the heart.  It involves “looking to see” what God wants to show you.  (Revelations 4:1). 


As you look, God spontaneously puts an image before your eyes of what He is doing.  The vision is seen in your mind (Daniel 4:5).


In his courses, Mark Virkler defines four levels of Vision.


  1. Spontaneous Unsought Inner Pictures: We receive a spontaneous inner picture in the same fashion we would receive a spontaneous rhema.


God may show us the face of a friend or relative and we just know we are to pray for that person. The picture is light and gentle and is seen within.  It may be sharp or hazy, precise or unclear.


  1. Spontaneous Inner Pictures While in Prayer:  These are identical to the previous type, except that we receive them while seeking God in prayer.


We have no part in setting them up.


They just “appear,” or pop into our mind.


  1. Actual Spiritual Seeing Outside Yourself:  We actually see a vision outside ourselves, with our spiritual eyes.


For example, Stephen gazed intently into heaven and saw the heavens open up and Jesus standing at the right hand of God (Acts.7:55, 56).


  1. Vision While in a Trance or Dream.  A vision can be seen while in a trance or dream.  Peter received a vision while in a trance in Acts 10:10-23.  Paul received a vision in the night as he slept (Acts 16:9, 10).


All four types of visions are equally valid and spiritual, and all are to be tested thoroughly. 


The visions described in the first two above are the primary kinds of visions that are often received.


The spontaneous flow from within is born in the vision held before your mind.


If you picture Jesus talking with you, the spontaneous flow becomes divine.


If you focus on something of self, the spontaneous flow comes from your own heart.


If you focus on something evil, the flow comes from Satan.  The bible speaks of Satan who steals, destroys and kills.  It certainly seemed as if cancer was stealing and destroying my health.  Often cancer is a killer.


Therefore, by carefully guarding our focus, we are able to purify the spontaneous flow from within.


Vision is mentioned as part of one’s prayer encounter throughout the Bible.


There are 300 plus verses in the Bible that speaks of vision and seeing. (See Genesis 15:5, Numbers 24:4, John 5:19, 20, acts 2:17, Revelation 1:10).


Suggestions for increasing Your Openness to Vision and Hearing God


  1. One must “be still” outwardly and inwardly so the Holy Spirit can issue forth with a flow of living power.


  1. Enter a biblical story in imagination.  Simply allow yourself to see what you are reading.


Do more than just picture the scenes yourself. 


After picturing the scene, ask God to show you what He wants to show you, and allow a flow of inner images directed by God can take over.


  1. Open the eyes of your heart during your quiet times, allowing God to show you things. 


I have found that focusing intently upon Jesus until He begins moving or speaking prompts the flow of the Holy Spirit’s images.


As I came into the Presence of God I focused on I Peter 2:24 “…I am healed by His stripes”.  Did this include cancer?  I began asking Jesus what he wanted to show me.  This is when I understood that God heals.


  1. In intercession for others, picture the person for whom you are praying.  Then picture Jesus meeting that person.  Watch what He does, then pray that into existence.


  1. Listen to your dreams, which are a natural expression of the inner world.  Ask God to speak to you during the night (Psalm 127:2).


When you awaken, immediately record your dreams and ask God for the interpretation.  He will give it.


I have often had dreams hearing God and know what to do in treating cancer alternatively.  Hearing God’s Voice kept me focused on simple natural ways of caring for my body.


  1. Visualize what you are singing in praise and worship, allowing the Holy Spirit to carry the vision where he wants.


Dr. Mark Virkler, in his book “Hearing God’s Voice”, demonstrates the three aspects of a word, vision, or dream which may be tested to determine its source.


Finding Its Origin (Test the Spirit – I John 4:1)


If it comes from:


·        Born in mind

·        painting or a picture



·        A flashing image

·        Was mind empty, idle?

·        Does image seem obstructive?



·        A living flow of pictures coming from the inner most being

·        Was your inner being quietly focused on Jesus?


Examining Its Content (Test the ideas – I John 4:5)


If it comes from:



·        painting of things I have learned



·        Negative

·        Destructive

·        Pushy

·        Fearful

·        Accusative

·        Violates the nature of God

·        Violates Word of God

·        Image is afraid to be tested

·        Ego appeal



·        Instructive

·        Up-building

·        Comforting

·        Image accepts testing

·        Matches His Word the Bible


Seeing Its Fruit (Test the fruit – Mathew 7:15)


If it comes from:



·        Variable



·        Fear

·        Compulsion

·        Bondage

·        Anxiety

·        Confusion

·        Inflated ego



·        Quickened faith

·        Power

·        Peace

·        Good fruit

·        Enlightenment

·        Knowledge

·        Humility


Key 4:  Journaling – Means of Discerning God’s Voice


Journaling is a biblical method that can be used to help one grow in discernment of hearing God in his heart.  Journaling is simply keeping a notebook of one’s healing prayers and what one senses to be God’s answers.


The book of Psalms, the books of the prophets and the book of revelation were written in this way.  Clearly this is a common biblical experience.


One of the greatest benefits of using a journal during your communication with the Lord is that it allows you to receive freely the spontaneous flow of ideas that come to your mind in faith, believing that they are from Jesus, without short-circuiting them by subjecting them to rational and sensory doubt.


You can write them in faith, believing they are from the Lord, knowing that you will be able to test them later.


Maintaining a journal also keeps your mind occupied and, therefore, out of the way as you are receiving God’s words.


As I began hearing God’s Voice and writing the healing prayers, God spoke into my spirit.  My emotions and body began to respond.  Pain and fatigue ceased and the cancer began to be reversed.


Another advantage of writing down revelation is given in Habakkuk 2:2, 3.


Habakkuk was told that he should write down what he received because there would be a period of time before it came about.


Therefore, the journal becomes an accurate reminder of revelation God has given you that has not yet come to pass.


After keeping a journal for six years, I cannot fully express how it has deepened my relationship with Christ.  It has been one of the most helpful tools I have discovered for growth in the Spirit.  Hearing God and understanding the healing prayers as outlined by Mark Virkler has given me healing in my spirit, my emotions, and cancer.


In treating cancer alternatively, it is important to understand that God heals.


Practical Suggestions for Journaling


1.      Journal at a time when you are alert physically and spiritually.


2.      A simple spiral-bound notebook is sufficient. 


I use the computer and electronic filing as I key faster and more legibly than I write.


3.      Keep your journal secluded and use codes when necessary.


4.      Date all entries


5.      Include in your journal your communication with God, your dreams and their interpretations, visions and images the Lord gives you, and personal feelings and events that mattered to you.


·        angers,

·        fears,

·        hurts,

·        anxieties,

·        disappointments,

·        joys, and

·        thanksgivings.


In treating cancer alternatively, I had to face my inner turmoil and hurts.  I desperately needed to know that not only that God heals but that He would heal me.


I realized that I was sick physically with cancer and a multitude of other diseases.


I was sick emotionally due to the many traumatic experiences in my life that brought anger, fear, bitterness, resentment and a host of other feelings.


I was sick spiritually – I knew there was a God, however I did not trust Him and believe that He really cared abut me.


I was sick financially – on the brink of bankruptcy with no where to turn.


Our marriage was in ruins – we loved each other, however we were fighting all the time.


We had gone to a lot of different types and sources of counseling.  We knew the right answers.  We knew what we were supposed to do.  WE JUST COULD NOT DO IT FOR ANY LENGTH OF TIME.


I needed answers.  If there was a God that cared, I need him to talk to me and work me through the many issues in my life.


Hearing God and learning to understand the healing prayers was a key component in healing my body of cancer.


I knew that if I could heal spiritually and emotionally, then my body would heal.  My stress levels would be reduced. The natural state of alkaline pH balance would return.  My body would naturally heal with juicing and detoxification of my body.


Spiritual and emotional healing is very important in treating cancer alternatively.


With spiritual and emotional healing my stress levels became normal and healthy.


Healing and restoration would come with juicing  to strengthen the immune system and detoxing to remove all the toxins that are and have collected in my body.


I did a lot of reading, meditating, and praying. 


I had to change my thoughts and attitudes.  I was weak and tired.  I found a very effective way of changing my inner spirit was to listen and read all the healing scripture and God’s promises to heal.


If you are interested in receiving a PDF of God’s healing scripture promises, you may request a copy here.


Treating cancer alternatively involves three overriding beliefs. 


  • Hearing God must come to the spirit and emotions thereby reducing stress knowing that God Heals,




It is our urgency to make this information and resources of treating cancer alternatively available to those who are looking for an alternative to chemo, radiation, and surgery in treating cancer.


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God Heals