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Is it possible to return to the common sense of our own body healing abilities? What are the Cancer Causes?


30 years ago 1 out of 20 people were diagnosed with cancer.  Now, 1 out of every 2 people will be diagnosed with cancer. 


The innocent public has been the loser, as industrialists and other environmental polluters have found new ways to;


  • suppress people’s immunity,

  • inhibit our enzymes,

  • and kill them with myriad cancer-causing agents.


At last count, over 52,000 unnatural substances have been introduced.  That number is increasing at an alarming rate.


Today, a minimum of 49 stressors exist, which contribute to acute or chronic physical, mental, and emotional deterioration. 


While the potential of 49 or more cancer-causing precursors exist, if an individual avoids being “hit” by most of them, it’s possible that symptomatic cancer won’t develop in his or her lifetime. 


However, since one out of three – approaching one out of two --- North Americans or Europeans do currently come down with cancer, the odds are high that malignancy in some form will strike you or a loved one.


We want to believe that our medical field is more advanced and can adequately diagnose the different types of cancer.


Yet after spending billions of dollars, they cannot find cures.  Is it because the usage of chemo, radiation, and other medications may be causing more cancer mutations as well as weakening our immune system? Has the medical field looked in the wrong direction for cancer cures? 


Have we as a culture spent billions of dollars putting medications, chemicals, and other substances on and in our body that is causing cancer instead of curing cancer?


Have we have lost sight of the collective damage we are doing to our body with all of these man-made, created synthetics?


What are the doctors in the medical field not telling us!  Does the American Medical Association (AMA) know the causes and solutions and yet allow thousands of families to lose a loved one every day? 


Very successful cancer curing modalities and studies have gone before U.S. congress and have been disregarded.  For more information regarding this research see resources.


Is this all about legislation and the $$$$? 


Or are they so focused on the diagnosis and medical treatment that they have been blinded to alternatives and the importance of our body healing itself?


I do not care what the name of the cancer is – I only know the reality of sickness, pain, and all too often, death. 


Medically, I was looking at  “death of the cancer” or “death due to the side effects of medication and other medical modalities.”


I was diagnosed with a poor prognosis for recovery.  SHOCK ripped through our family. 


Two doctors – one in Germany and one in the U.S., presented to the AMA a solution – a cure for cancer in the 1950’s.


The American Medical Association (AMA} turned their backs on both alternatives.  Both were natural – home solutions that did not involve doctors, medications, surgeries, or hospitals.  The pharmaceutical companies would not earn any money. 


Shocked!  I was and still am.  Only now it is heart-wrenching as I watch people race down the pathway to sickness, disease, and cancer.


Every family knows a family member, relative or friend that has died from cancer or is living in pain and misery of cancer or the side affects of cancer treatments (i.e. Chemo, radiation, and other drugs). 


There are those who are victorious over cancer for 2 – 5 – 10 or more years.  They are the fortunate ones. 


Yet many are suffering physically, emotionally, mentally, and socially as they are minus body parts and often still live in pain and depression and fear of recurrence.


Statistics show that cancer deaths have decreased.  What the statistics do not portray are the numbers of people that die of side-effects, complications, and other diseases caused by the chemo and radiation.


Look around and make your own decision.


Health and vitality is what we are all looking for.  Because of my race against cancer without surgery, chem., or radiation I spent time searching the web and other sources.  I was looking for the best alternatives. 


I had one chance; according to the doctors I was given 6 months to 2.5 years of life.  I had no time to waste and I had to make the right decisions.


It was tricky wading through all the information and promises from experts in all different fields of health.


Everywhere I turned there was someone promising something that would cure cancer and other debilitating diseases.  Books, web sites, people, alternative doctors, vitamins, supplements, and the list went on.  What was I to do?


As we, my husband and I, looked at our personal financial portfolio we realized that we needed economical and effective home remedies. 


Of course we realized we needed to invest monies. However, we wanted our money to be invested wisely in what would be used at home to heal.


We were not running from one alternative/medical doctor to another trying the next promise and paying for all the consulting fees that seemed to have no return.


Have you felt caught in the trap of listening, reading, searching, and running from one type of doctor/professional to another? 


Have you had that feeling of confusion, doubt, fear, continually over- riding each method and/or technique? 


How much money can you spend? 


Is this really going to really work? 


Hardly giving one treatment a chance, before you are running to the next type of treatment? 


Sound familiar?  I am sure that many of us have been there.


I have searched out some of the best options, alternatives and products and services that fight not only cancer but also many other debilitating diseases. 


I have opted for the best and the most natural and organic. It has paid off with 7 years of health and vitality.  The Doctors. gave me anywhere from 6 months to 2.5 years. 


I give God praise for helping me to make the right decisions as people shared their best products and services with me.   I desperately needed to get back to the basics, the root of good health.


Have you ever asked what am I do? 


Where am I to turn? 


Who do I trust? 


Everybody wants my money.  They promise, and promise more.


I remember that day like it was yesterday.  Saturday, May 17th, a beautiful warm sunny spring day waiting to be enjoyed.   Renewal of life was all around us for our pleasure.  


I had gone in for a mammogram on Friday.  They requested to do a biopsy.  The next day, shortly after 10:00 a.m. the phone rings, a surgeon is speaking.  He had diagnosed cancer – two types, two locations, aggressive. 


His recommendation was that I come in the next day, Sunday, and prepare for mastectomy on Monday.  I was living in a nightmare.  I was waiting to wake up from a horrible dream. 


This cannot be true.  I am young.  It is like cold ice water flowing and never stopping, the shock, the nauseous sick feeling, and your whole life is spinning before you.


Many of you know that feeling for yourself – for a loved one!  What can you say?  What should you do?  Where do you turn?  Who do you trust?  In the process, many fall headlong into the medical treatment - confused, shocked and out of control.


It is my passion to share the following information with as many people as possible.  I desire that you and your family and friends live pain free with health and vitality. 



“Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.”

Gautama Siddhartha


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