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Alternatives, IS #05 - Sugar is Destroying our Immune System
October 21, 2009


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 Issue 5 - October 21, 2009

Alternatives E-zine



SUGAR is destroying our immune system

Cancer is a disease of civilization. 

We are destroying our health.


Cancer is not, as some people think, “a thunderbolt of fate”, striking at random with no cure or cause.  There is a cause-and-effect relationship between the environment we’ve created and the health problems we are experiencing.


We develop cancer over a number of years.  Whatever is developed can be restored. 


This month’s e-zine is discussing another facet of developing cancer, which is “how much sugar we eat.”


SUGAR is destroying our immune system

Results:  Sickness and Disease including cancer,

heart disease, diabetes, flu’s, and infections are rampant in our society.


Excessive use of refined sugar in the United States has become a serious nutritional problem, especially in the last half century. 


Halloween candies, Thanksgiving pies, and Christmas cookies all encourage 3 months of high sugar intake.  January and February are months of flu, sickness, disease and death.  There is a correlation.  Take time to find out more.


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1.                 Feature Article – Is Sugar Destroying our Immune System?


2.                 A Special Offer related to this feature article is available.


3.                 Diet and food – Gain health and vitality by changing our diet and food choices


4.       Tips and Techniques – How to remove chemicals when washing Fruits and Veggies


5.                 Website Updates – You are now able to easily change our entire web site over to your native language, if you desire to.  See the Pull-down and Translate feature on our home page.


6.                 Visitor’s Comments


7.                 Share with us


8.                 Personal Consultation


9.                 ALTERNATIVES”  E-zine Subscription – Monthly Sign-Up Bonus.


10.            Thought for the Month


11.     Next Issue:  Managing your Stress


12.            Treating Cancer Alternatively  gives you the ability to make wise choices in maintaining and restoring health to your body.  It allows you the opportunity to seek information and resources that will give you step by step directions as well as options to meet your needs. 


We invite you to view the site and see what you think.




SUGAR is destroying our immune system

Results:  Sickness and Disease including cancer,

heart disease, diabetes, flu’s, and infections are rampant in our society.


Excessive use of refined sugar in the United States has become a serious nutritional problem, especially in the last half century. 


One hundred years ago less than one-tenth as much sugar per capita was consumed as food in this country, as compared with today.


During that same century, while the death rate from acute disease dropped considerably, statistics showed alarming increases in many of the degenerative diseases.  These diseases are thought by many scientific investigators to be at least in part the result of excessive use of refined sugar.


While Americans have shown a significant increase in these chronic diseases, other people of the world who have not been eating refined sugar, or white flour, are healthy.


Unrefined sugar, especially as it occurs in nature, eaten in SMALL amounts, seems less objectionable because it is associated with the necessary minerals and some vitamins. 


The devastating effect of sugar was evident in our home the last few months. 


We had eliminated much of the refined sugar and flour from our diets over the past several years, as it is a major cause of rapid cancer growth in our bodies.


My husband, under high stress, began consuming more and more refined sugar at his work place in the form of candy, desserts, and other high sugar drinks.


In March, 2009, my husband was in high critical condition in the hospital intensive care for 22 days do to a bacterial septic condition.  His life was spared by our healing God and because of the nutritional care we had employed the past several years in juicing and organic supplementation of whole foods.


However during the recovery period including rehabilitation of eating, speaking, walking, etc. he was given huge amounts of sugar, in the form of glucose, to increase his “energy”.  The medical field was then treating him with several insulin injections daily to balance his body sugar.  The medical field was sure that he was a diabetic.  We kept assuring them he was not. 


When he began controlling his diet, he did not need any insulin. 


Upon returning home, Barry returned to juicing and high organic supplementation and eating healthy.  However, he was now addicted to high amounts of sugar, and turned to eating lots of ice cream, cookies, and other high sugar foods.


He improved, however he struggled with being depressed, overwhelmed, irritable, “palsy” of the mouth and other emotional, mental, and physical challenges.


We both read the book “Sugar Blues” by William Dufty.  It inspired Barry to break the addiction to sugar.


Within days, what a change in Barry!  I felt like my husband had finally “come home”.  His whole health changed – mentally, emotionally, and physically.


The only thing that changed was his sugar intake!


Halloween candies, Thanksgiving pies, and Christmas cookies, all encourage 3 months of high sugar intake.  January and February are months of flu, sickness, disease and death.  I believe there is a correlation, especially after reading the book “Sugar Blues”.


For more information on the effects of sugar check out our website, and receive a free e-book on “62 Reasons Why Sugar is Ruining Our Health” when you sign up for this free E-zine.  See # 9 ALTERNATIVES”  E-zine Subscription.


Save the health of you and your family by eliminating us much refined sugar and flour as possible from your diet.  I am sure that you will see a difference in your health, and in your emotional and mental well-being, as well as in your family’s lives.


In addition we have great certified organic supplements available for both kids and adults.  With Nutrilite Concentrated Fruits and Vegetables kids and adults can get the key phytonutrients found in fruits and vegetables. 


Also available is a Fruji Concentrated Fruits and Vegetables Snack Bar that has a cranberry-raspberry flavor that tastes great and gives the nutritional equivalent of three whole, peeled apples, and key phytonutrients in amounts equal to those found in 5+ servings of fruits and vegetables.


You will find many other nutritional supplements that you may be interested in for your optimal health.




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3.  DIET AND FOOD                                Back to Contents at a Glance


We cannot change processing of foods on the market; however we can change our living and shopping habits.


The health conscious person will turn to organically produced, and organically processed, foods. 


It is also important to consider additional supplementation of certified organic whole food supplements from companies that have practiced good soil management, and Good Management Practices.  Organic supplementation is extremely important.


When you are looking for a great source of supplementation that is organic, whole food, with phytonutrients, check out and then if in the USA go through our site to order. 


When you choose to purchase the Nutrilite supplements and other products, you are supporting Treating-Cancer-Alternatively website. Outside the USA purchase directly from Nutrilite, right on their site, by logging in as a customer using the following referral information.


IBO:  1668110                                          Key:  MIC


This Nutrilite site will also give you information on the history, the land, the process of dehydration and maintenance of the quality of trace minerals and supplementations of the complete whole food.


We have found these supplements to be the leading supplements in the world. 


These supplements also meet my needs when I am unable to juice the quantity of juice needed to provide my immune system with the optimal supply of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and trace elements not yet discovered.


Summary Thought:


We invite you to start building your immune system with Organic natural foods, especially the dark greens and dark colors of fruits and vegetables.


It is our immune system that destroys the cancer cells and heals other infections, diseases, and infirmities. 


4.  TIPS AND TECHNIQUES               Back to Contents at a Glance


An often asked question is “what if it is impossible to always purchase organic fruits and vegetables.  Is there any way of destroying the chemicals that are on fruits and vegetables?”


Using pure aromatherapy grade essential oils of lemon and orange is very advantageous to removing the chemicals from fruits and vegetables.


       10 drops Lemon

       10 drops Orange


Mix with ½ cup of water in spray bottle.  Spray on fruits and veggies.  This neutralizes and strips off the chemicals.


An essential oils website that I found very economical with a pure grade oils is


5.  WEBSITE UPDATES                         Back to Contents at a Glance


·         From the home page, you are able to select the language of choice for reading the website.  This will apply your chosen language to all web pages on this site.


The following E-books and E-articles are available for purchase on our Web Site.


·         E-book – “God’s Words for Healing” shares how to speak God’s word in daily living, lists many Bible verses on Healing, and Gives an illustration of praying and living God’s Word over a loved one in ICU for 22 days on the brink of death.


·         E-bookSo Why Do You Get Cancer” – Is an easy to read, comprehensive e-book sharing how and why we develop cancer, and medical options that have been proven over the past 75 years.  It discusses the importance of rest, relaxation, and a multitude of ideas to consider to restore our lives to optimal health.  It is a must read e-book for everyone who is interested in preventing disease, as well as restoring health. 


·         Several E-Articles are available


6.  VISITOR’S COMMENTS                    Back to Contents at a Glance


USA, Wisconsin


“Thank you for a very informative website.  I definitely want to continue reading your website and receiving your newsletter.”




I’m so pleased to find your website.  10 years ago my husband did the Gerson therapy after God speaking to us about Daniel and the diet.  He is still alive after being given 3 months to live at that time.  Keep up your great work and witness, and I will read all your interesting info when time permits.”



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