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Alternatives, IS #03 -- Radon in our Homes
August 22, 2009

Alternatives Ezine

Issue:  3

 August 22, 2009



Cancer is a disease of civilization. 

We are destroying our health


Cancer is not, as some people think, “a thunderbolt of fate”, striking at random with no cure or cause.  There is a cause-and-effect relationship between the environment we’ve created and the health problems we are experiencing.


RADON:  The Health Hazard with a Simple Solution


Radon is a cancer-causing natural radioactive gas that you can’t see, smell or taste.  Its presence in your home can pose a danger to your family's health.  Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers, and the second leading cause of lung cancer in America, and claims about 20,000 lives annually. 


We are just beginning to recognize the far reaching effects of radon on our immune system and other body organs.


Find out more about the effects on radon, and the simple test you can use to determine if you have “radon” in your home.


Glad you are taking a minute to read this:  I know you are busy, so below you will see a short “Contents At A Glance”, allowing you now to take a quick look and move straight for what interests you? 


You will see that our articles are never too long, and usually link you to places where you can get more info, if and when you are curious.  So…get comfy if you have the time, or briefly skim:




1.                 Feature Article - Radon - Cancer causing and simple solution


2.                 Diet and food – Gain health and vitality by changing our diet and food



3.                 Tips and Techniques – Swine Flu –How to protect yourself and your family


4.                 Website Updates


5.                 Visitor’s Comments


6.                 Share with us


7.                 Personal Consultation


8.                 ALTERNATIVES Ezine Subscription – Monthly Sign-Up Bonus.


You are invited to sign up and receive a complementary “Self Evaluation of Chemicals, Preservatives, Additives Being Absorbed and/or ingested into Our Body”, a $4.95 value.


This self-evaluation started me on the road of allowing my body to heal itself – I believe that it will do the same for you.  Check it out and let me know what you think.


9.                Thoughts for the Month


10.            Next Issue Is Water Pollution causing cancer? What’s wrong with our

drinking water?


11.            Treating Cancer Alternatively  gives you the ability to make wise choices in maintaining and restoring health to your body.  It allows you the opportunity to seek information and resources that will give you step by step directions as well as options to meet your needs.  I invite you to view the site and see what you think.


FEATURE ARTICLE                       At a Glance



The Health Hazard with a Simple Solution


Radon is a cancer-causing, natural, radioactive gas that you can't see, smell or taste.  Its presence in your home can pose a danger to your family's health.  Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers, the second leading cause of lung cancer in America, and claims about 21,000 lives annually.


Lung cancer kills thousands of Americans every year. The untimely deaths of Peter Jennings and Dana Reeve have raised public awareness about lung cancer, especially among people who have never smoked.


Smoking, radon, and secondhand smoke are the leading causes of lung cancer. Although lung cancer can be treated, the survival rate is one of the lowest for those with cancer.


From the time of initial cancer diagnosis, between 11 and 15 percent of those afflicted will live beyond five years, depending upon demographic factors. In many cases lung cancer can be prevented; this is especially true for radon.


Radon is a natural, radioactive gas that comes from the earth's soil and rocks.


Specifically, when uranium in the earths crust decays, it produces radium, which in turn produces radon. This odorless and colorless gas naturally percolates through porous soils where it enters the air. Outdoors, radon generally is not much of a problem because it rapidly dissipates. Indoors, however, is another story.


Radon gas can enter your home through:


·                           Gaps and cracks in your foundation or insulation

·                           Pipes

·                           Sumps and drains

·                           Walls

·                           other openings


Radon can even be emitted from some home building materials such as the stone used to build fireplaces, granite countertops or solar heating storage systems.


As Radon enters your home, the gas accumulates in your homes indoor air.


According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, nearly one out of every 15 homes in the United States has radon levels at or above the EPA's recommended safety level.


Radon's Health Risks


Over time, sometimes many years, the breathing in radon gas can damage the lung tissue and lead to lung cancer. This happens because the radioactive radon particles get trapped in your lungs and break down further, releasing bursts of energy that can lead to cancer.


Radon posses such a great threat because it cannot be seen, smelled, or tasted. In other words, there is no way to know, using your five senses, that radon is leaking into your home.


According to the American Cancer Society


Regardless of where you live, it's still recommended that you test the radon levels in your home, as elevated radon levels have been found in almost every state.


Testing your home for Radon is essential and easy. The only way to find out if your home has safe levels of radon is with a radon test. That’s why the EPA and Surgeon General recommend that all homes be tested for radon below the third floor.


Testing is the ONLY way to determine if radon is in your home because it can't be seen, smelled, or tasted.


Testing your home's air for this poisonous gas is easy to do.  If you live in Southeastern Wisconsin call Scott at Lifetime Radon Solutions at 1-888-298-2078 to set up an appointment for a FREE test and consultation. Scott is saving lives for generations to come!  Or you are invited to contact


DIET AND FOOD                          At a Glance


We cannot change processing of foods on the market; however we can change our living and shopping habits. 


The health conscious person will turn to organic produced, and organic processed, foods. 


We are encouraging you to join the many families that are taking steps to become a part of an organic farming co-op, market, or store to ensure good health for themselves and their families.  Organic farms and stores are re-emerging.


Join me and countless others who have found priceless health and vitality for ourselves and our families as we considered the small inconvenience and price to pay for organic food.  We found that;


·         Organic food has a high spoilage rate, as its freshness is only a few days.


·         Because of this, organic food will come at a higher cost.


·         The variety of foods will be more limited, as we will focus on the fresh organic foods of the season of growth.


It is also important to consider additional supplementation of organic whole food supplements from companies that have practiced good soil management, and Good Management Practices.


If you are looking for a great source of supplementation that is organic, whole food, with phytonutrients, check out or go through our site.


If you choose to purchase the Nutrilite supplements and other products, you can support Treating-Cancer-alternatively website by logging on as a customer using the following referral information.


IBO:  1668110

Key:  MIC


This will give you information on the history, the land, the process of dehydration and maintenance of the quality of trace minerals and supplementations of the complete whole food.


We have found these supplements to be the leading supplements in the world. 


The Nutrilite supplements have been great for supplementing our juicing program.  These supplements are organic whole foods – dehydrated and processed immediately from the fields.  


These supplements also meet my needs when I am unable to juice the quantity of juice needed to provide my immune system with the optimal supply of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and trace elements not yet discovered.


Summary Thought:


We invite you to start building your immune system with Organic natural foods, especially the dark greens and dark colors of fruits and vegetables.


It is our immune system that destroys the cancer cells and heals other infections, diseases, and infirmities. 


Our immune system is built up and strengthened with a wide variety of organic foods, especially the dark green and dark colored fruits and vegetables.


TIPS AND TECHNIQUES              At a Glance


Swine Flu –How to protect yourself and your family


The symptoms of novel H1N1 (Swine) flu virus in people are similar to the symptoms of seasonal flu and include fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, headache, chills and fatigue.


A significant number of people who have been infected with swine flu virus also have reported diarrhea and vomiting.


People at higher risk of serious complications from seasonal or swine flu include:


·         people age 65 years and older,


·         children younger than 5 years old,


·         pregnant women, people of any age with chronic medical conditions (such as asthma, diabetes, cancer, or heart disease), and


·         people who are immuno-suppressed (e.g., taking immunosuppressive medications, infected with HIV).


As you look at the symptoms of swine flu, you may note that the symptoms are really due to a weak immune system. Strengthening your immune system with organic fruits and vegetables and taking whole food supplements will be a strong defense against swine flu.


We invite you to join us and thousands of other families who are rebuilding our health and vitality with organic foods and whole food supplements.


WEBSITE UPDATES                     At a Glance


·         Personal consultation options – It is our passion that as we share our cancer experience with you that we can reach out and help you in this time of need.  As you have questions or need a listening ear, or an encouraging word, we are here for you.


·         Ebook – “God’s Words for Healing” shares how to speak God’s word in daily living, lists many Bible verses on Healing, and Gives an illustration of praying and living God’s Word over a loved one in ICU for 22 days on the brink of death.


·         EbookSo Why Do You Get Cancer” – to be released Friday, August 28th.




“In your ebook, which was easy to read and comprehend, I found answers that are priceless in helping me see how I allowed my body to develop cancer. It was refreshing to read the major proven protocols in healing my body and begin to choose my own treatment.


The ebook is very useful in showing me the countless life changing steps, so I could begin to eliminate from my life all that was cancer producing.  I especially enjoyed the sections on rest, relaxation and laughter.


Thank you so much for being willing to share from your own experiences.”




“Your article on 62 Reasons Why Sugar is Ruining Your Health, sure opened my eyes and has helped me to eliminate and change some of my eating habits.”




There will be a few bonus gifts given with all orders in the first week only.  You will want to place your order during that first week to get the extra “gifts”.


·         62 Reasons Why Sugar is Ruining Your Health”, sugar is a major contributing factor of cancer – 4 pages valued at $3.00


·         Vitamin and Mineral Self-Assessment”,  9 pages valued at $4.95


·         Gerson Daily Chart” - We were overwhelmed with all the things to do and think about.  We found it essential to have help in getting through the day of juicing and knowing what to do. Take a look – it will be just what you need to get started.  6 pages valued at $4.95


Order as soon as you get the announcement email to get a copy of your ebook, and the extra “gifts”.


·         Donations page – The website is beneficial to many.  We invite you to visit and know we are here for you and your family.  Several individuals have requested an opportunity to assist in supporting our research and website.  We thank these individuals, as we do need your financial support.


VISITOR’S COMMENTS               At a Glance


USA, Wisconsin


“I am soooooo glad you shared your web site with me.  My husband, …. And I are going to implement some of your techniques as soon as we return from Jamaica.  I am very interested in the hydrotherapy as well as the infrared and I will probably modify how I use flax and follow the advice you share.”


SHARE WITH US                         At a Glance


I am looking forward to hearing from you as to what God is doing in your life.  Please email and share.



                                                     At a Glance


Do you have specific questions or concerns you would like to discuss personally with Alice via phone or email?

It is my passion to assist people in attaining their health and vitality.  If this is of interest to you, check out your options.




Keep up with our website, and learn of latest research and changes, by subscribing to the monthly free electronic magazine (ezine) called “Alternatives”.  Click here to subscribe to Alternatives.


This month, all those that sign up this month to the “Alternatives” ezine will receive a link to a FREE copy of our “A Self Evaluation of Chemicals, Preservatives, Additives Being Absorbed and/or Ingested into Our Body”, $4.95 value.


I had to check almost every item on this evaluation when I sat down and filled it in.  I began to open my eyes to what I had been, and was doing, to develop cancer in my body.


Get your own Self-Evaluation by signing up for our Ezine, and see how you are doing. Click here to subscribe to Alternatives.




Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said,


“Our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food.” 


In other words, what we eat should be so good for us that it actually heals and restores our bodies. 


What a difference from the average American mind-set about eating!


NEXT ISSUE                                 At a Glance


Is Water Pollution Causing Cancer?


What’s Wrong With Our Drinking Water?


Pure water, allows the blood circulation to cleanse the immune system.  Treating cancer alternatively reveals the pollutants and pesticides in water and its effects on cancer.


When the body is well hydrated with pure drinking water, blood circulation is expanded and immune system can reach and cleanse our mutated cancer cells.


Most people would agree it is wise to provide our bodies with the pure water, pure air and pure food.  I believe our immune system will operate best in this environment.  As we strengthen our immune system, our bodies can fight cancer and other diseases.

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