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Alternatives, IS #04 - Danger in our Drinking Water
September 21, 2009


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Alternatives Ezine

Issue:  4

 September 21, 2009


Danger in our Drinking Water


Cancer is a disease of civilization. 

We are destroying our health.


Cancer is not, as some people think, “a thunderbolt of fate”, striking at random with no cure or cause.  There is a cause-and-effect relationship between the environment we’ve created and the health problems we are experiencing.


We develop cancer over a number of years.  Whatever is developed can be restored.  This month’s ezine is discussing another facet of developing cancer, that being the water we drink.


Is Your Drinking water (well water, tap water, bottle water) safe?

Can it cause cancer(s)? Does it contain pollutants, pesticides, or drugs?


A “New York Times” Study reveals that ten percent of Americans face dangerous drinking water, and the “Water Quality Association” today urges consumers to consider installing final contaminant barriers in their homes.


Most people would agree it is wise to provide our bodies with the pure water, pure air and pure food.  I believe our immune system will operate best in this environment.  As we strengthen our immune system, our bodies can fight cancer and other diseases.


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1.                 Feature Article – Is your drinking water contributing to cancer and other

diseases?  The “New York Times” states: “One in Ten Americans Face Dangerous Water”


2.                 A Special Offer related to this feature article is available.


3.                 Diet and food – Gain health and vitality by changing our diet and food



4.                 Tips and Techniques – Pure Water and Organic Lemon juice –Alkalizes your body and release toxins


5.                 Website Updates – You are now able to easily change our entire web site

     over to your native language, if you desire to.  See the Pull-down and

     Translate feature on our home page.


6.                 Visitor’s Comments


7.                 Share with us


8.                 Personal Consultation


9.                 ALTERNATIVES”  Ezine Subscription – Monthly Sign-Up Bonus.


10.            Thought for the Month


11.            Next IssueWhat is sugar doing to the health of your family?


12.            Treating Cancer Alternatively  gives you the ability to make wise choices in maintaining and restoring health to your body.  It allows you the opportunity to seek information and resources that will give you step by step directions as well as options to meet your needs. 


We invite you to view the site and see what you think.



1.  FEATURE ARTICLE         Back to Contents at a Glance


Is Your Drinking water (well water, tap water, bottle water) safe?

Can it cause cancer(s)? Does it contain pollutants, pesticides, or drugs?


Most people would agree it is wise to provide our bodies with the pure water, pure air and pure food.  I believe our immune system will operate best in this environment.  As we strengthen our immune system, our bodies can fight cancer and other diseases.


The more air, food, and water we consume which is contaminated with pollutants, the more our immune system must struggle to cleanse our body of mutated cancer cells which become damaged by these pollutants. 


The Water Quality Association : News and Events : Hot News & Updates : New York Times: One in Ten Americans Face Dangerous Water Posted 9/14/09


New York Times States: “One in Ten Americans Face Dangerous Water”


Following a comprehensive New York Times study revealing that ten percent of Americans face dangerous drinking water, the Water Quality Association today urges consumers to consider installing final contaminant barriers in their homes.


On Sunday, the newspaper reported results of its research in the second part of a major series on “toxic waters.” Among its findings:


·         Ten percent of Americans “have been exposed to drinking water that contains dangerous chemicals or fails to meet a federal health benchmark in other ways.”


·         Wells are more likely than municipal water systems to contain contaminants.


·         An estimated 19.5 million Americans “fall ill” every year to contaminated water.


As I began to consider options in treating cancer alternatively, I realized one of the first major steps was to ensure that I was:


·         drinking pure water,

·         cleaning and cooking with pure water and

·         bathing in pure water. 


My immune system needed to fight the cancer, not all of the pollutants, chemicals and other “stuff” found in water.


According to the USA Today, September 27, 1993, “Over 900,000 people get sick each year in the U.S. – and as many as 900 die – from water borne bacterial disease.”  That number has increased over the past decade.


Our weakened immune system makes it difficult for our bodies to fight the cancer cells.  By ensuring that we are drinking pure water can take a huge burden off of our immune system.  Treating cancer alternatively encourages drinking pure water thereby eliminating many of the pollutants and toxins.


Statistical studies indicate that individuals with cancer drink precious little water, especially pure water with all the trace minerals.  It has become a well know theory that water flushes toxins from the body before they can do their damage or be reabsorbed.


As we each begin our journey of treating cancer alternatively and looking at all of the different options, air and water are two major areas of concern, and studies have shown again and again, these two are major causes of cancer.


Let’s consider the quality of water that we drink. 


We should have known we were in trouble when over a decade ago the cover article of USA Today showed that the average city water contains over 500 different chemicals. 


It is not that the agencies are not aware of the quality of the drinking water.  The challenge is the high cost and difficulty in providing pure water without the use of the chemicals. 


We each have the choice to be in control of the purity of our water for drinking, cleaning and cooking food, and for bathing.  Our website discusses in detail the options available.


Our water is poisoned chiefly by industrial pollution via smokestacks and waste water, plus artificial fertilizer and pesticide runoff from agriculture. 


However, the biggest concern that is being faced today is that numerous products and medicines have been created that improve our quality of life.  These compounds, and their breakdown products, make their way into the environment, and especially into our water. 


The immune system often takes the hard hit from the chemicals and pollutants in the water.  Now we are adding the residue of all the different medicines to our system. Is it possible that this is one of the reasons cancer and other diseases has increased?  


An article posted by “On Earth” on Friday, October 6, 2006 is entitled “Drugging the Waters” by Elizabeth Royte.  She speaks to how an aging population, with their associated growing addiction to pharmaceuticals, may be poisoning our rivers and destroying our immune system.  


According to the Environmental Protection Agency, which is putting together a database of literature on so-called emerging contaminants, those metabolites are virtually everywhere.  They can be found in the dirty Chicago River or in the pure headwaters of Boulder Creek in Colorado.  They are in the intakes and outflows of water facilities in both urban and rural areas.  They are in groundwater, mountain streams, surface water, and domestic wells. 


Yes, even well water is being affected at an all time high.


Do we know how serious this new development of pharmaceuticals in the waters along with all the other chemicals, pesticides, etc. really is on our bodies?  The answer is NO.


As I looked at the options of treating cancer alternatively, I knew that I needed to eliminate as many toxins and other chemicals from my body as possible. 


I began to look for a water purifier that would remove virtually everything leaving the necessary natural trace minerals that my body desperately needed.  If interested, check out the benefits, features, and warranty of the water filtration system we chose, and why we chose that system.


A copy of the USGS document depicting the “Pharmaceuticals, hormones, and other organic wastewater contaminants that was measured in 139 streams during 1999 and 2000” is yours for the asking at the Request Information page.


A copy of more documentation on “Drugging the Waters” by Elizabeth Royte, is yours for the asking at the Request Information page.


A copy of Pharmaceuticals Found in Soil Irrigated with Reclaimed Water”, is yours for the asking at the Request Information page.



Who are we to blame?  No-one.  Everyone.  Someone.  The fact is that I was sick and dying of cancer.  We are all part of the problem – we have enjoyed and relished the technological advancements of our country.  We have been in favor of all the pharmaceutical drugs that have extended our lives and the lives of our loved ones.   We have benefited from the high-tech in many ways. 


Those interested in treating caner alternatively or having optimal health must take action to ensure the drinking of pure water that still contains the natural trace minerals of the earth.


One of our first investments in treating cancer alternatively was a pure water filtration system using particulate filters, triple carbon block filters,  and ultra violet light.  The triple carbon blocks removed chemicals and pollutants while leaving the necessary minerals.  The ultra violet light destroyed the viruses and bacteria in the water.


This is only a brief overview of the importance of water.  There is so much to share in how water affects our Optimal Health. For more information on the essential benefits of water and it’s importance in restoring our health, check out our website, the Drinking Water Page. The effects of water pollution are widespread and the dangers are obvious. 


There are a variety of water systems for producing pure water for drinking.  How do you know which water system gives pure drinking water with all the natural minerals and trace minerals?  Which water system is best for reversing cancer and giving a healthy lifestyle? Which water system will become an important role in cancer reversal?


Which water system gives me all the natural minerals and trace minerals that my body needs to begin the healing process in treating cancer alternatively?


Which water filtration system will provide pH balance in the water?  The pH balance is another important aspect of treating cancer alternatively.


Join us in restoring OPTIMAL HEALTH not only for yourself, but also for your loved ones. When considering the possibilities of treating cancer alternatively or in having optimal health, you will want to view the discussion of Some of the Alternatives to Tap Water and Well Water, on our Website.


Consumer magazines may on occasion compare bottled waters, filters, or distillers, but rarely do they contrast the different categories against each other.  Yet, you the consumer require this kind of information to make an educated decision that is correct for your health.


I was excited when I chose the water system with a triple carbon filter and an ultraviolet light, that I was able to hook up to any faucet at home or on vacation.


The water system had a 120-day warranty, with a 100% return policy if I was not satisfied.  It was great to be able to use the water filtration system and see the difference in drinking pure water.  I had 4 months to determine if this water filter system was right for me.


You can order today and enjoy NO PAYMENTS FOR 90 DAYS.  The system is easy to install under the sink or better yet hook up to your sink faucet.  If you are interested, here is more information on the benefits and features, as well as the technical information, of the Espring pure water filtration system.


2.                 SPECIAL OFFER:     Back to Contents at a Glance


During the next 20 days, through October 13, 2009, when you purchase your Espring Water System, we will drop ship to you a free gift from us of a Variety Gift Album with approximately 40 gifts, valued at $30.00. 


You will be able to choose a free gift of your choice from the album, or, give the gift album to a loved one as a holiday gift.  All gifts have a 120 day warranty with no additional shipping costs.  Click to see the gifts you will be able to select from at


3.  DIET AND FOOD          Back to Contents at a Glance


We cannot change processing of foods on the market; however we can change our living and shopping habits.


The health conscious person will turn to organically produced, and organically processed, foods. 


It is also important to consider additional supplementation of organic whole food supplements from companies that have practiced good soil management, and Good Management Practices.  Organic supplementation is extremely important.


When you are looking for a great source of supplementation that is organic, whole food, with phytonutrients, check out and then go through our site to order. 


When you choose to purchase the Nutrilite supplements and other products, you are supporting Treating-Cancer-Alternatively website by logging on as a customer using the following referral information.


IBO:  1668110                                          Key:  MIC


This site will give you information on the history, the land, the process of dehydration and maintenance of the quality of trace minerals and supplementations of the complete whole food.


We have found these supplements to be the leading supplements in the world. 


These supplements also meet my needs when I am unable to juice the quantity of juice needed to provide my immune system with the optimal supply of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and trace elements not yet discovered.


Summary Thought:


We invite you to start building your immune system with Organic natural foods, especially the dark greens and dark colors of fruits and vegetables.


It is our immune system that destroys the cancer cells and heals other infections, diseases, and infirmities. 


4.  TIPS AND TECHNIQUES     Back to Contents at a Glance


Water and Organic Lemon Juice alkalizes and strengthens your Immune System


Juice an organic lemon and pour the juice into a 16 oz. bottle of pure drinking water.  Sip on the lemon water over the next hour or so.  Throughout the day, drink the equivalent of 2 lemon waters. 


Continue drinking a total of 10 – 12 glasses of water each day.  You will discover you will feel better, have more energy, alkalize your body system, and build your immune system to fight viruses and bacteria.


It is important to use fresh organic lemons, and juice them as you are ready to drink the pure water with natural minerals.  This gives you the most living enzymes, vitamins, and health.


We invite you to join us and thousands of other families who are rebuilding our health and vitality with organic foods and whole food supplements.


5.  WEBSITE UPDATES       Back to Contents at a Glance


·         From the home page, you are able to select the language of choice for reading the website.  This will apply your chosen language to all web pages on this site.


The following E-books and E-articles are available for purchase on our Web Site.


·         Ebook – “God’s Words for Healing” shares how to speak God’s word in daily living, lists many Bible verses on Healing, and Gives an illustration of praying and living God’s Word over a loved one in ICU for 22 days on the brink of death.


·         EbookSo Why Do You Get Cancer” – Is an easy to read, comprehensive book sharing how and why we develop cancer, and medical options that have been proven over the past 75 years.  It discusses the importance of rest, relaxation, and a multitude of ideas to consider to restore our lives to optimal health.  It is a must read book for everyone who is interested in preventing disease, as well as restoring health. 


·         EArticles are available


·         62 Reasons Why Sugar is Ruining Your Health”, sugar is a major contributing factor of cancer – 4 pages valued at $3.00


·         Vitamin and Mineral Self-Assessment”, This self-evaluation started me on the road of allowing my body to heal itself – I believe that it will do the same for you.  9 pages valued at $4.95


·         Gerson Daily Chart” - We were overwhelmed with all the things to do and think about.  We found it essential to have help in getting through the day of juicing and knowing what to do. Take a look – it will be just what you need to get started.  6 pages valued at $5.95


·         A Self Evaluation of Chemicals, Preservatives, Additives Being Absorbed and/or Ingested into Our Body”.  I had to check almost every item on this evaluation when I sat down and filled it in.  I began to open my eyes to what I had been, and was doing, to develop cancer in my body – 7 pages valued at $4.95


6.  VISITOR’S COMMENTS       Back to Contents at a Glance


USA, Wisconsin


“Thank you for a very informative newsletter.  I definitely want to continue to receive your newsletter.”


“You are really on the right track with pursuing natural and alternative preventative health practices and I applaud you for that!”




I am looking forward to hearing from you as to your questions and any other comments.  Please email and share.



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Do you have specific questions or concerns you would like to discuss personally with Alice via phone or email?

It is my passion to assist people in attaining their health and vitality.  If this is of interest to you, check out your options.



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       From Dr. Duke Johnson’s latest book “Optimal Health”, his First Law of Motion: 

A body in motion will stay in motion longer; a body that stays at rest - will rest in peace sooner!


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SUGAR is destroying our immune system

Results:  Sickness and Disease, including cancer, heart, diabetes, flues, and infections, are rampant in our society.

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