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Detoxification through colonics and sweating remove toxins and may reverse cancer.  In treating cancer alternatively there are many studies and research that attests to cancer being cured by detoxification, and coffee enemas.


No doctor can cure you.  No medicine can cure you.


But you can cure you.  If you are serious about healing, then treating cancer alternatively will present a crash course in curing whatever ails you.


The three major pathways to total healing of your body are;

·        Detoxification – removal of toxins and other foreign matter from your body

·        Juicing and diet to strengthen your immune system and

·        Healing of your emotions and traumatic events in your life


All three pathways must be incorporated to successfully reverse cancer and other debilitating diseases.  This section of treating cancer alternatively is primarily looking at the importance and how to detoxify in the confines of our homes.


Environmental toxins are everywhere.  Toxins are in the air, the water, the food, and in all the packaging of processed food.  It is impossible to eliminate all the toxins that are around us.  We each choose to do the best we can. 


You will learn more about the different aspects of detoxification as you seek out the “Gems of truth” throughout treating cancer alternatively website.


For me it was breast cancer, spreading rapidly. If I followed the medical route the best they could predict is 2-3 years of life.  How devastating!


It is my passion in treating cancer alternatively to take you through options that will improve – heal – possibly save your life from being filled with pain, misery, and suffering leading to premature death regardless of type of cancer or other debilitating disease.


The secret is in getting your body chemically unloaded through detoxification. Then nutrient primed, that it heals itself. That is what treating cancer alternatively is all about – giving you choices in becoming healthy.


If you desire to take responsibility for your health and get rid of life-sapping symptoms you are giving your body the healing options that will put your body back where it was when you were healthier.


Detoxification Options in Treating Cancer Alternatively


You may explore several different types of detoxification, often called colon cleanses, in more detail as you choose.  See a few of the choices that are natural and may be done in the confines of your home.


·        coffee enemas

·        bentonite clay

·        castor oil


I did the above and discovered I felt better, minimized/eliminated pain, and began to heal from the devastating effects of cancer in my body.  I will be discussing each of these in more detail below.


Another method of detoxification is sweating.  Even though the body has one proven mechanism for dumping environmental toxins, many folks can’t sweat. 


Often times one of the signs of the body shutting down is the body’s inability to sweat.


Environmental chemicals have so damaged the autonomic nervous system that it’s like having a broken thermostat.  For others, they feel dreadfully ill if they try to sweat.


For those who do sweat, high heat causes the mobilization into the bloodstream of nasty chemicals from “safe” storage in fat, heightening symptoms.  As well, loss of precious nutrients along with the chemicals can precipitate serious medical problems.


A specific detoxification program is needed to circumvent these problems, while first making sure the detoxification pathways are strong enough to handle the extra burden of mobilized chemicals.


Those whom high temperatures are forbidden, like congestive heart failure and high blood pressure may begin to detoxify at a slower pace.


In treating cancer alternatively two in home options that are very effective in removing toxins through the skin are;


·        Infrared sauna, and

·        hydrotherapy.


The infrared sauna heats the body up internally destroying the development of mutated cancer cells. Sweating allows the toxins, and chemicals to escape from the body. Sweating is one of the most natural means of detoxification of the body.


Cancer cells cannot tolerate high temperatures.  The infrared treatments are a natural way of doing radiation treatments.


The major difference is that when an individual accepts radiation treatments, both the cancer and good cells are destroyed.


An infrared treatment kill only the cancer cells, breaks down the toxins, and encourages the skin, as the largest organ of the body, to detoxify by sweating.


Again the two major ways of detoxification of the body is through colon cleanse and sweating.


It is tempting to choose to detox your body with one of the many colon cleanses that are offered in health stores, clinics, info commercials, and other individuals.


Although the right colon cleanse system may be effective, it will never accomplish and treat the source of cancer as effectively as the simple old fashion “coffee enema”. Coffee enemas work extremely well for healing the body and detoxing the liver, the blood stream, and other major organs of the body.


Healing the body, whether it is cancer, or any other debilitating disease or illness is not about cleansing the colon.  It is all about cleansing the whole body.


See the section on coffee enemas for more information on the importance of detoxing the whole body.


I looked at track records of those who fought and survived cancer and the system that was tried and proven successful over a long period of time.  I had only one chance to get it right.


In treating cancer alternatively I endeavored to incorporate both coffee enemas and sweating using both hydrotherapy and the infrared sauna as detoxification methods for destroying the tumors and mutated cancer cells.


Detoxification is being discussed and promoted in many of the leading magazines and alternative health offices. Coffee enemas have been one of the most effective, economical detoxing processes.  Coffee enemas is something anyone, everyone, can do in the confines of their home.


Dr. Max Gerson, Gerson Therapy, found coffee enemas several times daily to be life saving in removing toxins from the body, and also reducing many types of pain.


What many individuals like best about coffee enemas is that the removal of toxins and other waste from the body gives focus and clarity.


As I practiced the technique and read and studied more about coffee enemas, I discovered that many present day movie stars use coffee enemas for clear, brighter skin and eyes, and clarity of thought.


The benefits of detoxification are many. Different people will have different outcomes. But the results are almost always positive.


Regular detoxing will help to increase and maintain the many benefits of colon cleansing and aid in keeping the body and digestive system healthy and strong.


If you're ready to take a step toward becoming healthier, why not start with a coffee enema and do a colon cleanse in the confines of your own home?


Coffee enemas are very economical and time saving for the person fighting cancer and other debilitating illnesses.


Time to get started and help your body release the toxins and start your journey back to health and being pain free.


Hydrotherapy or infrared sauna is a great way to relax and allow your skin to sweat aiding in the detoxification of the many toxins and chemicals that have come into your body throughout your life.


Treating cancer alternatively reviews each type of detoxification and the effects of destroying the cancer cells and restoring the body to health.

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