If God heals, why am I sick, in pain, and dying?

God heals is a promise.  Treating cancer alternatively involves strengthening our immune system by ridding our bodies, minds and spirit of


  • fear,

  • anxiety,

  • stress,

  • bitterness,

  • anger,

  • unforgiveness,

  • and the list continues. 


The question is how?


I knew the answers – but did not have a clue how to change my thoughts, feelings, and what was happening inside of me.


The more we increase in fear, stress, anxiety, and anger, the more the immune system is destroyed.  The more the immune system is destroyed, the more we have an increase of cancerous cells.  What a vicious cycle of death and dying.  God Heals?  How?


  • When you have a broken heart, you have fear, anger and stress. 

  • When you don’t feel safe, you have fear and anger. 

  • When you have anxiety and stress you have fear. 

  • Disease compounds itself upon a foundation of stress, fear and anger that continues to grow.


Treating cancer alternatively reviews how God heals and how one can begin to let go of the stress and fear.  Our immune system needs to be strengthened and begin to destroy the cancer cells.


The Bible says “there is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear; because fear hath torment.  (I was in torment.)


He that fears is not made perfect in love.  I John 4:18


When God heals – then we live in love and not stress and fear.


Treating cancer alternatively allows us to look at our inner self and begin to allow God’s healing by hearing God’s Voice.  When a person has pain, stress, fear, anger, bitterness, or unforgiveness their faith is under attack.  Often they feel very unloved and unwanted.  God heals and we are able to cope with our emotions.


Studies have shown that 80 – 90 % of disease is caused by our choices and belief system.  There are now many non prescription and prescription drugs available to help us calm down, to rest, to sleep, and to stop our thinking. 


Our inner thoughts and actions are still running rampant and as the medicine wears off our symptoms of stress and fear return full force.


The next thing is hopelessness, despair, and more fear and anger, all resulting in more stress.  We feel overwhelmed, and more and more our immune system shuts down.  Sickness, cancer, and other debilitating diseases overtake our bodies. 


In treating cancer alternatively we look at how God heals we are able to reduce and eliminated the non prescription and prescription drugs, surgery, chemo and/or radiation.


When you go to the doctor, I promise that you are going to leave with more fear and stress than you went to the doctor with.


Doctors study what is wrong and write prescriptions to alleviate the symptoms.


The more fear, anxiety, and stress decreases, the more the immune system starts to heal. 


I was searching           - God answered

Medically, they said     - I had cancer

I call out to God          - God Spoke

I obeyed                    - God Healed


Was it easy?              – No

Is it worth it?             – Yes




It is not so much our choices that determine our relationship with God.

It is OUR RELATIONSHIP with God that determines our choices.


It is not so much our thoughts that determine our relationship with God.

It is OUR RELATIONSHIP with God that determines our thoughts.


I had to really think about my relationship with God.  As a matter of fact I think I was angry at Him also. 


If He cared and loved me, where has He been?  What has He been doing for me?  I had so many questions, and no answers. God heals others but what about me?


Does He care? 

        Does He Love? 

                Will God heal?


What am I suppose to do? 

        How do I know what He wants?


God reigns supreme.  God heals.  However, often without evaluating our thought patterns, we begin to worship or depend on the medical treatments, treating cancer alternatively, herbs, supplements, good diet, good living, and the list continues.  It is so easy to look for our own answers instead of depending on God. 


Our thoughts and motives, and yes even our actions and words, depict that we are putting our faith and our trust in a method instead of God who is our creator. 


I called out to God and he spoke.  God prepared the pathways and the people to come into my life and provide what I needed during my healing process. 


I learned to develop a relationship with God.  I learned how to come into His presence, and hear His Voice. He lovingly answered my questions and healed my inner spirit and emotions.  Yes God heals!


When the stress and negative emotions subsided then my body began to heal rapidly.


Scripture tells us that God loves us, that He came and died for us in the person of the Lord Jesus.  God healed the people of their diseases and cast out their evil spirits.  The disciples did it, the 70 did it, and the early church did it.


I wanted to know why God said in Psalm 103:3 that He not only forgives us of all our iniquities, but God heals us of all our diseases.


“Who forgives all thine iniquities; who heals all thy diseases:”  Psalm 103:3


In the Old Testament, people were raised from the dead, people were healed, and many other miracles were done. 


In the New Testament, I found that we had a new and better covenant.


In 3 John 2 it says – dearly beloved, I wish above all things that you prosper, and be in good health, even as your soul prospers.


This verse implied that the health of my body follows the health of my soul.  Had I allowed God’s healing of my soul?


Who else could heal my soul?  I hadn’t done such a great job, although I had tried many other modalities and methods.  I discovered that God heals.


A healthy person never has


·        To take a drug

·        To have surgeries. 

·        cancer, diabetes, or heart disease. 

·        lives without illness, sickness, or disease. 


An ideal scenario would be never having to take a single drug and never getting sick. 


We have been promised abundant life.


Jeremiah 33:6
"Nevertheless, I will bring health and healing to it; I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security.”


In treating cancer alternatively we experience God’s Healing Pathway to Health and Wholeness in life and destroying cancer.


We experience abundant life and how God heals.  Abundant life involves;


·        Having a strong immune system

·        To wake up in the morning full of energy and vitality, content, and feeling absolutely great. 

·        To go throughout the day with energy, a bounce in your step, a smile on your face. 

·        Not feel stressed, anxious, or depressed

·        Not feel tired,

·        No headaches or pain in your body

·        Not overweight

·        No colds or flu or sickness. 

·        No diseases, no pain,

·        Not ravenous with your appetite,

·        Able to eat what you want and you are never that hungry. 

·        Not have to deprive yourself of the foods you enjoy. 

·        To sleep at night and sleep soundly and peacefully and get a wonderful whole night’s rest. 

·        Sexual desires are healthy and strong, and you are capable of both giving and receiving sexual pleasure. 

·        Skin, hair, and nails look healthy and radiant. 

·        Have strength and tone in your muscles. 

·        Body is fluid, graceful, and flexible. 

·        Body is firm, strong, vibrant, and you feel great.


Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel.


We have been brainwashed into believing that it is natural for a human being to get colds and flues, have aches and pains, and have major medical problems like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. 


Treating cancer alternatively we find that many people believe that it is


       “Unnatural” to take      “Natural” foods,          but that it is

       “Natural” to take                 “Unnatural” drugs.  


In 1 Thessalonians 5:23, we are told – “May the God of Peace sanctify you wholly in spirit, in soul, and in body.


Well, I didn’t see much sanctification of the body or healing in the church.


We have been taught so much about God’s promises and not much about His Spirit of discernment and the consequence of sin.


God began to open my heart.  I realized that sometimes there is a responsibility before God’s heals!


Healing and things you get from God, to a degree, are conditional to your obedience. 


I am not into legalism.  I’m into His love, grace and mercy.  But I want to tell you that with freedom comes a degree of responsibility.


However the degree of our responsibility affects our freedom in our work, career, and home life also.


The scriptures say:


Matthew 6:15 “but if you do not forgive others their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.”  


This verse is part of the Lord’s Prayer that many of us have learned. 


I learned the Lord’s Prayer as a child, or in church, however I never gave the words much thought. 


Have I ever read and thought about that scripture?  I was shocked to understand that unless I forgive those who have come against me, God Almighty will not forgive me. 


How Does God forgive?  He forgives and buries our sins never to be remembered again. 


That is not the way I forgive.  “I will forgive you but I will not forget”. 


What a difference –


I had a lot to figure out.  I did not understand forgiveness and I did not know how to forget. 


If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.  1 John 1:9. 


God forgives us, but after conversion, there is an absolute requirement and responsibility to forgive others as mentioned in the Lord’s Prayer.


Ephesians 2:8-9 “For by grace are you saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any many should boast.”


But the consequences of unforgiveness may bind you to a disease like cancer and other debilitating diseases that is the result of this sin of bitterness and unforgiveness.


The renewing of my mind, thoughts, feelings, and emotions including stress also needed to be healed.  Pondering how God heals brought many new thoughts and ideas into my mind.


For my thoughts, feelings and emotions were pouring toxins into my immune system continuously. 


God is a loving God and Jesus healed all who came to Him in faith!


I had no clue how to “come to Him in faith”.  In fact I did not believe it would work anyway.


I had to find the answers to how God heals.  It is an integral part of treating cancer alternatively.


Juicing, detoxing, and caring for my body is extremely important for the healing and strengthening of the immune system as will be discussed throughout the treating cancer alternatively site.


With this said there are some general strategies that work for many people. For instance, nearly everyone benefits from nutritious organic food and detoxification of the body.


Your doctor will probably not even discuss this with you so you will need to seek out the importance of eliminating and protecting your body from as many foreign substances as possible. 


You will need to stimulate your immune system with healthy optimal foods. 


Learn how to detoxify and assist your overworked liver  and blood system rid your body of waste products.


The "terrain" as it is called in schools of biological medicine determines the ability of unhealthy organisms to survive. 


You are more responsible for your terrain than your doctor because you choose your food and beverages.  You choose your thoughts, attitudes, emotions, feelings and stress  levels.


This gives you control over much more than you realize.  Treating cancer alternatively focuses on allowing you to make decisions and have control of your health.


In my opinion, it behooves each person to find out as much as possible about the underlying conditions, to assess ourselves, and where possible to make healthy adjustments.


No one can guarantee that addressing our spiritual, emotional, and body needs will cure cancer.


But neither can someone who fixes a flat tire guarantee that you will never have another flat.


In life, we drive over nails and expose ourselves to hazards that undermine our health.  If we avoid the hazards and correct what we can, we can expect a better quality of life and perhaps freedom from disease? It's an assumption, not a promise.


The freedom of choice is a gift that belongs to you.  Take it, use it, and be responsible with it.  


Treating cancer alternatively allows God’s healing which reduces stress thereby strengthening the immune system.


If we allow God to heal and take care of our spirit, soul and body, our body will take care of us which may reverse cancer.


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