Cancer Factors - Causes - and Other Body Degenerations

Everyday Diet, Environment, Pollution and Chemicals

Discover the cancer factors which may become initiators or promoters of cancer in your lifestyle. 


See the checklist of environment, pollution, diet, prescriptions, and air and water pollution that are part of your lifestyle. 


There are changes you may want to consider in treating cancer alternatively that will prevent or potentially reverse cancer and other debilitating diseases.


I looked at the 49 predisposing, ceaseless, contributing cancer factors.  I was surprised at how many of them were a part of my everyday life. 


No wonder I was facing so many degenerative diseases and now was diagnosed with cancer. 


Am I responsible for my own “death sentence” by the choices I have been making?


One or more contributing cancer factors listed below may be affecting the human body’s every-weakening;


  • enzymatic,

  • hormonal,

  • immunological and

  • other defenses systems.


How to you check out?


Everyday Cancer Factors that Contribute to the Rise of Cancer


1.          Atmospheric cosmic rays and X rays


2.          Sunlight’s ultraviolet rays


3.          Chronic electromagnetic field exposure


4.          Stress


5.          Sick building syndrome


6.          Ionizing radiation


7.          Microwave oven radiation


8.          Non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation from domestic appliances


9.          Overhead power lines


10.     Nuclear radiation


11.     Pesticide/herbicide residues


12.     Industrial toxins and pollutions


13.     Drinking or bathing in polluted water


14.     Drinking or bathing in chlorinated water


15.     Drinking or bathing in fluoridated water


16.     Tobacco and smoking


17.     Hormonal therapies


18.     Immune-suppressive drugs


19.     Consuming irradiated foods


20.     Ingesting food additives


21.     Mercury toxicity from any source


22.     Toxic metal syndrome


23.     Dental amalgam fillings


24.     Dental root canals


25.     Dental cavitations (jawbone spaces left by poor tooth extraction)


26.     Dental metals of all types


27.     Steady use of street drugs


28.     Steady use of prescription drugs


29.     Steady use of nonprescription drugs


30.     Nerve interference fields


31.     Diet or nutritional deficiencies


32.     Consumption of synthetic “nonfoods”


33.     Chronic physical or mental stress


34.     Destructive negative emotions


35.     Depressed thyroid action


36.     Intestinal toxicity or digestive impairment


37.     Parasites


38.     Viruses


39.     Bacterial infections


40.     Fungal infections


41.     Blocked detoxification pathways


42.     Free radical pathology


43.     Cellular oxygen deficiencies


44.     Adverse cellular terrain


45.     Oncogenes (cellular genes that change normal cells into cancer)


46.     Genetic predisposition


47.     Miasm (energy residues of previous illnesses)


48.     Physical irritants, e.g., asbestos


49.     Alcohol consumption


How did you fare?  I counted 26 or more that were “hits” in my life prior to being diagnosed with cancer. 


I now have attempted to eliminate as many “hits” as possible doing many of the options discussed throughout the treating cancer alternative site.



The innocent public has been the loser, as industrialists and other environmental polluters have found new ways to;


  • suppress people’s immunity,

  • inhibit their enzymes,

  • and kill them withy myriad cancer-causing agents.


At last count over 52,000 unnatural substances, chemicals, and other pollution have been introduced.  That number is increasing at an alarming rate.


Today, a minimum of 49 stressors exist, which contribute to acute or chronic physical, mental, and emotional deterioration of the body potentially causing cancer and other debilitating diseases.


While the potential of 49 or more cancer factors - causing precursors exist, if an individual avoids being “hit” by most of them it’s possible that symptomatic cancer won’t develop in his or her lifetime. 


However, since one out of three – approaching one out of two --- North Americans or Europeans do currently come down with cancer, the odds are high that cancer malignancy in some form will strike you or a loved one.


According to the “multiple-hit theory”, all cancers arise from at least two changes or “hits” to cellular genes.  These double hits build up and interact over time. 


Eventually, a breaking point is reached (the proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back) and cancerous growth is switched on. The hits will likely come from one of the following carcinogens listed. 


The above list is taken from the medical, scientific, and environmental literature as well as from our everyday experiences. 


For more information see An Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Cancer, by Diamond, W.J. and Cowden, W. Lee.


Most critical are the number and types of carcinogenic hits, their frequency, and their intensity. 


Some of the carcinogen hits are cancer “initiators” while others are cancer “promoters.”


In the first step toward cancer development, initiation, the procarcinogenic hit may produce large numbers of toxic agents.  These toxic agents are known as free radicals, which set up a pathological process that damages the cell’s DNA.


Then the liver sets up an enzymatic action known as Phase One.  This reaction causes the procarcinogenic to convert into a full-fledged carcinogen.


Additionally, the liver produces Phase Two enzymes to cart off the dangerous residue that Phase One enzymes leave behind.  The liver plays a vital role in the process of cancer formation, simultaneously initiating carcinogenesis and neutralizing it. 


In the second step toward cancer formation, promotion, the liver’s neutralization may not be up to par and a damaged cell alters its pattern of mitosis (normal cell division). 


The damaged cell begins to divide voluminously.  That is when the immune system goes to work, recognizing these cells as foreign and destroying them.  If the immune system fails, the damage cell can spawn a timorous lesion.


In the third step toward a full-blown cancer, progression, the tumor attempts to build itself a blood supply for sustained nourishment.  Then timorous invasion of surrounding tissues may take place. 


Clusters of cancer cells tend to release certain essential growth factors that promote the development of new blood vessels, or angiogenesis.


For more information see Cancer and Diet.


Each of the cancer factors listed above can contribute to cancer or other acute and chronic debilitating illnesses.


These cancer factors may be successfully prevented or treated with filtered water and air, dietary interventions and taking action to prevent the invasion of other factors.


Certain foods fight off cancer and other degenerative diseases or bring about their physiological reversal. 


Every cancer factor component that is eliminated incorporated in the treating cancer alternatively is effective against a great variety of physical and mental pathological conditions.

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