Gerson Coffee Enemas

help the liver to purify the bloodstream.

We only have one liver

The liver is the waste treatment system of our body.  Gerson coffee enemas assist the liver in the waste removal and cleansing of our blood.  Detoxification is an important part of cleansing and healing our body of cancer.


Cancer has become prevalent.  We live in an age of chemicals, pesticides, hormones, preservatives, dyes and countless other products that are added to our foods.


It is through the blood that the mutations (cancer), toxins, and other foreign bodies are carried to the liver. Our bloodstream is our life system.


The liver is the largest internal organ in the human body. It is located in the upper abdomen.  The liver aids in digestion and removes waste products and worn-out cells from the blood. The liver weighs about three and a half pounds.


The liver is necessary for survival.  A human can only last up to 24 hours without liver function.


Here's an amazing fact about the liver.  With only 1/6th of your liver present your body could continue to function.  This is important to understand.


Another interesting fact:  as much as 80% of your liver could be cut away and it would grow back to a full size in approximately three months


Because the liver is designed in this way, it is usually hard to determine if the liver is damaged until the damage is quite advanced.


The liver plays a major role in metabolism and has a number of functions in the body, including;


·        glycogen storage,

·        decomposition of red blood cells,

·        plasma protein synthesis, and

·        detoxification.


The liver is also the largest gland in the human body.


·        It lies below the diaphragm in the thoracic region of the abdomen.


·        It produces bile, an alkaline compound which aids in digestion, via the emulsification of lipids.


·        It also performs and regulates a wide variety of high-volume biochemical reactions requiring very specialized tissues.


If the liver is kept at optimal health it can readily cleanse the blood.  If not the blood dumps the toxins, chemicals, etc. someplace else in the body which in turns causes bacteria, viruses, disease, malfunction of other body parts and cancer


In this chemical age the liver’s detoxification system is easily overloaded.   The Gerson coffee enemas is an important detoxification protocol in cleansing the liver and the blood.


Take time to consider all the different types of chemicals that you are putting on and in your body. 




______ Cosmetics,

______ Hair coloring, stripping, and bleaching,

______ Creams, lotions, suntan products, nail polishes, and the list continues.




_____ Our skin is the largest external organ and absorbs all the chemicals that are in the water we shower with, swim in, etc. 

·        Hot tubs are the biggest fad in the last few years.  We soak in chemical water

·        Our skin is porous and absorbs all those chemicals into our body. 

·        Our body now must rid itself of the toxins (chemicals) through our liver. This is best done through coffee enemas.


_____ Drinking water is a major concern.  Our bodies are 66% water.  It is recommended that we drink 8 – 12 glasses of water a day. 


How much and how many chemicals are we ingesting? 

How does one know what to drink? 

See the facts of tap water, bottle water, types of filtered water.  (See Water filtration comparisons.


·        Air

_____ Opening the window isn’t going to save your home from harmful indoor air pollutants. Instead, experts recommend investing in an air purifying system to do the “dirty” work for you.  See indoor air pollution.

The EPA estimates that indoor air pollutant levels may be two to five times higher than pollutant levels outside. Home air purifiers are designed to make your living space more comfortable by reducing air pollutants like dust and pollen.


·        Beverages 

_____ Coffee

_____ Soda

_____ Other drinks


·        Food

_____ Thousands of chemicals are added to food and over 700 have been identified in drinking water.

_____ Plants are sprayed with toxic chemicals,

_____ Animals are injected with potent hormones and antibiotics

_____ A significant amount of our food is genetically engineered, processed, refined, frozen and cooked.

_____ All this can lead to destruction of delicate vitamins and minerals, which are needed for the detoxification pathways in the liver.


The liver must try to cope with every toxic chemical in our environment, as well as damaged fats that are present in processed and fried foods.


Loving animals in our homes creates more dandruff, hair, toxins, etc. for our liver to deal with.


Our bodies are depleted and unable to work at optimal levels.  We begin to see signs of our body not coping with all the facets of our environment


If we are not listening and responding to our body’s needs. We will be facing coming illnesses, stresses, diseases, infirmities, cancer and other debilitating challenges.  The question is not if but when our bodies will break down.


Colds, viruses, flus, bronchitis, and other diseases and afflictions begin to accost our bodies.  Our body is crying out for help and we are not listening and taking heed.


We turn to doctors and prescription drugs to put a band-aide on our ills.  And the doctors have been trained to assist our bodies to treat the immediate problem we are facing. 



It is a little like plugging up a hole in a failing dam.  We move from one hole to another plugging it up, only to have the dam give way eventually.  We are doing the same thing with drugs, solving each challenge, but never addressing the body need.  Until at last our body gives way to death.


Our body is dealing with the additional residue of the chemicals of the drugs in an overworked liver condition.


The medical field has learned to treat the illness; however death comes from other side effects.  The body is overloaded.  The body organs begin to shut down and death waits.


It is easy to place blame on the medical field, the food and drug administration, other government agencies, as well as our communities, cities, and the list continues. 


However it is important to realize it really is no one product, ingredient, or establishment.  It is a combination of everything.



                             It is only the liver that purifies the bloodstream.


                             We only have one liver.


                             The liver detoxifies and cleanses the blood.


                             Is there an answer?  Yes.


The liver is among the few internal human organs capable of natural regeneration of lost tissue; as little as 25% of remaining liver can regenerate into a whole liver again.


With this knowledge I began to review my life patterns


What I was doing?


What I was ingesting? 


What I was putting on my body? 


What was I subjecting myself to? 


How was I handling my emotions


Yes, emotions put stress related inhibitors in our bodies.  See more on daily stress management.


Put your thinking cap on and determine what you can do to eliminate the amount of chemicals, preservatives, additives, etc. that you are ingesting and allowing your skin to absorb. 


What are the functions of the liver?  Dr. Gerson studied the liver and understood the importance of detoxification through the coffee enemas.


- The liver is responsible for the production of bile which is stored in the gallbladder and released when required for the digestion of fats.  


- If the liver is not working optimally you may have gallbladder issues


- The liver stores glucose in the form of glycogen which is converted back to glucose again when needed for energy.


- If the liver is not working optimally you may be challenged with cancerous issues.


- The liver also plays an important role in the metabolism of protein and fats. It stores the vitamins A, D, K, B12 and folate and synthesizes blood clotting factors.  


- If the liver is not working optimally you may be challenged with fatigue, heart issues, cancer, and many other health challenges.


- Another important role of the liver is as a detoxifier, breaking down or transforming substances like ammonia, metabolic waste, drugs, alcohol and chemicals, so that they can be excreted. Detoxification can be accomplished through coffee enemas.


- The liver breaks down toxic substances and most medicinal products in a process called drug metabolism. This sometimes results in toxication, when the metabolite is more toxic than its precursor.


- These may also be referred to as "xenobiotic" chemicals.  If the liver is examined under a microscope, we will see rows of liver cells separated by spaces which act like a filter or sieve, through which the bloodstream flows.


- According to Dr. Gerson the liver filter is designed to remove toxic matter such as dead cells, microorganisms, chemicals, drugs and particulate debris from the bloodstream. The liver filter ingests and breaks down the toxic matter.


- The liver filter can remove a wide range of micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi, cancer cells, viruses and parasites from the bloodstream, which is highly desirable, as we certainly do not want these dangerous things building up in the blood and invading the deeper parts of the body.


- Infections with parasites often come from the contaminated water supplies found in large cities. Indeed other dangerous organisms may find their way into your liver, intestines and bloodstream from these sources.  See Water section.


- Poor water quality can cause chronic infections and poor health, so it is important to protect your liver from overload with these microorganisms. This is accomplished by drinking pure quality water and coffee enemas to help with the detoxification.


- High loads of unhealthy micro-organisms can also come from eating foods.  See diet and nutrition for more details.


- Foods have been grown and sprayed with chemicals, preservatives, and additives to enhance growth, appearance, and sustainability on the grocery shelves.


- Foods have been cooked/microwaved with enzymes and food value lost.


- We are consuming more chemicals, preservatives, and additives with less food value.  As a result we are overworking the liver filter and giving our body little food value to be sustained.


Recently, it has become very fashionable for people to detoxify their bodies by various means, such as fasting or cleansing the bowels with fiber mixtures.  This does not cure cancer.


Along with detoxification we must strengthen our immune system with fresh organic juice and other organic foods.


Fasting can by its extreme nature, serve only as a temporary method of cleansing the body of waste products.  For many people this procedure may cause an excessively rapid release of toxins which may cause unpleasant, acute symptoms.


The liver filter, like any filter, needs to be cleansed regularly, and it is much easier and safer to do it everyday. This is easily and pleasantly achieved by adopting a daily eating pattern that maintains the liver filter in a healthy clean state. See coffee enemas.


There are home remedies and ways to help our body detoxify.  See Home treatments.  These treatments include coffee enemas, hydrotherapy, Infra-red saunas and other options. 


However, Dr. Gerson’s coffee enema is the basis of detoxification and is the most effective detoxification for reversing cancer.


By following the methods and guidelines on this site, you will be able to keep the liver filter healthy and clean. It is important to keep the intestines moving regularly and to sweep their walls with high fiber and living foods.


It is also important to remember that the bowels are really a channel of elimination and not a cleansing organ per se. In other words the bowels cannot cleanse, filter or remove toxic wastes from the bloodstream.


It is only the liver that can purify the bloodstream and we only have one liver.  Take care of your liver starting today!

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The purpose of this information

is to give an overview of the importance of

our liver as a waste cleansing system of

our body. 


By assisting our liver to work

optimally, we may be able to minimize

and possibly eradicate many of our illnesses and diseases including cancer.


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