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Alternatives, IS #06 - Managing your STRESS
December 01, 2009


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Issue 6 – November 30, 2009

Alternatives E-zine



Cancer is not, as some people think, “a thunderbolt of fate”, striking at random with no cure or cause.  There is a cause-and-effect relationship between the environment we’ve created and the health problems we are experiencing.


We develop cancer over a number of years.  Whatever is developed can be restored. 


This month’s e-zine is discussing another facet of developing cancer, which is “Managing your STRESS!  Stress in the number 1 contributor to a poor immune system”.


Stress is destroying our immune system

Results:  Sickness and Disease including cancer,

heart disease, diabetes, flu’s, and infections are rampant in our society.


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You will see that our articles are never too long, and usually link you to places where you can get more info, if and when you are curious.  So…get comfy if you have the time, or briefly skim:




1.                   Feature ArticleManaging your STRESS! 


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3.                   Diet and food – Gain health and vitality by changing our diet and food



4.                   Tips and Techniques – Reduce the stress of the holidays. 


5.                   Website Updates – Watch for updates.


6.                   Visitor’s Comments 


7.                   Share with us  


8.                   Personal Consultation 


9.                   ALTERNATIVES”  E-zine Subscription – Monthly Sign-Up Bonus.


10.              Thought for the Month


11.              Next Issue Laughter - If you want to feel younger, healthier and happier –laugh it up!


12.              Treating Cancer Alternatively  gives you the ability to make wise choices in maintaining and restoring health to your body.  It allows you the opportunity to seek information and resources that will give you step by step directions as well as options to meet your needs. 


We invite you to view the site and see what you think.




Managing your STRESS!


Gift Giving, especially picking unique gifts at Holiday time and special occasions often bring the greatest amount of stress and anxiety.  It is that stress that may contribute to cancer cells multiplying.


Often, our greatest desire is to please those who we love by gift giving to them.  What is a unique gift that they will enjoy?  We desire to give a gift that will bring happy memories to the recipients.


Stress is very expensive. Let's look at the statistics.  Stress is recognized as the number one killer today.


The American Medical Association stated that stress was the cause of 80 to 85 percent of all human illness and disease or at the very least had a detrimental effect on our health.  Every week, 95 million Americans suffer some kind of stress related symptom for which they take medication.


The American Institute of Stress in Yonkers, New York, estimates that 90 percent of all visits to doctors are for stress-related disorders.


It is easy to understand why 1 out of 2 people will have cancer.  We are living in a culture that is filled with fear and stress.  We do not cope with our fears and stress.  We bury our stress deep inside of us to allow the stress factors to fester, multiple and rise up again like a “volcano” in the form of cancer or another debilitating disease.


Everyone said I was in control of my stress!  I had news – I felt way out of control.  Our marriage was on the brink of collapsing, and out careers and work was a struggle.  We were overwhelmed with financial debt.


I was challenged with a past that was filled with abuse – emotional, physical, mentally, and socially.


There were so many people to blame.  I did not deserve the treatment I had received from so many.  It wasn’t my fault.  Yet it was me that was diagnosed with cancer with less than 6 months to live.


I felt like I had gone for help numerous times and yet felt so emotionally drained.  What a mess I had made of my life.  Where was God?  Did He care? 


Well, now I am able to share that God does care and He is our Healer and Provider.  More of my journey with Him is shared on our website.


I finally was able to find love, peace and joy through the power of the Holy Spirit.  I was able to let go of all the stress, anger, resentment, unforgiveness, and the list went on.


I found that as I was able to reduce the stress in my life the cancerous tumor and other debilitating illnesses disappeared.  I will share more about my journey, but let it suffice to say that stress is definitely connected with cancer and sickness.


Joy, peace, and love are directly correlated to health, life, and vitality.


Numerous life events-such as: the death of a family member or friend, the loss of a job, buying a house or moving, and having a child, cause stress.


Thomas Holmes and Richard Rahe, developed a list of major life stressors.  Take The Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Inventory, The Social Readjustment Rating Scale and see what your stress level is.  This will help you understand some of the external and internal causes of the stressors in your life.


300 pts or more raises the odds to about 80%, according to the Holmes-Rahe statistical prediction model, and increases sickness, illness, and debilitating diseases such as cancer.


150 to 300 pts implies about a 50% chance of a major health breakdown in the next 2 years.


150 pts or less means a relatively low amount of life change and a low susceptibility to stress-induced health breakdowns.


As I began the journey of healing alternatively I desperately needed to stay in control of the different areas of my life.  I needed and desired to live a normal life. 


I worked a full time job and endeavored to follow the new and often rigorous schedule of allowing my body to heal.  That regiment included resting.  That was not hard to do, as my body demanded rest.


It seemed that I was changing so many areas of my life.  I was overwhelmed and struggling with a new lifestyle. 


Health, energy and vitality was coming back, however I had to continually focus on giving my body and mind as much rest as possible, and reducing stress.


Yet at the same time, I wanted to lead an active and participant life.  As we all know there are always gifts to purchase and give to those special people in our lives. 


Often without realizing it we are inundated with emotions and thoughts as to what to give.  How much money to spend?


And lastly and most importantly what does that special person want.


Money gifts, general gift cards, flowers, candy are o.k.  However, I discovered that often they were spent and used with no memorable gift connected to me.  I too, have been frustrated with restaurant gift cards, store gift cards, etc.  It seemed I ended up spending more time, energy, and most of all money to use the card.


How could I give a gift that was a lasting gift?  I wanted my loved one to receive what they wanted.  I wanted a gift for them that required no additional postage, expense, and most importantly had a warranty.  It seemed that I was asking for a lot.


I wanted to have the enjoyment and fun of seeing my loved ones pick a gift of joy and delight with no additional cost. I wanted to be a part of gift giving without the stress, energy, and decision making required of shopping.


It was then I was introduced to the gift collections Albums.  What a delight!  What fun to give a gift that the recipient gets to pick out, and yet know who had given them the gift!  And I get to see the gift that they have chosen.


Best of all I can choose a gift collection (album of 30-45 gifts) that is within my budget.


There is so much to share about the impact of stress on our immune system.  I encourage you to take the time to review the information on the effects of STRESS by checking out our website.


Receive a free e-book on “Gerson Daily Juicing Schedule - An article and a worksheet.” when you sign up for this free E-zine.  See # 9 ALTERNATIVES”  E-zine Subscription.


The experience and ease of using Gerson Daily Juicing schedule for juicing and other home treatments reduced my stress and anxiety of what needed to done daily to help my body restore itself to health.  I believe it will also help you to reduce your stress level.  


Save the health of you and your family by eliminating as much STRESS as possible from yourself and your family during this holiday season.  I believe that you will see a difference in your health, in your emotional and mental well-being, as well as in your family’s lives.


Consider - Reducing Stress - Reversing Cancer.  The Choice is Yours.


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A great way to keep your family healthier and allowing your immune system to fight the stressors of your system is to considering using certified organic supplements.  You also will receive a Ribbon - Gift of Choice by taking advantage of Treating Cancer Alternative Special Offer.


Through December 21, 2009, when you purchase $150 or more of certified organic supplements for yourself or your family, we will drop ship to you a free gift from us of a Variety Gift Album with approximately 40 gifts, valued at $30.00. 


You will be able to choose a free gift of your choice from the album, or, give the gift album to a loved one as a holiday gift.  All gifts have a 120 day warranty with no additional shipping costs. 


Click to see the gifts you will be able to select from at


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We cannot change processing of foods on the market; however we can change our living and shopping habits.


The health conscious person will turn to organically produced, and organically processed, foods. 


It is also important to consider additional supplementation of certified organic whole food supplements from companies that have practiced good soil management, and Good Management Practices.  Organic supplementation is extremely important.


When you are looking for a great source of supplementation that is organic, whole food, with phytonutrients, check out, and then if in the USA, go through our site to order. 


When you choose to purchase the Nutrilite supplements and other products, you are supporting Treating-Cancer-Alternatively website. If you live Outside the USA, please purchase directly from Nutrilite, right on their site, by logging in as a customer using the following referral information.


IBO:  1668110                                          Key:  MIC


This Nutrilite site will also give you information on the history, the land, the process of dehydration and maintenance of the quality of trace minerals and supplementations of the complete whole food.


We have found these supplements to be the leading supplements in the world. 


These supplements also meet my needs when I am unable to juice the quantity of juice needed to provide my immune system with the optimal supply of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and trace elements not yet discovered.


Summary Thought:


We invite you to start building your immune system with Organic natural foods, especially the dark greens and dark colors of fruits and vegetables.


It is our immune system that destroys the cancer cells and heals other infections, diseases, and infirmities. 


4.  TIPS AND TECHNIQUES               

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Reduce the Stress of the Holidays


A person can only cram so many activities into their calendar. Over-commitment and lack of sleep can lead to major stress. Self-care and making sure to get enough sleep are especially important during the holidays.


I have found myself so busy and crammed with activities involving others that when I come home I drop in exhaustion, and am not able to give my family time or attention.


I have learned that it is important to say NO to some of those things and some of those people, so that I never need to say NO to those people who matter the most – those being the ones I love the most.


5.  WEBSITE UPDATES                        

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The following E-books and E-articles are available for purchase on our Web Site.


        E-book – “God’s Words for Healing” shares how to speak God’s word in daily living, lists many Bible verses on Healing, and Gives an illustration of praying and living God’s Word over a loved one in ICU for 22 days on the brink of death.


E-bookSo Why Do You Get Cancer” – Is an easy to read, comprehensive e-book sharing how and why we develop cancer, and medical options that have been proven over the past 75 years.  It discusses the importance of rest, relaxation, and a multitude of ideas to consider to restore our lives to optimal health.  It is a must read e-book for everyone who is interested in preventing disease, as well as restoring health. 


Several E-Articles are available



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Please keep sharing; it has helped our family heal.  My father has struggled with cancer and it is refreshing to read and be reminded of what each of us can do for him.


Sometimes we get so lost in a whirlwind of reports, cautions, and prognosis of the medical field that we lose control of our freedom and ability to heal ourselves and one another.




Please share with us your Comments, Ideas or Feedback? I'd love to hear from you. Just reply to this E-zine and tell me what you think!


Or please email and share.




Do you have specific questions or concerns you would like to discuss personally with Alice via phone or email?


It is my passion to assist people in attaining their health and vitality.  If this is of interest to you, check out your options.



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Gerson Daily Juicing Schedule - An article and a worksheet.


The experience and ease of using Gerson Daily Juicing schedule for juicing and other home treatments reduced my stress and anxiety of what I needed to do, on a daily basis, to help my body restore itself to health.  I believe it will also help you to reduce your stress level.  


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“The Spirit,

the Will to Win

and the Will to Excel…

these are the Things that Endure”


Your health and the health of your family

is worth fighting for.

Start today!


11.     NEXT ISSUE – Laughter is medicine for the soul.  It heals.


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