Gift Giving Saves Stress

Also Saving Time and Energy

Gift Giving, especially picking unique gifts at Holiday time and special occasions often bring the greatest amount of stress and anxiety.  It is that stress that may contribute to cancer cells multiplying.

Often, our greatest desire is to please those who we love by gift giving to them.  What is a unique gift that they will enjoy?  A gift that will bring  happy memories.


Stress is a major contributor to cancer.  Interestingly enough we are in control of how we handle stress.


We have one gland that controls all of our emotions and feels.  That gland is the hypothalamus gland located below our brain.  Let me say this to you:  the hypothalamus gland is the facilitator and the originator of the following life circumstances:  All expressions of

·        Fear

·        Anxiety

·        Stress

·        Tension

·        Panic

·        Panic attacks

·        Phobia

·        Rage

·        Anger, and

·        Aggression.


On the positive side we find all expressions of

·        Love

·        Joy

·        Peace

·        Gentleness

·        Kindness

·        Patience

·        Goodness and

·        Rest


These are all released and facilitated by this one gland. 


It only response to you is emotionally and spiritually.  The hypothalamus is called the “brain of the endocrine system,” but it is not a brain.  It is a gland. 


It is a responder to the environment of your life.  It will only produce what is happening deep within the recesses of your soul and your spirit.


As I began the journey of healing alternatively I desperately needed to stay in control in different areas of my life. 


I needed and desired to live a normal life. 


I worked a full time job and endeavored to follow the new and often rigorous schedule of allowing my body to heal.  That regiment included resting.  That was not hard to do, as my body demanded rest.


It seemed that I was changing so many areas of my life.  I was overwhelmed and struggling with a new lifestyle. 


Health, energy and vitality was coming back, however I had to continually focus on giving my body and mind as much rest as possible and reducing stress.


Yet at the same time, I wanted to lead an active and participant life.  As we all know there are always gifts to purchase and give to those special people in our lives. 


Often without realizing it we are inundated with emotions and thoughts as to what to give. 


How much money to spend?


And lastly and most importantly what does that special person want.


Money gifts, general gift cards, flowers, candy are o.k.  However I discovered that often they were spent and used with no memorable gift connected to me.  I too, have been frustrated with restaurant gift cards, store gift cards, etc.  It seemed I ended up spending more time, energy and most of all money to use the card.


How could I give a gift that was a lasting gift?  I wanted my loved one to receive what they wanted.  I wanted a gift for them that required no additional postage, expense and most importantly had a warranty.  It seemed that I was asking for a lot.


I wanted to have the enjoyment and fun of seeing my loved ones pick a gift of joy and delight with no additional cost. I wanted to be a part of gift giving without the stress, energy, and decision making required of shopping.


It was then I was introduced to the gift collections Albums.  What a delight!  What fun to give a gift that the recipient gets to pick out and know that I gave them the gift!  And I get to see the gift that they have chosen.


Best of all I can choose a gift collection (album of 30-45 gifts) that is within my budget.

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