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Alternatives, IS #01 -- Nutritional Firepower
June 23, 2009

Alternatives Ezine

Issue:  1

June 20, 2009


Statistics are now stating that 1 out of 2 people will struggle with cancer in their life time.  It is possible to fight cancer without chemo, radiation, or surgery.


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This month’s contents-at-a-glance….


1.     Nutritional Firepower of Your Immune System

a.     As you age, your immune system ages too

b.     Inadequate Nutrition – growing challenge to all cultures

c.      Why Organic?  Irradiation

d.     Fatty acids

e.     Supplementation

f.       Summary thoughts


2.     tips and Techniques – Storing daily juices


3.     Website Updates


4.     Visitor’s Comments


5.     Personal Consultation


6.     ALTERNATIVES  Ezine Subscription


7.     thought for the Month


8.     Next Issue:  - More about irradiation of our foods




Vicious Wars Inside Your Body


Every minute of the day, thousands of ferocious battles are raging inside your body.  Hordes of microscopic foreign invaders are trying to penetrate your cells, while your body’s hyperactive immune system struggles to fight them off.


If the invaders win, the result could be an annoying cold that sidelines you for days.  It could be a chronic illness that severely limits your enjoyment of life.  Or, in extreme cases, it could be cancer or some other fatal disease.


According to The Mayo Clinic Family Health Book, “Agents that can invade your body live everywhere – in the air, on dust particles, food and plants, on and in animals and humans, in soil and water, and on virtually every other surface.”  Some of the most common ones are bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, parasites and environmental toxins. 


Your first layer of protection against these vicious invaders is your skin.  But if they manage to sneak inside, the job of destroying them falls to your Immune System.


That’s why you want your immune system to be super-charged and ready to fight.  You want your immune system primed to perform the complex task of instantly identifying dangerous intruders and formulating a specific response to destroy them. 


You want your white blood cells, the main soldiers of the immune system, able to race to the site of an infection, quickly surround the enemy and devour it until there’s nothing left, or disarm it by neutralizing it and rendering it harmless.


But unfortunately, all too often, the immune system is not up to this never-ending challenge. 


A healthy immune system works at a frantic rate, constantly generating new cells.  Many factors can dangerously slow down and suppress this process.  Some of the most common ones are aging, exposure to chemical pollutants and inadequate nutrition.

When one or more of these factors weakens the immune system, it becomes sluggish and under-active.  If your immune system is suppressed, it can not rally its troops to ward off the constant barrage of enemy intruders.  The result is that you become more vulnerable to illness, from frequent colds that you cannot seem to get rid of, to cancerous tumors and other serious illnesses.


As you age, your immune system ages too.


Once you pass the vigor of adolescence, your immune system gradually becomes slower and less efficient.  The thymus gland is the major culprit.  It gradually shrinks reducing less thymosin, a hormone essential to your immune system’s T-cells.  But the problem extends to all your cells, which, as they grow older, become less adept at resisting infections.


Solution:  Nourish your body with nucleic acids found in ORGANIC dark green fruits and vegetables.


According to the late Dr. Benjamin S. Frank, author of Dr. Frank’s “No Aging Diet”, a leading cause of aging is the breakdown of nucleic acids within the body.  By nourishing your cells with RNA and DNA, the nucleic acids you help to halt the aging process that is diminishing your immune system.


RNA is vital for producing the proteins that fight off infections and DNA, promotes healthy cell metabolism.  Together, these health-giving nucleic acids work to delay the aging process and support the maximum capabilities of your immune system.


What foods contain nucleic acids?  Organic dark green and dark colored fruits and vegetables contain nucleic acids.  Especially the dark green leafy vegetables are very rich in nucleic acids.


Inadequate Nutritiongrowing challenge to all cultures


According to an article published by The American Institute of Nutrition, “Malnutrition affects the structure and function of every tissue and physiologic system in the body, and the immune system is no exception. 


Protein-calorie malnutrition, or deficiencies of zinc, iron, selenium, pyridoxine (vitamin B-6) and fatty acids, may cause disruption in thymocyte-dependent cell-mediated immunity.


Unfortunately, the standard Western diet, becoming popular throughout the world, often falls short in delivering these vital nutrients.  Even in affluent countries like the United States, surprising numbers of people suffer from protein deficiencies, because of bad eating habits and overly-processed foods. 


Zinc, which is a key stimulant of the immune system, is also often lacking, particularly in older people.


Along with pyridoxine (vitamin B-6), zinc enables your immune system to synthesize protein.  Without healthy doses of all these nutrients, your immune system’s troops are helpless when they face the enemy.


Solution:  Nourish your body with a wide range of ORGANIC FRUITS AND VEGETABLES and supplement your diet with organic land grown supplements.


Why Organic?  Irradiation


The WHO (World Health Organization) and USFDA (United States Food and Drug Administration has passed rulings and laws that all fruits and vegetables, eggs, dairy, meat products must be irradiated prior to being sold on the market.  In essence that means all good and bad bacteria and natural food supplements have been destroyed.  For more technical information and rulings see irradiation.


Organic certified foods do not come under the irradiation guidelines as organic sanitation and processing standards are much higher and the need for irradiation is not necessary.


There are many trace minerals, vitamins, and other necessary elements from the soil that is absolutely necessary for healthy immune system.  Many of these trace elements have not yet been discovered.  Therefore organic natural foods from the soil is a necessity in our diets.


Our bodies have been created from dust and to dust our bodies will return.


With this in mind, it would only seem natural that the foods and also the supplementations of whole food would be necessary for a healthy immune system.


Many websites and experts become focused on limited fruits and vegetables for health.  This narrow approach and choice of fruit or vegetable will work very effectively for awhile and then our body ceases to heal.  A wide variety of organic and natural whole foods are needed by our bodies.  Many of the food elements act as a catalyst of other food elements creating yet new “elements” needed by our body.


The reason:  Our body takes what it needs to work better, however not at its optimal levels.  Our body needs a wide variety of fruits and vegetables to effectively and optimally use, create, and synthesize the nucleic acids, zinc, ptyrisocine (vitamin B-6), iron, selenium, and fatty acids.


Fatty acids


For excellent fatty acid sources see Dr. Budwig’s information by clicking here.


Our bodies need a wide variety of organic foods.  The wider the variety and the darker the color – you will increase your firepower nutrition for healthier and more effective working immune system and other body systems.




If you are looking for a great source of supplementation that is organic, whole food, with phytonutrients, check out  


If you choose to purchase the Nutrilite supplements and other products, you can support Treating-Cancer-Alternatively website by logging on as a customer using the following information.


IBO:  1668110 

SURNAME:  Mickelson


This site will give you information on the history, the land, the process of dehydration and maintenance of the quality of trace minerals and supplementations of the complete whole food.  We have found these supplements to be the leading supplements in the world. 


The Nutrilite supplements have been great for supplementing my juicing program.  These supplements are organic whole foods – dehydrated and processed immediately from the fields.  These supplements also meet my needs when I am unable to juice the quantity of juice needed to provide my immune system with the optimal supply of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and trace elements not yet discovered.



Summary Thought – Start Building your Nutritional Firepower Today


It is our immune system that destroys the cancer cells and heals other infections, diseases, and infirmities. 


Our immune system is built up and strengthened with a wide variety of organic foods, especially the dark green and dark colored fruits and vegetables.


TIPS AND TECHNIQUES                   At a Glance


Keeping juice fresh?  Overfill small 8-10 oz jelly jars with the juice.  Slide a canning lid on top pushing out the air bubbles.  Place the canning ring on while holding the lid with a finger.  Tighten the lid.


Place the jars of juices in the refrigerator, or put an icepack in the lunch bag.  This should keep the juice for about 4 – 6 hours and still allow you to get the benefits of the live enzymes (which break down when exposed to air).


Note:  It is best to then drink the entire stored jar of juice immediately upon opening.  This worked great as I continued working and doing other out of the home activities.  


WEBSITE UPDATES                         At a Glance


·         Technical page of Food Irradiation

·         Personal consultation options

·         Ebook – God’s Words for Healing

·         Donations page – Several individuals have requested an opportunity to assist in support our research and website.  We thank these individuals as we do need your financial support.




VISITOR’S COMMENTS                   At a Glance




“I’m so pleased to find your website.  My husband has cancer…we have commenced with one coffee and as many juices as we can manage.  In just 3 weeks the difference in his stamina is very noticeable.  Keep up your great work and witness.  I will read all your interesting info when time permits.”

I am looking forward to hearing from you as to what God is doing in your life.  Please email and share.




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THOUGHT FOR THIS MONTH           At a Glance


Enjoy eating to live.  Choose wisely, for our health is priceless.


NEXT ISSUE                                      At a Glance


The dangers of irradiation of our food – Are we starving our bodies?  What are the consequences of irradiation?



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